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Knight Edition

Knight Edition

Sidney Coffey, Seattle’s “News at Nine” girl, uncovers the scoop of a lifetime and her ticket into serious journalism. The only problem is—without proof—no one’s going to believe the victims of recent gang killings are in fact “undead” and vampires!

With her gut telling her there’s an even bigger story lurking beneath the surface, she decides to beard a reclusive vampire master in his den for an interview. But meeting the master only complicates things. For a woman with a voracious sexual appetite, the tall, dark and gloomy vamp proves an irresistible challenge.

When a reporter trespasses on his estate, Navarro is at first amused then annoyed that the little baggage is close to putting together the pieces of a dangerous plot involving an old enemy and a group of murdered geneticists. To keep her safe, Navarro issues an invitation he won’t let her refuse.

Note: This book was previously published as “Uncovering Navarro” but has been revised and expanded.

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“Sid, get that cute, little tail of yours behind the yellow tape, now!” Moses Brown bit back a grin at the look of pure irritation that crossed Sidney P. Coffey’s face.

“Hi there, Moses. Long time, no see.” She ducked back under the crime scene tape and turned, taking a moment to pull the white cuffs of her shirt from below the edges of her leather jacket.

She was stalling. Moses could almost see the gears turning over in her head. The woman didn’t know when to give up.

When she glanced his way, a smile was plastered on her face. “By the way, congratulations on the promotion, detective . The new suit makes your shoulders look even broader.”

His gaze narrowed. The only time she wasted a second on small talk was when she wanted something-bad. “Sid, you’re not gettin’ inside that house.”

Her blue eyes widened. “Do you think I was trying to —”

“Uh-huh. Don’t give me that Miss Innocent look. I know you, sweetheart.”

Her eyebrows rose, and her sexy mouth formed a pout. “Not even for an old buddy, like me?”

Moses folded his arms over his chest. “Old fuck buddy-let’s keep that straight.”

She huffed, and her eyebrows drew together in a disgruntled frown. “That sounds so crass.”

“I’m just repeating what you told me, baby.”

“Well, I was only being honest.”

That was the thing he liked about her best-beyond her slim body and cute tush. She didn’t mince her words. A man knew exactly where he stood.

She was also the only woman he knew who could keep a secret. Even though they often stood on opposite sides of the tape-him a cop, her a reporter-he could trust her. If he told her something couldn’t make the evening news, she kept the tip close to her chest. Her soft, curvy chest.

She nodded toward the house, lights ablaze as the forensics team scoured it for clues. “How ’bout I promise to keep out of sight-”

He shook his head. “You know damn well the chief’d have my ass in a sling if I let you in there.”

“But it’s such a fine ass,” she purred. Her glance gave him a once-over that left his skin burning.

He straightened and dropped his voice, “And don’t you know it.”

Her smile was genuine this time. “Maybe you need to refresh my memory.” Her gaze slipped over his shoulder again. “What’s going on in there?”

“You weren’t listening to your police scanner?”

“You know I was.” She wrinkled her nose. “Come on, give! A triple homicide? Who was it? More teenagers bite it?”

The little lady was too bright for her own good. He schooled his face into a mask. “I’m not at liberty to say.”

“Not now anyway, huh? You know, the police aren’t going to be able to keep this killing spree under wraps much longer. People are going to put two and two together. When they do, your chief’s fanged friends won’t be able to hide in the shadows.” She sidled up close. “Later, maybe? We haven’t talked in a long time.”

Moses could feel his defenses crumble. Her fine blonde hair shone bright as sunshine under the streetlamp. Her flowery perfume tugged at his cock. He slipped his hand in his pocket and handed her his key. “I could be a while, sugar.”

“Just wake me up.” She walked past, deliberately rubbing her jeans-clad thigh against him.

He watched her hips sway as she walked away, until she turned the corner of the street. “Moses,” he muttered to himself, “what the hell do you think you’re doin’? That little woman’s gonna wring you like a dishrag.”