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Head down, pages flying onto the screen…
Friday, February 1st, 2008

I love it when I’m in the groove. When ideas seem to flash like lightning bugs in a summer night.

For the past few months, writing has been work. “Work” being a four-letter word.

I trudged through the last Avon story, forced out another paranormal for Ellora’s Cave, then had to immediately dive into a three-part single title that’s due like yesterday. Really.

Good news is I think I’ve found my groove again. Pages have been coming the past few days the way they used to–complete scenes rolling like a film reel through my head, snippets of dialogue whispered into my ear by an unseen muse. I thought he’d deserted me.

Yeah, I think mine’s male. Grumpy, sometimes unmotivated and lazy. But ssssssmokin’ when he’s “on.” He was particularly horny today. Whew! Helps when he’s in the mood. I don’t have to work so hard. I just lie there…well sit here, actually…hands poised above the keys, waiting for him to come.

Afterwards, I escape outside for a cigarette, replay the scene in my head, decide if he’s too blue for Prime Time, and then head back for more. When he’s good, I’m insatiable! I think he likes cowboys–must be the big brass belt. I know I like finding what it hides when I peel open the belt, unsnap the button and slide that zipper down.

Mmm-mm. Just wrote a two-chapter love scene. Makes me edgy when I’m done. Loved sinking fingernail-deep into the long, slow ride. Maybe I’ll open up the file again and see if he’s recovered enough to go a little longer.

Blogging on Lifetime's "Romance: b(u)y the book"
Tuesday, January 29th, 2008

I’ll be hanging out today at Lifetime Channel’s blog, chatting with readers and fellow RomVet authors. RomVets is a writers group made up of romance writers who are also ex-military. So come play! You’ll be surprised at the authors who are members! Here’s the link: Romance: b(u)y the book

Spice Brief special sale going on now– and winner announced
Monday, January 28th, 2008

If you haven’t read a Spice Brief yet, or you didn’t know if you wanted to spend the bucks on a short novella, now’s the time to sample! They are ALL on sale now for $.89 apiece, including mine, INVITE ME IN. Here’s the link to look at all the sexy titles: SPICE BRIEFS


But you really wanted to know who won yesterday’s blog contest, right? Danette’s ( the winner! Dannette, send me a message so we can exchange information to get your prizes delivered!

So, what’s next? I do have a book to finish and a newsletter to get wrapped up, but I think I’ll be late on the letter. I swapped computers over the weekend, and have to retrieve the questions everyone generously provided for me to ask Angela Knight. I know y’all have been waiting on the next MIK installment, but hey, the new computer’s sooooo cool!

Contest within a Contest!
Sunday, January 27th, 2008

The Ellora’s Cave chatters are getting a chance to win prizes in a scavenger hunt at my website this morning, but I didn’t want to leave out anyone else who might need a nudge of incentive to take a look around my new digs! So here’s another chance to win!

This contest ends tonight at 10 PM CST! Send the answers directly to me at!

The questions…((drumroll))…

1) What book is arriving in bookstores in 29 days? What was the prequel to this story?

2) What additional books will be arriving by June of this year?

3) From the “For Readers” page, which character smoldered in the corner for a couple of books?

4) Where did I move to recently and why do I love it?

5) From the excerpt of the book mentioned in question #1, what was Hell to Nicolas?

Be sure to post a comment here to say hello and what you think about the site!

The winner will get their choice of Into the Darkness, Wild, Wild Women of the West or Seduced by Darkness (although they will have to wait for me to get my author’s copies of this one!), a collection of signed coverflats for several upcoming novels, and bookmarks.

Join me Sunday, January 27th!
Saturday, January 26th, 2008

I’ll be hosting the Ellora’s Cave chat list all morning along with Myla Jackson and Shayla Kersten. If you’ve never given one of our list days a try, you should! We’ll be posting some of the yummiest excerpts from EC’s talented authors. Of course, we will be running scavenger hunts all morning long, so plenty of chances exist for you to win something exciting. And best of all, you have all three of us at your complete mercy!!

At 11:00 CST, we will duck out for a live hour-long chat with, you got it, more chances to win cool stuff.

Check this blog tomorrow, because there will likely be one more chance to win right here!

See you there! ~DD

Redesign Launched!
Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008

Take a look around & enjoy! There’s more to come–a new look for my MYSPACE page and a launch contest–but one step at a time!

Squee!!! INTO THE DARKNESS wins 2007 Reviewer's Choice Award!
Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008

2007 Reviewer's Choice AwardI’ve had my head down the past couple of months writing like there’s no tomorrow. Finished book three in the Dark Realm series, now I’ve moved on and am deep into a cowboy trilogy that’s going really well. Guess I missed my men in Stetsons!

Into The DarknessThen I open up the email and discover that INTO THE DARKNESS won the 2007 Reviewer’s Choice Award from eCata’s Single Title review site! Just in time to help settle my nerves about the upcoming release of book two — SEDUCED BY DARKNESS

All’s well in my world today. Huge thanks to the ladies at!