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For Authors—Freelance Fiction Editorial Services



In addition to my busy workload writing my own stories, I am a freelance fiction editor. I’ve been writing since 2000 and have critiqued other writers’ stories for just as long. I ran the Rose’s Colored Glasses critique group for years and led plotting boot camps since 2004. I’ve selected and edited stories for numerous collections for Cleis Press and Twisted Pages since 2009 (you can check out my anthologies at Delilah’s Collections). As well, I’ve offered freelance editing serves to authors since 2016.

Freelance editing was a natural, next step.

I do not offer different “flavors” of editing services. If you hire me, I will provide advice regarding pacing, plotting, and characterization, along with “nitty” grammar and punctuation corrections. I work using Microsoft Word’s tracking changes and will make minor corrections directly to your page. I will offer suggestions for changes in comments in the margins, and when I return your manuscript, the message will include commentary regarding what I feel are the strengths of your stories and any areas I think you need to work on.

After I’ve returned your manuscript, I’d love to hear back from you. If you have questions about anything I’ve suggested, I’ll be quick to answer.

The time I devote to editing is limited. So, be sure to lock down my calendar as far in advance as you can but know that I can usually accommodate urgent requests for editing of shorter works right away.

I don’t require a contract. I do require 1/2 of your payment for services before I begin work. My cost for editing services is $.008 per word.

If you’re interested, email me at Let’s talk!