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Contest within a Contest!
Sunday, January 27th, 2008

The Ellora’s Cave chatters are getting a chance to win prizes in a scavenger hunt at my website this morning, but I didn’t want to leave out anyone else who might need a nudge of incentive to take a look around my new digs! So here’s another chance to win!

This contest ends tonight at 10 PM CST! Send the answers directly to me at!

The questions…((drumroll))…

1) What book is arriving in bookstores in 29 days? What was the prequel to this story?

2) What additional books will be arriving by June of this year?

3) From the “For Readers” page, which character smoldered in the corner for a couple of books?

4) Where did I move to recently and why do I love it?

5) From the excerpt of the book mentioned in question #1, what was Hell to Nicolas?

Be sure to post a comment here to say hello and what you think about the site!

The winner will get their choice of Into the Darkness, Wild, Wild Women of the West or Seduced by Darkness (although they will have to wait for me to get my author’s copies of this one!), a collection of signed coverflats for several upcoming novels, and bookmarks.

Join me Sunday, January 27th!
Saturday, January 26th, 2008

I’ll be hosting the Ellora’s Cave chat list all morning along with Myla Jackson and Shayla Kersten. If you’ve never given one of our list days a try, you should! We’ll be posting some of the yummiest excerpts from EC’s talented authors. Of course, we will be running scavenger hunts all morning long, so plenty of chances exist for you to win something exciting. And best of all, you have all three of us at your complete mercy!!

At 11:00 CST, we will duck out for a live hour-long chat with, you got it, more chances to win cool stuff.

Check this blog tomorrow, because there will likely be one more chance to win right here!

See you there! ~DD

Redesign Launched!
Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008

Take a look around & enjoy! There’s more to come–a new look for my MYSPACE page and a launch contest–but one step at a time!

Squee!!! INTO THE DARKNESS wins 2007 Reviewer's Choice Award!
Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008

2007 Reviewer's Choice AwardI’ve had my head down the past couple of months writing like there’s no tomorrow. Finished book three in the Dark Realm series, now I’ve moved on and am deep into a cowboy trilogy that’s going really well. Guess I missed my men in Stetsons!

Into The DarknessThen I open up the email and discover that INTO THE DARKNESS won the 2007 Reviewer’s Choice Award from eCata’s Single Title review site! Just in time to help settle my nerves about the upcoming release of book two — SEDUCED BY DARKNESS

All’s well in my world today. Huge thanks to the ladies at!

Christmas Letter
Thursday, December 20th, 2007

Dear Reader!

Did I mention how much I hate shopping? To ease the pain this year, I made a careful list of all the Christmas presents I had to purchase and completed all my shopping in one fell swoop — dragging my darling daughter around the mall until both of us were ready to strangle Santa and his helpers and roast the reindeer’s chestnuts over an open fire. But I’m done! Now, I’ll procrastinate until late Christmas Eve before I start wrapping them all, and instead, go hunting for gift bags to save the bother. Bah, humbug! I don’t get people (my daughter) who love the whole process. All I could think the whole day long was how many pages I could have written. I’m such a Scrooge. Okay, that was really just for fun. I promise I will love opening presents with the family on the day and will eat too much, vow to start my diet the very next day, and not think about writing for maybe the morning, anyway.

December’s been nuts. I’m almost done with book three in The Dark Realm series, tentatively entitled DARKNESS RISING. I finished my next paranormal for Ellora’s Cave, called SIN’S GIFT. If you liked the My Immortal Knight series, I think you’re going to love this one too! It’s an urban fantasy with two San Antonio cops as the protagonists. I’ll let you know as soon as I find out when they plan to release it.

And speaking of the Knights, I hate to disappoint you, but I didn’t have time to work on the next installment. However, I do have a consolation treat for you. I received the rights back to a short story I wrote in 2005, a Medieval vampire tale called DARKEST KNIGHT. I’m including a link to the complete story in my newsletter. I hope you will enjoy it and not be too disappointed that I’ve left you hanging once again concerning Quentin’s fate at the hands of Kamaria! Next month, I promise to pick right up where we left off — with Quentin entering Darcy’s dark dream world.

Some good news. My Quickie, MAKING THE MADAM, has been picked up by Ellora’s Cave for inclusion in the first of the Cavemen anthologies for next year! It will be released in March 2008.

November Letter
Sunday, December 2nd, 2007

Dear Reader!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We had a nice gathering at the Devlin home. My nephew came down from Iowa with his new family. My daughter, my parents and I ate until Mom and I decided it’s definitely time to start that New Year’s diet early! Now that the excessive feasting is over, I’m starting to dread the countdown to Christmas. Don’t get me wrong. I love to give and get gifts, but I HATE the shopping. I’d like to do a lot of it online, but I’m not very inspired when I have to know ahead of time what everyone wants in order to search for it. I think I need to wander around a store or two to get some ideas before I make those purchases with a click of my mouse.

In the meantime, I’ve been busy finishing up book three in THE DARK REALM series, tentatively entitled DARKNESS RISING. I’ve also been putting the finishing touches on my next paranormal for Ellora’s Cave, called SIN’S GIFT. If you liked the My Immortal Knight series, I think you’re going to love this one too! It’s dark urban fantasy with two San Antonio cops as the protagonists. Next month, I start work on my Western for Kensington.

Purple PantiesSome good news. I sold a short story which will be featured in Zane’s PURPLE PANTIES anthology, which will be released in May 2008. The story’s a definite departure for me — straight contemporary and a lesbian theme. There is another erotica project in the works with Zane, but I won’t let the cat out of the bag until the contracts are signed!

October Letter
Saturday, October 20th, 2007

Dear Reader!

Happy Halloween! Not that I have time to celebrate, and living in the back of the beyond now, I don’t even pass out candy to the children. Ah well. Guess I’ll spend the holiday doing what I love most — torturing my characters. Bwahaha!

Like Quentin Albermarle, for one. I have to admit. I was taken aback at the number of readers who wrote me fiercely angry that I’ve been treating their favorite “Knight” so badly in MIK-7: KNIGHT DREAM. I took their comments into consideration-then couldn’t help myself. Writing without an editor or publisher’s intrusion is very freeing. See what nastiness I’ve been up to in the latest installment (sign-up for the newsletter to read this free treat)!

I’ve been busy writing book three in the Dark Realm series for Avon, which I’m tentatively calling DARKNESS RISING. The story is coming along, but I worry that I love how imperfect my characters are a little too much. Some are hedonistic, some terribly selfish. But every one of the heroes is someone I’d die to meet in a dark alley some night when the moon is full and lust is in the air. Guess I’ll keep writing it like I am. Maybe someone else will enjoy it just as much as me. I’m giving SEDUCED BY DARKNESS (book two) a final read for the galley proof at the moment and I really, really think you’re gonna love it!

My “dance card” is quickly filling up with projects for the New Year. A few months ago, I whined about not having any contracts lined up and now I have enough to keep me going through next summer, but I’m never satisfied. I worked on putting two proposals together this weekend with a couple of writer friends. I’ll let you know what comes of it. In the meantime, that’s as much as I’ll say because I don’t want to jinx the deal!

Some really good news for those of you who thought you’d have to wait until SEDUCED BY DARKNESS (26 February 2008) to come out before seeing anything new. I’m pleased to announce that Ellora’s Cave has accepted two new books from me. One’s a quickie entitled MAKING THE MADAM. I’m including an excerpt below for your enjoyment. Please keep in mind that the excerpt is unedited and any errors you find are entirely my fault! I don’t have a release date yet, but will let you know as soon as I do.

The second story is a dark urban fantasy story that should appeal to the My Immortal Knight fans. As soon as that deal’s a little more solid, I’ll let you know more!