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Hunk of Burning Love

Hunk of Burning Love

A woman accidentally sets her kitchen on fire while trying to catch the eye of a Texas firefighter.

Note: This 5,500-word short story was originally published in Cowboys: A Boys Behaving Badly Anthology. It is a SHORT STORY and exists in the Cowboys on the Edge world.

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Kelly packaged a dozen glazed donuts and handed them to the girl working the drive-thru window. The morning rush was in full swing, but she had everything under control. No one had called in sick. Everyone was at their station, and because she paid better than the going rate around town, all of her employees had been there a while and were well-trained and competent. If she wanted, she could take a day off now and then and the place wouldn’t fall into ruin.

The bell over the door tinkled, and she glanced toward the sound, a smile already on her face to greet her next customer.

Firefighter Benny Smith walked through the door, dressed in his firehouse uniform of black trousers and T-shirt that conformed to the lovely muscles of his chest and arms. “Well, good morning, Mr. Smith,” she said after ungluing her tongue from the roof of her suddenly dry mouth. “What can I do for you?” Give you a massage? A hand job? Make you breakfast after we have sex?

Her cheeks heated as her mind went places that would’ve shocked the shy, handsome firefighter.

In turn, his gaze held hers for a second while he looked like he wanted to ask her to do one of those naughty things, but then he looked away and pointed at the glass cabinet. “Can I have some kolaches?”

Stifling her disappointment, she smiled. “How many would you like?”

He cleared his throat. “How many would you like?”

Kelly blinked, thinking maybe he’d misspoken.

He cleared his throat again then tugged at the neckline of his tee like it was choking him. “What I mean is, would you like to take a break? Sit with me?”

She watched him speak the words, but they seemed to come from far away, distorted by time and space, because she thought he’d actually asked her to take her break with him, and further, she thought he’d added, “Sit on me?” But that had to be wrong, right? Maybe he was like her and had been thinking the phrase but it had just exploded outward like air from a burst balloon.

Well, she’d never know for sure if she didn’t ask. “Did you just ask me to sit on you?” she said, lowering her voice.

His eyes widened, and he leaned closer. “Only if you’d like that.”