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With His SEAL Team, Part 3 is here! (Contest)
Tuesday, December 13th, 2016

So many of you said you loved Sara and Hunter and their extended SEAL family that I put the next installment at the top of my TO DO list. Check out Stepbrothers Stepping Out: With HIs SEAL Team, Part 3! Once again, it has everything you loved in the first two With His SEAL Team stories: a super-hot, dominant stepbrother, who just so happens to be a Navy SEAL, and a menage with his best buddies! And you were worried about Harley, their injured friend. Well, now you get to meet him! Thanks to everyone who told me they wanted to see more of this very sexy couple. Hope you love the new installment!

With His Seal Team, Part 3 is just $0.99!
If you are a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, you can pick up a copy for free!

In fact, every story in this post could be yours for free with a Kindle Unlimited subscription! Think about that! In the meantime, don’t miss the CONTEST information below!

Stepbrothers Stepping Out: With His SEAL Team, Part 3

SOWithHisSEALTeam3 600

You’d think my life would be busy enough, living with and satisfying three Navy SEALs, but there’s room in my heart–and my bed–for one more. My steplover won’t mind a bit if I seduce one more of his best friends, not when it’s Harley…

Harley thinks he’s been left behind. That the wounds that shattered his body and ended his career will also end my attraction for him. I’m scared too that I can’t offer enough to lift him out of his darkness. However, I’m every bit as stubborn as these big studly men. Harley doesn’t stand a chance…

My already complicated life is about to get a whole lot hotter…

Purchase at Amazon!


And if you missed the first two stories…

SOWithHisSEALTeam 600

With His SEAL Team
An Amazon #1 bestselling short story!

When Sara’s stepbrother surprises her with an early return from a mission, he brings two of his Navy SEAL teammates along…

Purchase at Amazon!


SOWithHisSEALTeam2 600

With His SEAL Team, Part 2

Sharing my life with three virile Navy SEALs would be exhausting for most girls. But I’m not most girls. They’re high-drive, high T guys, competitive as hell, and I’m the one who reaps the rewards when they’re ready to blow off a little steam. I’m Sara. I belong to Hunter. Our relationship is a little complicated…

Purchase at Amazon!


Don’t miss these recent releases!

BetweenaSEALandaHardPlace 600
BadBadGirlfriend2 600
UltraStrokes 600


For a chance to win a $10 Amazon Gift Card, answer me this…

What sort of adventure would you like Sara, Hunter, and the gang have next? Would you like to see them treat her to a night at a BDSM dungeon? Take her on sexy vacation? Have her meet the moms? :) You tell me!

Crazy Times For More Than Just Election Day… And Sara And Hunter Are Back!
Tuesday, November 8th, 2016


Today’s the day! For us Americans, anyway. I, for one, will miss SNL’s weekly take on campaign shenanigans, but I won’t miss the constant nastiness. I’m like Rodney King: Can we all get along? Maybe we can after we settle into our new world tomorrow, whichever way it leans. This morning, I’ll be showering then heading to out to vote with my dd. We could have done early voting, which I would have preferred, but my dd prefers making a day of it. She loves the whole process. Guess I raised her right. She cares. Always has. We’ve watched the news every day together, dissected all the scandals, although we’ve known from the start who we’re putting our faith in.

I’m more than just a little tired today. I think I mentioned my grandma came home from rehab after breaking her back. My dd is her morning caregiver—giving her a bath, dressing her, administering her pills, straightening her room. My mother, my aunt, and I share all the other times. The past two nights I’ve slept on the couch so I can listen for her to ring her bell when she needs to make those all night potty breaks. So, I’m tired and grouchy. This is all part of our new normal in the Devlin house.

And I’m trying to do NaNoWriMo, but falling horribly behind already. I’m hoping that after the excitement today (we’ll be watching the returns—it’s a great excuse for a party, don’t you think?), I can get back to some heavy page counts so I can catch up.

But in the meantime, I have another shorty ready for you to devour. So many of you wrote that you wanted more of Sara and Hunter and his SEAL Team buds, that I’ve written a sequel. I hope you love it. I hope you want more, because I’m ready to take them some very fun places…

 Stepbrothers Stepping Out: With His SEAL TEAM, Part 2


Sharing my life with three virile Navy SEALs would be exhausting for most girls. But I’m not most girls. They’re high-drive, high T guys, competitive as hell, and I’m the one who reaps the rewards when they’re ready to blow off a little steam. I’m Sara. I belong to Hunter. Our relationship is a little complicated…

Get your copy here!

Happy Halloween With A Glance Back At October & A Look Toward November!
Monday, October 31st, 2016

Dear Readers and Friends,

Happy Halloween!

Tonight, I’ll be making the rounds of the local churches, the downtown haunted alley, then trailing five little monsters through neighborhoods as they giddily assault front doors in search of candy. Whee!

I love Halloween. I love how much the little ones love it, too! And we always do a Halloween picture, something appropriately scary. This year, we’re heading to the gates of the cemetery for a great spooky background.

Can you believe the year has flown so fast? I’m already prepping for 2017. Through Rose’s Colored Glasses, I’ll be leading a Mind Mapping workshop in November, and then the annual Write 50 Books a Year workshop the next month. Both are free and my way of giving back to the writing community.

In November, I’ll have new books coming. Take a look at the yummy covers! But first, see October’s new releases, just in case you missed something. All the new releases are free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers. And if you have time, reviews are very much appreciated!

A Glance Back At October

CloseEncounterofCarnalKind 600

Close Encounter of the Carnal Kind

Etienne Lambert, a Cajun ex-soldier fresh from the horrors of the war in Iraq, discovers that he’s an alien when an alien woman arrives at his door to take him home. When he resists, she kidnaps him. He soon learns he is the last potent male in the royal line of their planets, and it’s his duty to return to sire the next generation of the ruling caste.

Marika is a fightership commander who has succeeded where all the mages, seers, and trackers have failed. She has found her planets’ last hope for salvation! When the future king demands that he start work immediately on the primary mandate of his rule–to sire children–she can’t refuse his command.

Get your copy at Amazon!


ZombieLove 600

Zombie Love

A woman desperate to save her infected boyfriend from certain extermination faces her battle alone, in secret, until one day she has to trust he’s still inside the monster she feeds…

Get your copy at Amazon!


TrulyMadlyWerely 600

Truly, Madly…Werely
Night Fall, Book 9

For love, a man will do anything, even betray his beloved to save her…

Vampire Quentin Albermarle’s wife, Darcy, lies in a coma after being savaged by a werewolf. Fearing she might never awaken, or worse, that she will return a maddened beast, Quentin returns to the Cayman Islands seeking help from the one woman who might be able to save her.

A century and a half ago, this powerful vampire and witch seduced Quentin with magic and turned him into a vampire to provide herself a mate, but he freed himself from her spell and fled her influence, knowing he’d left behind a powerful enemy. Returning now, seeking Kamaria’s help, he must resist her attempts to enslave him again. However, the price she demands may cause him to lose the woman he loves.

Get your copy at Amazon!


FlashPoint 600

Cowboys on the Edge, Book 4

His touch makes her burn…

Troy Barlow wasn’t looking for love when he competed in the Texas Tough Firefighting Competition, but one feisty little blonde caught his attention and wouldn’t let go. The more she tried to deflect him, the more determined he became to make an impression, until he did something she couldn’t possibly ignore.

The last thing Diana Boyle expected to feel was attraction for another firefighter. After her husband’s death, she’d been adamant–never another firefighter. But Troy was impossible to escape. When he wore down her resolve, she thought a one-night-stand might purge him from her system once and for all, but his powerful appeal and uninhibited lust and zest for life were addictive. When a harrowing fire threatens their newfound happiness, Diana has to face her worst fears.

Get your copy at Amazon!


A Look Toward November

I can’t wait to share these stories with you! In November, you’ll see a brand new sequel to my stepbrother-SEAL story featuring Hunter and Sara, a super-collection of shorties, and a newUncharted SEALs adventure!

SOWithHisSEALTeam2 600
UltraStrokes 600
HardManToLoveDelilahDevlin 600
A New Twist for Stepbrothers Stepping Out Stories!
Saturday, June 18th, 2016

UPDATE: Stepbrothers Stepping Out: With His Pack is live!
Get your copy at Amazon!

* * * * *

I dawdled posting this blog today because I was hoping I’d have a live link for the book, but it hasn’t happened yet. So, I’m going to let you peek inside the story now, and when the link is live, I’ll update this blog. If you leave a comment and click that little box that asks if you want to see responses to the blog, you’ll know when the link is live!

You know I’ve been writing a series of stepbrother/menage stories these past months, and they’v e been doing well. But I thought I might play with the concept and add one more trope/theme that I hope you’ll enjoy. Check it out!


Cammi didn’t realize when she dropped out of college that her pack alpha, her stepbrother Corbin, would demand she choose a mate.

Angry, she chose three…

Read an excerpt:

There’s nothing more unnerving than waking up naked on your hands and knees in the middle of your brother’s pack—unless it’s waking in the middle of all the single males of that pack.

I blew a lock of hair from my eyes, dusted my hands of leaves and dirt, and slowly moved to sit on my haunches, trying my best not to give in to the urge to slide a hand between my legs and an arm over my breasts. My embarrassment would only sharpen their still-feral, mirrored stares.

“You couldn’t have ended the run closer to our cars?” I asked, turning to glare at my stepbrother Corbin. He and his friends had somehow managed to cull me from the larger pack during our run—a deliberate move, I knew, because he never did anything without calculation.

“Wouldn’t have been as much fun,” he said, lifting his upper lip. His teeth were always slow to shorten, so his smile was especially wolfish.

“You’re an asshole.”

“And you haven’t given me a name.” His gaze went to the males who formed a semi-circle around me. “Choose one. You’ve had time to get to know them. Weeks. You have a duty to fulfill.”

I licked my bottom lip, stalling for time, just as I had every day since I’d returned to the North Carolina mountains. If I’d known that dropping out of college in my sophomore year meant I had to immediately choose a mate, I might have gutted out the remainder of my degree—and then sought a place in a graduate program. I wasn’t ready to choose. Wolves mated for life. None of the men in front of me had held my interest during our supervised dates. How the hell was I supposed to shackle myself to one of them for the rest of my entire stinking life?

Although I had to admit that, naked, they looked a whole lot more interesting. All were young and well-built. Some lean, some burly. Dark and light.

Unwanted, desire stirred inside me. “Can I narrow my choices? Will that satisfy you for now?”

My brother’s jaw firmed. But then, he gave a curt nod. “Name them.”

I glanced around the circle, passing Scott, Doug, Jason, Mathias, Howie, and finally, I rested my gaze on Corbin, all the while thinking. This was just another stall tactic, and Corbin knew it, but he’d allowed me more time. Why? He didn’t have to. As the newly appointed alpha of our pack, he could simply make a decree and give me to one of his friends. As a breedable female, a rare commodity among werewolves, I understood my responsibility. Still, that didn’t mean I wasn’t resentful of my fate.

Since he was forcing me to narrow my field, I decided I wouldn’t let him see me as beaten, not even a bit. I pushed up from the ground. “Form a row,” I said to the handsome wolves surrounding me.

Scott glanced at Corbin. “You know you could just assign her a mate. She doesn’t understand her place.”

I stepped toward Scott and made sure he registered the fact I was as tall as he was. Our gazes collided. His pupils flared, nearly consuming the bright green irises. Brown shaggy hair tickled the tops of his shoulders. The days-old stubble framing his mouth gave him the look of a pirate, which fit given the fact we were all descended from Edward Teach’s crewmen, who had intermarried descendants of Jean Lafitte’s—all cursed by a Haitian witch, because they’d managed to steal her greatest treasure—her daughters.

Interestingly, Scott’s cock lengthened the longer I held his hard stare. It was lovely really. Long and thick, with a broad head. His balls were a little on the large side though. I almost passed him, but I liked the fact he was the most aggressive of the group. And one of my brother’s closest friends. The bitch inside me wanted to lick those big balls. My witchy DNA from my mother’s side wished Corbin would watch while I did it. I eyed his cock then arched a brow. “You,” I said softly.

He cupped himself and smiled.

An image flashed of those balls hitting my clit every time he stroked…

Maybe he read my mind, because his smile stretched, and his strut was especially cocky as he walked to stand beside Corbin.

I continued down the line.

Doug’s smile was open. Too honest. The last thing I wanted as a mate was a nice guy. I’d walk all over him and make his life a hell he didn’t deserve.

I moved to Jason. His smirk raised the hairs on my arms. I couldn’t stop myself, I growled deep in my throat and let him see my inner bitch, flashing him a glowing glare.

Next, I paused in front of Mathias. Quiet, watchful, golden-haired Mathias. Another of Corbin’s besties. Something about the way Mathias looked at me with his nearly purple eyes hinted at a sensual patience I found intriguing, right along with his arrow-tipped cock. Almost as intriguing as the plan building in my mind. “You,” I said.

Without a smile, his chin lifted, effectively cutting his gaze from mine because he was taller by a head. He strode to stand by Scott.

In front of Howie now, I sighed. Howie was a puppy. Playful. Happy. Ever eager to stick his nose where it wasn’t invited… I heard his sigh as I turned away.

I strode toward Corbin. My black-haired, burly brother. His expression was as hard as granite. Did it bother him to see my choices? Or was he bothered for another reason? I glanced at his cock, still flaccid. Was he truly uninterested or did he have that much control? Didn’t matter. He’d forced my hand. I’d give him back some of his own medicine.

I reached out and scraped a sharpened claw across his chest, watching as goose bumps lifted on his skin. A low warning sounded in the back of his throat. And his dark eyes narrowed to slits. “Don’t.”

I shook back my hair and stood on my toes so that my lips were even with his. An inch apart. Close enough I felt his harshening breaths against my mouth. “You,” I whispered.


And in case you haven’t already sampled my previous SSO stories…click on the covers!

Stepbrothers Stepping Out: With His Partner SOWithTheBoss600 With His Professor

Stepbrothers Stepping Out: With His Friends Stepbrothers Stepping Out: With His Team SOWithHisDoctor_600

POLL! Want more Stepbrothers Stepping Out stories? Tell me which ones!
Wednesday, May 25th, 2016

I’m busy today getting the last Planet Desire story ready to send out—in between dropping off and picking up kids for their mother who has other obligations today. So, while I’m diving deep into pirates-turned-colonists, how about you let me know what you’d like to see next so far as shorties are concerned…

You can choose up to 4! And if you have more suggestions for titles, leave them in the comments!

Which Stepbrothers Stepping Out title interests you most?

  • With His SEAL Team (53%, 25 Votes)
  • With His Pack (paranormal) (49%, 23 Votes)
  • With His Wranglers (32%, 15 Votes)
  • With His Pride (paranormal) (30%, 14 Votes)
  • With His Warriors (historical) (28%, 13 Votes)
  • With His Biker Club (21%, 10 Votes)
  • With His Roommate (17%, 8 Votes)
  • With His Starship Crew (sci-fi) (17%, 8 Votes)
  • With His Mistress (17%, 8 Votes)

Total Voters: 47

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And in case you haven’t already sampled my previous SSO stories…click on the covers!

Stepbrothers Stepping Out: With His Partner SOWithTheBoss600 With His Professor

Stepbrothers Stepping Out: With His Friends Stepbrothers Stepping Out: With His Team SOWithHisDoctor_600

Stepbrothers Stepping Out: With His Team (Contest–3 Winners!)
Saturday, April 2nd, 2016

So, you know from the title alone that this story’s gonna be hot, right? I had fun brainstorming the series name–Stepbrothers Stepping Out. I knew I wanted to combine not one, but two, taboo themes—Step-siblings and Ménage. I had thought I was out of step scenarios, but then you all came up with a treasure trove of ideas for me to continue with. But I think after I write one more, I’ll take a break. I want to do several step-daddy fantasies too, but have yet to find that perfect series title. Do y’all have any suggestions? :)

Shorties are never going to make me rich and famous, but I enjoy writing them so much, I can’t stop. Thank goodness, y’all seem to enjoy reading the bite-sized goodies too! Remember, there are four other step-stories. And I bet you can’t stop at just one…

SSO Meme_sm

Answer for your chance to win your pick from among the many short stories I’ve published. I will pick three winners! (Sorry, not this stepbrother story!) You can check out the list here: Short Stories

Which sport’s players do you find the sexiest? Football, soccer, basketball…?

Stepbrothers Stepping Out: With His Team

When a college student changes her appearance and follows her brother and his teammates to Spring Break in Mexico, she’s ready for adventure… It’s game on!

Purchase your copy here!

Excerpt from With His Team

Moisture spilled into the crotch of my panties. I could have him. I could have them all. The ugly sister. The girl they thought only good enough to do their laundry or their homework. I could be the thing they’d fantasized over for weeks. And I was dying to know what exactly they’d dreamed of doing.

Who was I kidding? My decision had been made the minute I’d decided to follow them to Cabo. “Empty the ice bucket. I want all the phones inside it.”

Indrawn breaths sounded all around. Then the guys sprang eagerly into action, doing as I had asked, filling the bucket then walking toward Harry and me. He dropped his hands and stood back, his gaze sliding away as the guys gave me the bucket. I counted the phones, then added my own, making sure they understood how seriously I was taking their precautions.

They had plans. Likely expected to take control and move me around like a doll to be shared. I had other ideas about how this should go down. Starting now.

I balled my fists and placed them on my hips, then gave them a steady stare, touching on each of their faces. Harry’s expression was impossible to read, shuttered, his blue eyes narrowed. Mal’s darkly furred chest was rising and falling swiftly; his cock was already pressing against the front of his trunks. Sam stood, arms akimbo, a cocky grin stretching his lovely mouth. And Karo looked so fierce more moisture wet my folds.

“I’d like to see what I’ll be playing with,” I said softly.

They all quickly reached for their waistbands—all except Harry, whose expression was turning darker by the minute. He was the one who’d sealed the deal. Shouldn’t he be happier?

“Wait,” I blurted.

They halted. Mal groaned.

“Do you have condoms? Foam?”

“A fucking case,” Sam said. “No foam.”

A case? Seriously?

Sam shrugged. “Four guys, five days… We had to be prepared.”

But a case? I shook my head. “All right. You can continue.”

Shorts and trunks dropped to their feet, Harry’s a little more slowly. Not a one of them wore underwear. All their cocks were erect, rising upward. A creamy ball of pre-ejaculate sat on the tip of Mal’s nearly purple cock.

My heart galloped, and I sucked in a deep breath, and then another to calm myself.

“What about you?” Harry said, raising his chin.

“Guess that’s only fair.” Oh fuck! It was time to commit. I could turn tail and run, or I could really do this. Mary the doormat would have quivered in her Converse tennis shoes. Instead, I turned to give Harry my back. “Unzip me.”

His hands moved my hair forward. The zipper eased. I stepped away to face them, holding the fabric against my chest, and then slowly pushed it downward.

Every gaze went right to my breasts. All breathing ceased. I pushed the dress past my hips and let it puddle around my feet. Then I tucked my thumbs into the thin band of elastic riding my hips and shoved my panties down. When I was as nude as they were, I held still, letting them look.

Mal was the first to shake himself from his stupor. He took a step forward, but I wagged a finger. He fell back in line.

I walked to Karo, standing at one end of their lineup. I reached out a hand, surprised it wasn’t shaking, and smoothed it over his chest. His pecs tensed beneath my touch. I glided my fingers lower then wrapped them around his huge, blunt cock.

He eased his feet apart and pulsed his hips. I let him glide his cock through my fingers then dropped my hand and moved down the line.

Sam sucked in a breath that tightened his already ripped abdomen. I gave him a similar caress, this time boldly tugging on his dick.

He lifted on his toes to follow the motion then gave a little moan when I moved away.

The head of Mal’s cock was well-lubricated. I stood in front of him and grasped him with both hands, one cuddling his balls, the other stroking his cock. When I moved my hand upward, I rubbed my thumb in the creamy moisture, smearing it over the cap.

I aimed a glance at Harry whose gaze was smoky. “I think I need more assurances,” I said softly.

“What do you want?”

“We need a secret. One you won’t want breathed to anyone outside this room.”

His gaze hardened. “What do you want?” he repeated, his voice harsher.

I glanced sideways at Sam. “I want you to blow Mal.”

Another month bites the dust! What’s coming in March? (Contest and a Poll!)
Monday, February 29th, 2016

I blinked and February was gone. And just like January, I blew my goals. This time I know why. I let life get in the way. So, to try to help my flagging concentration, I instituted a fresh organizational tool—a bullet journal. I’ll let you know how that works for me after I’ve maintained it for a month.

What did I accomplish in February?

  1. I wrote five chapters of the next Firehouse 69 book, and finished it! Then went through two rounds of edits.
  2. I completed 1/2 of the revisions needed for an older title I’m republishing.
  3. I wrote three chapters of a new cowboy story.
  4. I wrote one brand new short story and published it.
  5. I expanded an already written short story and published it!

Just so you didn’t miss those newly published titles, here’s a reminder…

* * * * *

January Releases

SOWithHisFriends_600  TheWeekend_600
[Click on the covers to go to Amazon!]

Stepbrothers Stepping Out: With His FriendsWhen a college student joins her stepbrother at the family lake house, sparks fly when she realizes he’s invited his best friends as well…
The Weekend— That’s what this weekend was all about. A last chance to renew our connection. Or maybe this was goodbye…

* * * * *

What’s coming in February?

   DesiresPrisoner_600 PlayingtheField_600 SOWithHisTeam_600

* * * * *


Answer this for a chance to win a small Amazon gift card…
(Then be sure to leave a comment so I know you entered!)

Let me know which possible Stepbrothers Stepping Out titles interest you most. You can vote for three...

View Results

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