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Archive for August 31st, 2021

Ugh! What I’m getting ready for… (Contest)
Tuesday, August 31st, 2021

UPDATE: The winner is…Elaine Ramirez!

This is probably TMI, right?

I thought about creating a puzzle for you to work before you knew what I’d be doing (or was having done to me) tomorrow. However, I’m sure the website I use to create my puzzles would nix it due to the bare butt.

Yes, today, I’m going through the prep stage. I have a ton of meds and Gatorade to guzzle. No food until after the procedure tomorrow morning. This will be my third colonoscopy. And no, it doesn’t get any better the more times you have it done. It’s gross, embarrassing, and not very comfortable. I don’t like that they put me under for it. Do they think I’m a wimp? I’d rather be watching the monitor to see what’s happening. I’m tempted to pull out my DVD of Ghost Town with Ricky Gervais, but my dd might think it’s inappropriate because he dies (temporarily) during the procedure. She’s no fun.

So, why am I oversharing? I don’t know. As a Public Service Announcement to remind you to schedule yours? Maybe to you share my discomfort? Give you a laugh? For a chance to win a FREE download from my backlist, have you had one yet? Comment below.