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Sharon Hamilton: I love patches!
Friday, October 7th, 2016


shimg_0784I just came back from a book signing in Valley Forge, and, as usual, the hit of my table wasn’t my books or my writing, it was my patches.

I’m not sure how I got started buying them, but I’ve done it so many times, Amazon keeps showing me new ones I cannot live without. I use them to award to people who buy multiple books from me at an event, or sometimes just to award to an avid fan who stops by to say hi and already has all my books. Or just because I feel like being generous.
It creates quite a buzz at the table and we do attract attention.

Tonight at Kym Grosso’s launch party, I even gave away some Sugar Skull duct tape and stickers, in keeping with the theme.

Sometimes our guys and gals overseas can wear some of them. Most the ones I buy, like the ones I show here, not so much. Lots of my friends ride motorcycles and have them all over their jackets. I just like looking at them, and probably will make a nice display of them, right next to the police, firefighters and paramedic patches I’ve been collecting over the years. And why not.

We ladies (and gents) like to have fun, right? What’s life without a little kinky humor now and then. Sort of goes along with my Bad Boys of SEAL Team 3 navy blue condoms and my pink Stimulus Package ones.


Sharon’s new release, Love Me Tender, Love You Hard is in the brand new launch St. Helena Kindle Worlds, based on the small wine country town of St. Helena. Autumn In The Vineyards, Marina Adair’s book that is the basis for this World, is airing as a Hallmark Movie on Saturday October 8 at 9 PM on the Hallmark Channel. Enjoy!

Sharon Hamilton
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18 comments to “Sharon Hamilton: I love patches!”

  1. Pansy Petal
    · October 7th, 2016 at 1:05 pm · Link

    Love your patches Sharon! Thank you for sharing. Love your books too. Thank you for writing them.

  2. Denise Smith
    · October 7th, 2016 at 1:08 pm · Link

    Absolutely Love the Patches…

  3. Sharon Hamilton
    · October 7th, 2016 at 2:39 pm · Link

    Pansy! I love them too. Not sure how I got started, but now I can’t stop. Like most good things in life!!

    Thanks! 😳

  4. Sharon Hamilton
    · October 7th, 2016 at 2:40 pm · Link

    Denise, people love them. I have a good time. What’s life otherwise? 😛

  5. Pamela Reveal
    · October 7th, 2016 at 2:52 pm · Link

    Sharon i love your patches but even more so I absolutely love your books. Thank you for taking us on amazing journeys

  6. Sharon Hamilton
    · October 7th, 2016 at 2:57 pm · Link

    You are most welcome, my favorite fangirl!! Always! 😆

  7. Penny Leidecker
    · October 7th, 2016 at 3:55 pm · Link

    Sharon, I love all of your patches almost as much as I love your books. I’m so happy to call you my friend!

  8. Robin Henley
    · October 7th, 2016 at 3:59 pm · Link

    Love those patches Sharon! So many I can see myself displaying.

  9. Sharon Hamilton
    · October 7th, 2016 at 4:00 pm · Link

    Penny, the friend is the most important part. We’ve been together awhile now! Hope we never part! Thanks for being there…

  10. Sharon Hamilton
    · October 7th, 2016 at 4:02 pm · Link

    Thank you. I know I sure could, of course, I’d have to live with other family instead! LOL. We have to have fun… 😳

  11. Deb Diem
    · October 7th, 2016 at 4:53 pm · Link

    The patches are awesome Sharon, I don’t care what Facebook says. lol You can always glue popsicle sticks to the back and use them as bookmarks. 😉 Hugs!

  12. Deb Diem
    · October 7th, 2016 at 4:55 pm · Link

    Who knew there were more uses for popsicle sticks besides splints for limp…things. rofl Ok, I’m going now.

  13. Karen Henderson
    · October 7th, 2016 at 7:16 pm · Link

    Oh you have some I haven’t seen I love these. I adore your books. See you next week

  14. Aline
    · October 7th, 2016 at 10:13 pm · Link

    Great patches

  15. Sharon Hamilton
    · October 8th, 2016 at 11:09 am · Link

    Deb, love your dark humor!! I gotta make you one of my characters in a book some day. Love you to pieces!!! And damn you for the cookies! I was trying to diet! 😈

  16. Sharon Hamilton
    · October 8th, 2016 at 11:09 am · Link

    Deb, you naughty woman! 😳

  17. Sharon Hamilton
    · October 8th, 2016 at 11:10 am · Link

    Karen, yup, can’t wait. I’ll bring my patches to make sure you have a good supply! 😆

  18. Sharon Hamilton
    · October 8th, 2016 at 11:11 am · Link

    Aline! Thank you! 😛

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