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From National Bestselling Author, Delilah Devlin, and Amazon Bestseller, Paisley Smith, comes LICKS, a collection of eight scrumptious lesbian tales, ranging from succulent and sensual to tempting and taboo.

Climb aboard a Harley with a butch beauty in “Riding Bitch”. Satisfy your craving for unrepentant girl-on-girl sex in “The Out-of-Towner”. Travel back in time to 18th century Paris in “Bordello”. A sexy femme submits in “The Hired Hand”. Celebrate a first lesbian encounter in “My Best Friend’s Birthday” and take a wild ride with your favorite toy in “The Only Game in Town”.

These irresistible stories and more invite the reader to savor that delectable flavor of the ultimate in lesbian erotica.

Read an Excerpt

From “The Out-of-Towner”

Maybe I felt the unexpected attraction because we’d been forced to share the same hotel suite. Or maybe it was just the late hour and I was bored. All I know for certain was that when I put my red pen down after working diligently on notes for revising my portion of the proposal, my gaze caught on Debra’s breasts.

Her sudden exhalation drew me to the shadowy cleft revealed by the two buttons she’d undone at the top of her blouse.

Already I could see the full, round curves as they pressed close together thanks to the magic of underwire. I stayed transfixed by a little shell button, turned sideways in the buttonhole, ready to pop free with her next deep breath.

I realized I’d been staring, and so far she hadn’t noticed because her own attention was focused on the colorful charts spread in front of her. “They’re crazy, you know,” Debra said, as she tapped one chart in particular. “How the hell are we supposed to find fifty thousand to scrub from this estimate? We’ve already cut the thing down to bare bones. The only way we can go cheaper is to stint on the quality of the parts, and Sanders will never go for that.” Her gaze drifted up, catching mine as I hastily glanced away. “I swear I’m so tired, if there was a solution, I wouldn’t see it now.”

I cleared my throat then swallowed because my mouth was dry. Could she see the heat climbing up my neck? “Maybe we should call it a night. Start again when we’re fresh in the morning. Our meeting’s not until four.”

“Sure,” she murmured. Then Debra stood and stretched her arms above her head, and that button that hadn’t been able to make up its mind whether it was in or out, popped free. Her blouse parted, revealing another three inches of creamy skin and the lacy center of her ecru bra. The wire molded her curves into perfect creamy globes.

“Which bed do you want?” she asked, strolling toward the bathroom.

“Doesn’t matter to me,” I mumbled.

“Then I’ll take the one closest to the AC. I’m really hot.”

With that, she closed the bathroom door. I should have felt relief, but the sound of water splashing against the shower stall only heightened my arousal.

Which was crazy. I craved dick like my dachshund did a chew toy. And why Debra? Sure her breasts were lush, but the rest of the package was a little…mismatched.

She was short, with a round face and close-cropped platinum curls that nestled close to her skull. Kohl-rimmed her eyes might have made another woman look mysterious, but only made Debra seem younger. Her features were cute—snub nose, round chin, startling blue eyes—but nothing that would draw a man’s or woman’s gaze for long. Her body, however, was all grown up—lush full bosom, round hips.

In comparison, I looked like a lanky beanpole. Not too tall, but next to Deb, we made a very disparate pair. I’d seen the way the Advantage team had sized us up when we entered the conference room that morning, but while we looked mismatched, we’d worked together like a well-oiled machine, taking their concerns and offering options to revise the proposal which we’d present again the next day.

The door creaked open and Debra strode out, wearing only a towel and a crooked smile on her gamine face. “Forgot my pajamas.”

Only what she pulled from the drawer beneath the television wasn’t as cozy looking as she’d made it sound. A teal silk scrap spilled over her hand and she walked happily back to the bathroom.

I took the bed she didn’t want and sat on the edge. Then I lay back, staring at the blades of the ceiling fan as they slowly turned again and again. Nope, the cool air didn’t work. Neither did the monotonous motion.

The water stopped and Debra hummed off-key, the sound resonating through the door. I wondered if she realized she was tone deaf and couldn’t help the smile that kicked up one side of my mouth.

When the door opened, she caught me smiling like an idiot. “It’s all yours.”

I gathered my cotton pajamas and headed to the stall. The bathroom smelled of herbal shampoo and a fruity perfume. I stripped and stepped into the stall, then turned on the faucet, not caring if the water was cool or warm. I ducked my head beneath the spray and relaxed. My attraction was transitory. Once I hit the sheets, sleep would consume my lust.

Feeling a mild disappointment that I’d so easily given up my fantasy, I opened my eyes and finished washing, taking care to shave away the bristles on my legs and pussy. So what if no one would know I’d been diligent in my hygiene, I was only stalling the moment I’d have to reenter the bedroom. I hoped like hell she was already in the bed, covers pulled up to her neck, because I didn’t think I could take another round of peepshow without salivating.

My pajamas were decidedly unglamorous—a white tank and men’s pajama bottoms. But they covered the essentials, and maybe she’d never know I was interested.

The lights were out when I opened the door. I closed it behind me, plunging myself into darkness and felt my way toward my bed.

A light clicked on. “No need to stub a toe,” Debra said.

The golden lamplight made her skin glow, and again, my attention was snagged by the sight of her full breasts, this time rounding out the bodice of the short silk nightgown.

“Thanks,” I said, a little too curtly, but I was all out of polite. She had me rattled, starved for sex. How many weeks had it been since I’d hit Ben’s apartment for a quickie?

Debra lay down on her side, a hand cupping the breast pressed to the mattress. Did she know she fondled herself? Or was she making fun of me because I’d been staring?

“You know, I asked to be partnered with you,” she said softly.

“Because I’ve worked with Advantage before?”

“Because I thought we’d have fun,” she said with her blue cat’s eyes staring.

I blinked and sat on the edge of my bed. Then I reached for the light switch, but she cut my action short when she slipped the edge of her teal nightgown beneath one breast, exposing it fully. “You’ve been staring at it so much tonight, I thought I’d end your curiosity.”

Her voice held no edge of derision or disgust. Her smile deepened, a dimple sinking into one cheek.

The breast that spilled out and lay on the white sheet was full, round, topped with a pink nipple that was dimpled; the tip beaded like a small, dusky pebble.

“It’s okay for you to touch.”