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A Perfect Trifecta

A Perfect Trifecta

When Craig Eason plays switch in front of an audience at La Forge BDSM club as a favor for a friend, it’s supposed to be a one-time thing. But the cop catches the attention of an enigmatic, powerful Dom watching from across the room—a man who may be the one to help Craig test the boundaries of his own sexuality.

Firefighter Aiden Byrne has strong S&M desires he keeps firmly in check. His sub, Jennifer, thinks she likes it rough, but he’s never been able to let go the way he longs to with her. When a defiant stare from a handsome man on the La Forge stage causes Aiden’s most dangerous need to ignite, Aiden wonders if he’s found someone he can let go with.

Jennifer is on board, as long as she can be an active participant—but none of them is prepared for the scene that will shake them all to the core and change everything.

Each novella in the Delta Blue series is a standalone story that can be enjoyed in any order.

Note: This book was previously published.

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Craig hadn’t known he needed that reassurance until it was given. Be free. It sounded so simple. He’d explore what was here. Figure it out as they went forward. Or not. Everything depended on what lay in store for him inside the private room.

He rapped his knuckles against the door. It opened. Jenn stood in the doorframe completely nude. Her body gleamed with oil. Her skin was flushed pink and her eyes were lazily roaming his body. “You’re wearing too many clothes.”

He’d considered stripping in the changing room and entering the salon naked, but hadn’t wanted to be waylaid by anyone looking for a player. Not tonight. So he was still in his jeans and tee. “I came straight here,” he said, not looking beyond her happy smile to see if Aiden was in the room.

She stepped back and gave a wave of her hand. “I’m already prepped. Had a massage. Aiden likes to arrive after everyone’s ready.” She glanced up to the camera in the corner and gave a little wave.

So Aiden was watching. Without him even in the room, Craig tensed. “Did he leave instructions?”

“I’m to get you ready. Lube you up,” she said, biting her bottom lip to hold back her smile. “If you have no objections.”

“It’s not my place to object,” he said softly. He strode past her, shut the door, then stood still while she began to strip him, bending first to remove his sneakers and socks, then kneeling to unbuckle his belt and slide it free.

When she unbuttoned his denims, she glanced up and gave him a quick smile. “It’s not like I haven’t seen your dick before—“

“Or blown it,” he muttered.

She arched a brow. “But it does feel different, doesn’t it?”

He swallowed hard as she lifted his cock out of his pants. She opened her mouth and gobbled him down while at the same time reaching blindly to shove his trousers off his hips.

She had orders. She was to blow him, get him hard, but was she going to finish him so he’d have greater stamina the second time around, or just tease him? Another thought flitted through his mind. Did Aiden like what he could see of his cock?

Jenn worked his pants down to his ankles while she continued to tug his penis into full erection. Her hot, wet mouth consumed him, sucking hard, dragging backward as his cock quickly filled.

He stepped out of his pants, then raised his shirt and flung it out of reach. He dug his fingers deep into her hair. “Be free”, Mondo had advised. Well, right now, his first impulse was to give Jenn a little domination. Although she was every bit as adept at playing switch as he was, she was at heart a needy sub. He knew this well. Sinking his fingers into her silky black hair, he raked his nails against her scalp.

She moaned around him, angling her head side to side like a cat looking to have every inch of her scalp scratched. He dug in his nails, giving her a vigorous scoring while he began to rock forward and back, fucking her lush mouth.

Jenn Callum was beautiful woman, as pretty as any he’d ever been with. The sight of her on her knees, servicing him, her mouth growing swollen and red while he shafted her, fed the primal male inside him. He clamped his hands around her head to hold her still and stroked deep, forcing her to ease the constriction at the back of her throat and let him deepen his thrusts.

Conscious of the camera, he threw back his head and closed his eyes, willing Aiden to watch. Hoping Aiden would be drawn to halt him, but at the same time wanting to blow his wad inside her. But that would be too easy.

He stilled his movements, waiting for her to blink those pretty, gray cat eyes open.

When she did, he murmured, “Does he want me to come?”

Her eyes widened, and she gave a shallow shake of her head.

He sighed and withdrew his cock despite the fact he ached for release. “What next?”

Licking her lips, Jenn reached up a hand, and he helped her to her feet.

“I’m to give you a massage.”

Craig ground his jaw. He didn’t want to take this slowly. Didn’t have the patience for a long tease. But he followed her to a padded table.

When he was stretched on his back, she climbed over him, reached into a drawer at the side and snagged a bottle of oil. She gave him a small smile, then tilted the bottle toward her chest and streamed liquid over her breasts before setting it back inside the drawer. Then she bent over Craig and rubbed the oil covering her chest onto his. She started at his shoulders and worked her way down, scooting her spread thighs and leaving a wet trail of arousal on his lower belly, moving along the ridge of his thick cock and then lower still. Climbing off the table, she grabbed the edge of the platform, and he understood, bending his knees to keep his legs on the table while she pushed to shorten the table and lifted two stirrups.

He gave a rumbling growl but didn’t balk when she fit his heels into the stirrups and opened his legs. When she gripped his cock and pulled it down to fit it between her breasts, he cursed. “That’s one of my triggers,” he warned.

She bit her lower lip and smiled. “I know.” With her hands pushing her tits together to hold him, she moved up and down, gliding on his cock.

Watching her, his body grew rigid. Each time she lowered herself, the head of his cock disappeared, only to peek back from between her mounds, the cap growing redder and redder as she warmed his shaft. Such a beautiful sight, her round breasts cupping him. The sensations of her soft, slick skin gliding up and down his shaft made his balls hard as stones. He imagined how she’d look if he came right this second, come spurting on her chest and chin.

Air hissed between his teeth. “Blow it or let me shoot. But damn, girl. I’m not gonna last.”

Her head tilted, eyes slanting as she peeked into the high corner of the room, flirting with Aiden from beneath her lashes and sliding her tongue along the lush pout of her mouth. Craig cursed and reached down, ringing the base of his cock to regain his control.

Jenn dropped her hands from her breasts and pushed her hair back, then bent over his cock and rubbed those full lips around the head, her tongue swabbing him over and over before engulfing him again.

The snick of the lock sounded. Craig didn’t dare look back. Instead, he cupped Jenn’s chin and slid his thumb into her mouth to open her jaw and pull her off him. “That’s enough,” he said softly, but firmly.

“She’s a brat,” came a warm, deep rumble. “She didn’t finish what I asked her to do. I’ll have to see to her punishment.”

Jenn gave Craig a surreptitious wink but ducked her head and moved away from the end of the table.

“Kneel beside the bench, Jenn. I’ll take care of you in a little bit.”

“Yes, Sir,” she said, her voice soft but devoid of any contrition.

When Aiden strode within his sight, Craig’s balls drew closer to his groin. The Dom was dressed in leather pants, but his chest was bare. His dark hair was wet as though he’d just showered, and it stood in sexy spikes around his head. His gaze slid over Craig’s body, no interest betrayed, just a clinical perusal as he came around the end of the table.

He slid open the side drawer and pulled out a tube of lubricant.

Craig dragged in a ragged breath. Now was the point of no return. He was either in or out, because Aiden’s neutral mask didn’t go so far as to disguise the challenge in his gaze.

Aiden twisted off the cap and squeezed a generous dollop of clear gel onto his index finger.

“Any limits you want me to know about? Anything off-limits?”

Craig had never renewed the release he’d originally filled out for the club. He hadn’t known enough then to list any don’ts. And since then, he hadn’t found anything he feared or that made him so uncomfortable he might balk. “I’ll let you lead,” he said, keeping his tone even.

“Your word?”


Aiden arched a brow.

Craig lifted his shoulders. “I like them.”

Aiden gave a curt nod, then dropped his gaze. His nostrils flared just a fraction. His breathing slowed.

Craig couldn’t help the little jerk his cock made. It was already pulsing, and a dribble of pre-come had leaked from the eyelet hole.

Aiden’s smoldering gaze rose and locked with Craig’s for a long moment. “Keep your balls shaved.”

Craig drew in a quick, sharp breath. Sounded like tonight wouldn’t be the one and only time they played together. “I will,” he said, answering the unspoken question—yes, he was willing to sub for Aiden again.

Aiden narrowed his eyes.

Now wasn’t the time to push back. This was an interview. Not the place for him to tempt punishment. Aiden needed to know he was willing to submit, that he wasn’t just playing. “I will, Sir,” he said softly.

Aiden’s jaw tensed. “Raise your knees and clasp them. I need access to your asshole.”

The words were blunt. A hot flush spilled across Craig’s cheeks, but he did as ordered, raising his knees and grabbing them to fold his legs against his chest.

Fingers spread his cheeks. A rough pad scraped his hole, then circled it. Lube melted against the heat. Lord, he could barely wait to feel that thick digit sink inside. He wanted to ask for it. But he held still. Kept silent. He lowered his gaze to Aiden’s chest and waited, barely breathing.

Aiden’s breaths were a little shorter, tension evident in the tightening of the thick muscles.

He pressed his finger against the opening, gently and pushed inside.

Craig closed his eyes. Afraid he was going to come on the spot.

“Open your eyes.”

Craig obeyed without hesitating, but knew a little of his desperation had to be showing in his expression.

Aiden’s eyelids dipped sexily down. His mouth curved slightly. He sank the finger deeper, then twisted, rubbing lube around Craig’s entrance, stretching the ring of muscles until it burned.

Sweet fuck, it felt good. “Permission to speak…” Craig gritted out.

Aiden pulled out, then glided back inside. “Permission given.”

“I’m close, Sir.”

“I know. But you won’t come.”

“Can I ring myself, Sir?”

“No choking allowed. That would be cheating.” Aiden dug deep, then leaned over him, his chest touching the end of Craig’s dick. “You know how this works. You’re not a virgin.”

Craig grimaced. “Don’t know if I can hold back.”

“If you don’t, we’re done.”

Something inside Craig went cold. Was Aiden bluffing? Didn’t he want this as much as Craig did? Would he really cut him off before they had a chance to explore each other?

“You done with the questions?”

Craig gave a crisp nod. Then he reached beside himself and curved his fingers around the edge of the padded table and dug in.

Aiden withdrew, picked up the lube and coated three of his fingers.

Craig started to sweat. His ass wasn’t sore yet, but it would be. And he couldn’t wait. God, he couldn’t. Not another second.

But the moment Aiden worked the tips inside him, carefully stretching him with slow nudges, Craig knew he had to wait. No way could he end this before he’d known what it was like to have Aiden covering him from behind, jerking into him. God, and if Jenn was sucking his cock at the same time, he’d die on the spot.

The image was impossible to blink away. His gaze rose to Aiden’s and locked. Did Aiden know what he was thinking? Did Aiden want the same thing? Or was this going to be a big mindfuck? A power play? See how far he could get the cop to go for a little head?

Aiden pulled his fingers free and walked toward the sink in the cabinets that lined the wall. Craig sank against the table, breathing deeply. He covered his eyes with his forearm, trying to gather his wits and his control. They’d barely started, and he was already so tense and starting to get scared he wasn’t going to cut it.

Why it was suddenly so important, he didn’t want to examine. He already knew deep inside this wasn’t some scene. Wasn’t something rehearsed or just play. This was as real as it got, and Craig didn’t do real.

But he’d be lying if he didn’t admit he wanted it to be. Desperately so.