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Snippet Saturday: Love Scene
Saturday, February 12th, 2011

I’m off to Memphis for the weekend. I’ll be back with pics! Enjoy the snippets! ~ DD

A love scene is empty unless supercharged with emotion. And I’m not so particular whether that emotion is anger, lust, want, or need. However, when there’s sorrow in the mix, somehow the sex transcends. Read on and see what I mean. I fell in love with True here.

“I have a definite soft spot in my heart for the strong silent type and True in this story…that’s my kind of guy. A little rough around the edges that loves as hard as he works. Can I PLEASE have a True? Man alive.” ~ Taryn Elliott’s blog

“I thought the story behind True was fascinating; he is a captivating character. A delightful read.” ~ Sensual Reads

Two men plus one woman equals three bodies on fire…

True Wyatt’s hands are going to be full enough keeping the herd alive through the dead of winter. The last thing he needs to hear is that his brother Lonny has rented out their isolated hunting cabin to a reclusive writer—especially a sassy, disaster-prone brunette. Who has the time to babysit a city girl until Spring?

With a deadline looming, erotica writer Honey Cahill is looking forward to six distraction-free weeks to finish her next book. However, between Lonny’s flirty sensuality and True’s hard-edged intensity, the Wyatt brothers set the stage of her imagination for a winter of wicked delights.

The fire that destroys the cabin, though, is as real as it gets. Forced to seek a bed under True and Lonny’s roof, the temptation to experiment—all in the name of research, of course—is overpowering. One night in their arms doesn’t feel like enough; it feels like more. Particularly with one cowboy who fires all her cylinders…

Warning: It’s a Devlin ménage—expect men with stamina and not an ounce of mercy to behave like sex gods, and the lucky woman to love every minute of it. A little domination goes a long, long way…

Everywhere she looked was so masculine, so hard, that her fingers tensed and her mouth grew dry.

But it was his cock that made her want to weep. Thick, long and so aroused it lifted proudly from his groin—it reminded her of everything she’d lost. She missed sex, missed feeling a man thrust deep inside her body. Missed the heat, the gentle violence.

“You’re doing it again.”

His gruff tone coaxed a smile from her. “I’m sorry.”

“For what?”

“Killing the mood.”

He sat on the edge of the bed. “Does it look like I’m worried?”

“Nope.” She flipped back the covers, inviting him to lie beside her.

He eased into the bed, coming to his side, facing her, but not touching. “So tell me.”

Honey drew in a breath, fortifying herself to say it. “I was married.”

He nodded, but held silent.

She took another breath, but this time her chest didn’t feel quite so tight. “He was a school teacher, but joined the Guard. Army Guard. His unit shipped to Iraq.”

True scooted closer and clasped the hand that lay between them. His thumb swept up and down the back of her hand, soothing her as she breathed deeply, trying to put to words the pain of her loss. She cleared her throat. “He died three years ago. Shot in an ambush. I usually spend my winters holed up at the beach house I bought with the insurance he took out. I couldn’t face it this year. Thought I needed to get away. It’s so different here. The air’s fresher. The cold…it’s nothing like home.”

“It sounds like you’re not over him, Honey. You sure this is what you want?”

She met his gaze, but tears caused her view of the hard edge of his jaw to waver. “I have to let go sometime. And I have. Mostly. I thought if I could stay busy, maybe I wouldn’t dwell on it. I felt so happy, moving in, meeting you and Lone…I felt ready.”

True let go of her hand and combed his fingers through her hair, pushing it behind her ear. “We don’t have to do anything.”

She sniffed and shook her head. “That’s not it. I want you. It’s just the getting naked part that freaked me out a little. I haven’t been with anyone else. And then Lonny kissed me and I felt happy, horny again.” She wrinkled her nose, knowing she shouldn’t be talking about his brother when she lay next to him in bed, but hey, he’d wanted to know. “He made me laugh, made me forget about how awkward it can be.”

True’s brows lowered. “I made it awkward?”

She swallowed hard, recognizing that something about his quiet intensity was actually turning her on. In fact, every spike in her arousal appeared to be directly linked to his increasing tension. “It’s awkward only because I’m realizing how badly I want this to be good.”

“Are you sure you should be in bed with me?” he rasped.

Honey quivered at the raw sound. “I’m attracted to you both. I’ve already admitted that. Can’t stop thinking about some really naughty things, but I need you, True. I need you to be the first. And I know how that sounds. But I can’t help what I feel, what I need.”

He nodded, but his expression didn’t close up, didn’t look disapproving. He moved closer, pulling her flush against his body. His cock was there between them, hard and pulsing. She tilted her hips to rub her belly against it.

A muscle flexed at the edge of his jaw; his nostrils flared. “I’ll tell you what, sweetheart,” he whispered. “I’ll be your first. And then we’ll talk about what’s next. I thought I was the only one with issues. Makes me feel like a selfish bastard that I got so wound up about you choosing me. I had a wife, but she’s still alive and kicking. Married to someone she likes a whole lot better than me.”

She gave him a weak smile. “I can’t believe that.”

His mouth curved. “I’m not the easiest person to live with.”

Her smile widened. “Imagine that. Did you bark at her too?”

“Never.” His smile dimmed. “But then again, I didn’t talk to her much either. She hated the silences, hated being alone when I was out working cattle. What was his name?”

She didn’t have any trouble following his segue. “Kenny.”

“What did he think about what you do?”

“Are you kidding?” Her smile didn’t dim, but his face shimmered in the tears welling in her eyes again. “He was my biggest fan.”

The tears did it. He couldn’t be jealous of a dead man, but the fact she cried over him, the fact she’d really loved him, made him ache. For her.

He reached out slowly, slid a hand around her waist and pulled her closer. When her head settled on his arm, he breathed easier, taking in the sensations—the scent of her hair and skin, the softness of her cheek on his arm, her tightening breasts against his chest. Yeah, he was hard, but he could stand the discomfort. It was her sadness that nearly killed him.

She sighed and snuggled closer, easing her thigh higher over his hip. Her hand made a tentative glide over his belly then stopped liked she’d realized what she’d done.

Her breath held for a long moment.

And he couldn’t help it. He swore silently to himself, because his cock surged, nudging the back of her hand.

He held his breath, counting, wanting to be strong, willing his body back under control, but she turned her hand and glided her fingers down his shaft. It was just a light skim of her fingertips, but it was enough to make his pulse leap.

Her hips moved, surging against him. “True,” she whispered.

He kissed her forehead. “Baby, be sure.”

“I am. I swear. Please.”

He cupped her cheek then curled his fingers under her chin. He slid his lips along her skin as he tilted her face higher. When his mouth touched hers, she sighed and melted closer.

Slowly, he moved away, just far enough to give them both room to look. He stared down between them, at her hard, cherry nipples, at her soft belly that quivered against his rock-hard cock.

Honey raised her thigh, setting her foot against his leg, opening herself. She watched him just as avidly as he smoothed a palm over her hip, rubbing her thigh to knee, then slid to her inner thigh and trailed his fingers upward to search between her legs.

She was wet, her sex steamy. He thrust two fingers into her and watched her eyelids dip, her nostrils flare.

He dragged in the steamy scent of her and swirled his fingers inside her.

“True,” she groaned.

He thrust deeper, rubbing the pad of his thumb over her clit, relieved to discover it was hard.

“True,” she said, her voice higher, more urgent.

He kissed her forehead again, smiling softly to himself. “What, baby?”

She nuzzled his cheek then whispered in his ear, “Got a condom?”

He pulled his fingers free and rolled to his back, stretching to reach the drawer to the nightstand. He pulled it open and fished for a packet, cursing when the drawer slid farther out and tilted downward. But his fingers closed around a small square just before the drawer crashed to the floor.

He came back to her, bit the foil and ripped it open. “I need two hands.”

“Let me?”

He gritted his teeth, wanting to cloak himself, because her hands were shaking and her fingers were cold, but he gritted his teeth and waited, watching while she plucked the center of the circle to stretch the tip, then placed it over the head and began to slowly roll it down his length.

Either she wasn’t very skilled or she was nervous. She only rolled it halfway down his shaft.

“Been a while,” she said, then bit her lip.

“You’re doing fine.”

Her fingers were too tentative and the latex stubborn.

Finally, he pushed away her hands and gripped himself, gliding the condom downward until he was sure it wouldn’t come off when he began stroking her. Then he rolled and came over her.

Her breaths gusted in shallow huffs. Her hands gripped his shoulders.

He nudged her apart with his knees, but rested on his elbows so he wouldn’t overwhelm her with his weight. “Put me inside you.”

She fisted him. This time her fingers closed tighter around his shaft. On his knees, he reared back a little, gave her room to position him, then he flexed his hips and thighs, pushing forward and finding her center. He thrust slowly inside.

Her hand drew away, slid over his side, scooped at his lower back then traveled lower. Her fingernails scraped over his ass and dug into his flesh.


“Yes, sweetheart.” He pulled back, leaving just the crown inside her.

Her head tilted back, digging into the mattress. “Fuck me,” she said, her voice deepening. “God, I ache for you. Please, don’t tease. Don’t be gentle.”

Pulsing forward once, he bent to rub her lips with his. “You sure you’re ready?”

Her nails dug in harder, her head rolled side-to-side, her hips surged upward, trying to capture him as he pulled away again. “Bastard, just do it.”

He almost smiled, but his desperation made it a grimace. He sank, sliding deeper and deeper, and then hooking at the end to force her hips to move with his. When he was as far as he could go, he ground hard, moving side-to-side, stretching her, drilling—needing to be as deep as he could go, wanting to force her to recognize how well he filled her—giving in to the primitive, primal urge to imprint her with his masculinity.

Honey didn’t seem to mind. Her body shivered against him, her hips bucking under him. Her thighs crept around his waist and held tight, giving him a glimpse of her own possessive urges. She pressed her lips against his shoulder then bit him there. “Move, please,” she groaned. “I need you to move.”

He came up on his arms, peering down at her, his gaze raking her spiked breasts, her undulating belly, then staring down at where their bodies joined. He eased from her, watching his cock, reddened and glazed pulling from her lips, before stroking in again, screwing her slowly.

Honey’s features blurred, her cheeks reddened, her breaths became jagged. “Talk to me,” she gasped.

True shook his head. “What?”

“Talk to me. You’re staring, but what do you see?”

“Beautiful. Baby, let me talk…after.”

“I need you to talk, to help me relax. I’m hot…hurting even…want to come, but I’m too tense.”

“Not a good time.” He bent and skimmed his mouth along her jaw, but she turned away and her fingers curved around his shoulders, holding him back.

He leaned his head on her shoulder. “This something he did?”


“I’m not him.”

“I know that. But I’m…”

“Are you scared?”

“A little. I want this so much, but I can’t let it happen.”

He drove into her again, but her legs weren’t squeezing around him now. She wasn’t lowering them, but she wasn’t participating anymore. “Dammit.”

“You say that a lot.”

He grunted and slowed his motions, trying to gather back the frayed edges of his control. If she needed him to comfort her, he’d give her that. However hard it was for him to do this. He wasn’t used to talking during sex. Didn’t quite know how to start. “I’m not an easy man.”

“I think that’s one of the first things I noticed about you,” she said breathily. “The fact you weren’t easy. I thought you didn’t like me much.”

“I didn’t not like you. I just didn’t want you on my mountain.”

“Because I’m a girl.”

“Yeah. It wasn’t anything personal.”

“Do you still feel the same?”

“Guess I do. It’s a hard place in winter.”

“And yet you’re fucking me.”

True snorted and ground into her. “I’m a man.”

“And I’m available.”

He pulled out and thrust in again. “It’s not like that.”

Honey’s lips thinned. “Yeah, maybe we shouldn’t talk.”

“You promised you wouldn’t get bent out of shape.”

“I wanted something I’ve been missing, something you can’t give me. Obviously. Let’s just fuck. That’s all you want anyway.”


Her smile didn’t hold an ounce of humor.

Feeling as though he’d failed a test, he pumped harder inside her. “Yeah, maybe we shouldn’t talk too much. We can’t manage to do that without having an argument.”

He’d bet she never had that problem with her paragon of a husband, but as soon as he thought it, he felt guilty. The man was dead. She’d loved him.

He was jealous of a dead man.

True pulled free and pushed her legs off his hips. “Turn.”

Her eyes widened, but she did as he said, turning slowly onto her belly, then coming up on her knees in front of him.

This view of her body took his breath away, made him so hard he could barely squeeze a breath from his lungs. Round, peach ass, soaked, reddened labia. Her slender back quivered.

True tucked his fingers inside her, coaxing more of her natural lubricant down her channel then removed them. Fisting his cock, he fed it into her cunt, pushing deep.

Finally, clasping her hips, he rocked forward and back, faster and faster.

When her head dropped between her shoulders, he reached around her and swirled his fingers on her clit, circling relentlessly while he hammered her.

Her back arched, her bottom thrust against him, backing up to take him deeper. He had it right now. Could give her this if he couldn’t give her anything else of what she seemed to need from a man.

When her pussy clamped hard around him and she mewled like a kitten, he clutched her hips again and hammered faster, harder, not relenting until she gave a muffled scream.

True said his own hallelujahs in silence and pumped twice more before emptying himself inside her. He rocked in and out, milking every last sweet convulsion until she’d wrung him dry. Then he pulled free, settled on his side and dragged her into his arms.

He might not be the man she wanted, but he was the one holding her now.


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    Loved the blurb!
    Enjoy your weekend.

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