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Follow a shy seamstress’s adventures with an online suitor that don’t go quite as planned…

Note: This 5100-word short story was previously published in Strokes, Vol. 1, but has been revised and expanded. It may be short in length, but it’s not short in passion!

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“Thoroughly,” she said, not turning to watch as he dressed and left.

Still bent over, she waited, hoping that this time, “Tall” would exit the dressing room and let her see him. That this time, he’d touch her directly. Always before, he’d text her in advance.

Go to the restroom. I’ll let myself in, dear Nip.

And afterward, he’d wait, no matter how long she lingered, until she understood that today was not the day he’d join her in the flesh.

As the seconds passed, she let out the breath she held and slowly pushed herself up.

The door to the dressing room squeaked.

She shut her eyes, her heart pounding against her chest.

A hand smoothed over her bottom giving her a firm glide. Then it left her skin. A second later, a slap landed on her right cheek.

She jerked, but didn’t say a word, waiting…

“Lovely, Nip,” he whispered. “You were perfect.” Fingers traced the crease between her cheeks then slid lower. Two entered her wet vagina. “I’m tempted. You were very good today. So firm with him. He was so happy; I wish that you could have seen his face as he looked at you. I do believe he adores you.”

The rustle of fabric sounded behind her, and she tensed.

“Why is it that you submit to my whims?” he asked, his hand petting her pussy. “Aren’t you ever afraid that I’m toying with you? That I’m a devious bastard who might mean you harm?”

She shook her head. “The things you said to me when we started our…” She shrugged because she didn’t know what to call this strange relationship.

“Our affair?” he whispered, fingers entering her again and swirling in the gathering moisture.

“Yes, our affair,” she said, drawing a deep breath and pressing backward, trying to take his fingers deeper. What was it he’d asked?

He pinched her buttock hard. “Stay still. Now, tell me. Why do you allow this…with me?”

She bit her lip, trying to distract herself from her fierce reaction to his touch. Although she’d just come, she was ready again. “Because you know me,” she said, moaning. “Because everything you’ve asked me to do was something I didn’t know I needed until you said it.”