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Meet Lizzie Ashworth (Free Read)
Thursday, August 7th, 2014

Good Morning, Delilah fans! Please allow me to introduce myself. I’m Lizzie Ashworth, and I write erotic romance. I live out in the country on a remote hilltop, surrounded by woods and more hills here in Northwest Arkansas. My yellow cat Mao and hound dog Weezie provide excellent advice, when I remember to ask. And right now, I’m just a tiny bit upset that my tomato plants aren’t doing so well—one thing I really look forward to each summer is home grown tomatoes.

Okay, I know most of you probably never heard of Lizzie Ashworth. That’s because my first books didn’t hit the market until a year ago. The first one that came out was an erotic BDSM romance, Hers to Choose, soon followed by His to Lose, a two book series about those devilishly handsome Cannon cousins. Then in December I published A Gift for Jarrod, a BDSM novella that turned out to be the first in five. The story of Jarrod Bancroft grew so much, I’ve now released it as a print novel and as three e-books. But more about that later. In May of this year, I released Faint Heart, a sexy contemporary romance.

If you’ve read any of my books, you know that I write explicit sex scenes. I confess—I have to. I grew up in a time when the bedroom door stayed closed. No details! No descriptions! I was so frustrated—I wanted to know what happened. It’s only been in the last few years that readers can find stories that keep the bedroom door open and even turn back the sheets to reveal everything from the skin heat to the color of certain—ahem—body parts. I don’t know about you, but I think that’s fabulous!

After all, the male writers who have been in control of books until recently don’t leave out the gory details of violence—guts, blood, broken bones, the sound someone makes when he’s shot. I never could understand why sex was considered obscene but violence wasn’t? What?

Evidently reading explicit sex scenes makes men uncomfortable. And I’ll concede that some female readers are not down with it either. Well, hopefully we can all agree that it’s okay for writers to write and readers to read whatever they like!

I’d love to tell you a few things about Jarrod Bancroft. First of all, he’s a younger man. As in, when the main female character Macie Fitzgerald first meets Jarrod, he’s her high school student. Ten years pass. Now she’s 38 and he’s 28. And a lot has happened.

Secondly, he’s a hunk. Gorgeous. Mouthwatering. Here’s a photo from the ebook Jarrod Bancroft Book II.

Jarrod Book II small


Third, he’s at a crisis point in his life, willing to explore his masochist and submissive tendencies and chafing at his role in his father’s corporation. The story follows him through a major life transition, and I admit, it gets dark at certain points.

But that’s what you want, right? As readers, don’t you expect your books to grab you, make you care, make you sweat about what will happen next? That’s what I try to give you, work my little fingers to the bone to create. I want to give you a guy you can’t help but love, a man with angst and drive and such physical beauty that you see him in your dreams. I want to give you a lead female character who isn’t afraid to take a few risks, but isn’t ready to lay her heart on the chopping block either. After all, she’s been down this romance road before, and there’s real pain lurking around the corner. Isn’t it smarter to wait, hold back, maybe decide ‘no, can’t go there again.’?

Thank you for sharing this moment with me today. I’d love to hear from you. “Like” me at Or “Friend” me at Or follow my blog at You’ll enjoy the erotic shorts on my blog—they’re free!

Here’s the blurb for Jarrod Bancroft Books I, II, and III.

With everything she cared about gone, Dominatrix Macie Fitzgerald has built a new life in service to those seeking pain and submission. She takes pride in her success. When she accepts Jarrod Bancroft’s application to her next training session, she knows he poses a risk to her fragile emotionless world.

Macie fears are confirmed when she discovers that the ten years since he was her high school history student have only made him more magnificent in every way. How long can she resist him? What devastation awaits her if she can’t?

Life has been too easy for Jarrod Bancroft—rich parents, football star, law degree, high powered job, women by the score. Something is missing. He wants whatever Stonybrook Academy can dish out, much as it scares the hell out of him.

Tied to the bed, his body violated in every way, he faces his first night realizing he was right to be afraid. He never imagined this torture and deprivation. And this woman, his sadistic mistress—the voice behind her mask sounds familiar.

Macie faces her biggest challenge as she struggles to fulfill her professional obligation to give Jarrod what he wants, what he needs. But Jarrod soon discovers that Macie is what he wants. What she doesn’t give, he takes—a risky venture when you’re a sub.  Defenseless against his potent charm, Macie breaks every rule she’s made for herself. Heartbreak soon follows.

To complicate matters, a legal hammer hangs over Jarrod’s head at Bancroft Investments threatening to ruin his professional future. Sucked into his father’s illegal business mess, Jarrod’s life takes an unexpected and life-threatening turn. Powerless as a nightmare unfolds around him, Jarrod dreams of his queen, the only woman he wants. But there’s nothing Macie can do for him now.

Told in three parts, the story of Jarrod Bancroft weaves a web of denial and fear, dark family secrets, and wealth at any cost. The lash of a whip is nothing compared to pain like this. When pain feels like love, how does love feel?

Please note that along with romance, love, and erotic pleasures of a more traditional nature, this work includes scenes of sadism, masochism, and sex acts involving multiple and same-sex partners. For mature readers only.

2 comments to “Meet Lizzie Ashworth (Free Read)”

  1. Antonia
    · August 7th, 2014 at 8:54 am · Link

    Hi Lizzie,

    Nice to meet you. Jarrod sounds very interesting and I foward reading about him.

  2. Jessica Alcazar
    · August 7th, 2014 at 11:09 am · Link

    Jarrod sounds YUMMY! Can’t wait to read more!

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