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Damned, Dangerous and Delicious


Men of darkness, men of passion…trapped by temptation and bound by desire. No woman can refuse their erotic invitation for sexual pleasure…

Bound and naked, Voletta has every reason to fear the mysterious man holding her in his arms. Instead his brooding presence intrigues her, his hard body excites her—and his rough touch arouses her…

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Damien turned slowly, then fought hard to mask a grin.

Voletta had pulled the coverlet up to hide her breasts and was tugging it higher still. He wondered if she was considering pulling it over her head altogether.

He pretended indifference to the fact she lay naked in his bed and covered their dishes even though it wasn’t necessary. As soon as he walked away, they’d vanish.

He strode toward her, pausing in a pool of light, and then starting with his cotte and undertunic, he untied the knots holding them together and dropped them on the floor before glancing at Voletta.

Her gaze darted away from his naked chest. Rosy color flooded her cheeks.

Her interest in his body deepened the thudding of his heart and reaffirmed his decision not to wait. When his hands began to work at the ties of his chausses, she squeezed her eyes shut.

He chuckled softly. “You may as well look, love,” he murmured. “As it is, I have the advantage of you.”

“Because you’ve seen all of me?” she bit out.

“There are some views I’ve only caught glimpses of.”

Her brows drew together in a fierce frown, then one eyelid peeked open as he began to slide the rest of his clothing down his thighs.

The other eye opened and both rounded as his cock was freed and bounded upward toward his belly. Her innocence was proven by her expression of astonishment.

He hadn’t realized how much he cared he’d be her first. The townspeople had sworn to provide only virgins, but he’d found several who had hidden their indiscretions well, although he hadn’t really cared.

Again, everything about this one was different. A primal, fierce satisfaction filled his chest, and blood rushed south to thicken his already swelling cock. No other man had taken his pleasure with her.

Watching her cheeks reddening and her mouth parting around shallow breaths, he approached her cautiously, slowly, letting her look her fill. “You have no need to fear me, Voletta. ‘Tis only flesh.”

“I know,” she said breathlessly. “But I’m thinking about where that flesh must fit.”

“Don’t worry that it won’t.”

Her wide eyes filled her small face, but she scooted to the center of the bed, and lifted the edge of the covers.

Damien accepted her invitation and slid beneath them, noting her body had already warmed the sheets. In no hurry to press for more intimacy, he rose on an elbow to look down on her.

She was lovely, her face almost elfish with its small pointed chin and high cheekbones. Her eyes, slightly slanted and tipped upward, blinked warily back.

He lifted his hand, careful to move slowly so he wouldn’t startle her, and stroked her cheek with the back of his fingers, enjoying her womanly softness.

“You’re very beautiful,” he murmured.

“You think so?” she asked, sounding surprised.

He almost asked if no one had ever told her that before, but didn’t want to hear about any other men.

Cupping her cheek with his palm, he slowly rasped his thumb across her full, lower lip, and then slid his hand down to grip the coverlet. “May I dispense with this?”

“If you must,” she said, but gripped it tighter to her chest.

“You won’t be chilled, I promise,” he said, giving it a tug.

“I’m already shivering.”

The hint of defiance in her tone pleased him. She didn’t fear him, only the act to come. He’d thought he would be days, maybe weeks from this moment. Triumph filled him with heat, drawing his balls close to his groin, tightening his belly, readying his sex to join with her.

He drew the coverlet from her fingers and tossed it to the end of the bed, baring them both.

Voletta’s hands covered her breasts.

“Are your nipples cold?” he asked, teasing her.

“I think they are,” she whispered.

“Do they tighten?”

Her breath caught. “Why are you toying with me? You know they are sensitive.”

“To the chill in the air?” he asked, noting the air was warm.

“To your presence,” she admitted, her eyes filling, her bottom lip trembling.

Another sort of warmth crept inside his chest, lodging next to his heart. “Then we are blessed,” he said, teasing her lower lip again, and earning a pouting moue that kissed his thumb.

“Why?” she asked, her voice so soft he had to lean closer.

“Your body already knows its master.”