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Archive for November 12th, 2012

Monday, November 12th, 2012

NaNo Day 12:
SS-2—0 words (vacation)

Sometime today, I’ll be rolling into my driveway, exhausted after my whirlwind trip to the DC area. But no rest for the weary, here. I have to knuckle back under to catch up on all those NaNoWriMo pages I didn’t write while I was gone. Send me good wishes that I can pick right up where I left off!

In the meantime, I’m sharing another little excerpt from the newest book in the Delta Heat series. This one releases sometime after midnight. Be sure to order it now so you won’t have to wait a minute to read it once you power up in the morning! I love this series. I plan two more stories to finish my 5-4-3-2-1 countdown. Bet you can’t guess who I’m saving for last…

This time, you’ll meet my easy-going cop, Craig Eason. He’s quick with a smile, charming as all get-out, but just a little confused about what else he might be. Be warned! This scene is not for the faint of heart! And I had fun with it, because this same scene is depicted in the prequel book, but from totally different points of view. Here you find out there was a heck of a lot more going on than you thought. 🙂

Playing with pain can put you in a world of hurt…or bliss.

Playing switch in front of a La Forge BDSM club audience was supposed to be a one-time fling. A favor for a friend. Instead, when Craig Eason realizes he’s caught the attention of an enigmatic, powerful Dom across the crowded room, he senses this could be the man he’s been looking for to test the boundaries of his own sexuality.

Firefighter Aiden Byrne is a very private man with strong S&M longings he keeps in check for everyone else’s safety. His sub, Jennifer Callum, thinks she likes it rough, but he can’t let go the way he’d like to. Until one defiant stare from the handsome cop on the La Forge stage causes Aiden’s most dangerous needs to uncoil from the deepest, darkest part of his soul.

With the blessing—and active involvement—of his sub, a seduction is set in motion that ends in a scene that shakes them all to the core…

Product Warnings: Contains a powerful, burly firefighter who plans to take everything a hot cop thinks he knows about himself and send it up in smoke. Please replace the batteries in all your smoke detectors before reading this book. Contains scenes with m/m/f, m/m, spanking, flogging, restraints, and one wild orgy of pleasure.

Craig Eason stood in the shadows, his stomach tightening with a mixture of dread and excitement. He cracked his neck from side to side, then stepped toward the rear of the crowd gathered around the stage, his hands on hips, waiting for his cue.

Where minutes ago techno music had blared through the door of the changing room while he’d donned a thin pair of black cotton sweats, Club La Forge was now eerily quiet.

Lights from the crystal chandelier that lit the large main salon were dimmed. A spotlight shone above one stage, drawing all gazes.

The pretty little redhead who stood in the center of the raised stage looked poised and confident, but Craig knew the Domme was a quivering bundle of nerves, and he couldn’t help but smile. One of his best buds, Gus Taggert, was about to receive a hell of a sexy beating from his very own doughnut girl—a woman the big guy hadn’t stopped talking about since he’d been conned into buying doughnuts at her shop. Gus had fallen as hard as a stack of bricks the moment Aislinn Darby had told him to face the pastry shelf and spread ’em—and then firmly gripped his junk.

Craig understood how a moment like that could change a man. He hoped to have a moment like that of his own one day soon. Maybe it would happen here at the club. Maybe it would happen tonight, but he wasn’t holding his breath. Tonight was Gus’s night. Craig was only here for support, or so Aislinn had said. Although exactly what kind of support he wasn’t a hundred percent sure after she’d grilled him over the acts he’d be willing to perform, like a menu of spicy dishes, some so hot he’d gotten instantly hard. When she’d finished, he’d asked what exactly she had in mind. Read the rest of this entry »