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Once is Never Enough

Mondo is a legendary Dom and Master at the La Forge club. He’s helped his Memphis PD friends navigate the BDSM world and find the women of their dreams. Now, the vice cop and Dom is the last single man standing. But Mondo’s waiting for the right woman, one strong enough to match his dark passions, and he’s sure a timid grade school teacher definitely won’t make the short list.

Sunny Boudreau is content with her somewhat vanilla life, But when a trio of lovers moves in next door, she’s drawn to them and their group of friends, especially a certain tall, dark, and dangerous Dom.

Mondo tries to warn Sonny off, but her first taste of the club only whets her appetite and ignites her desire to prove she’s exactly the woman Mondo needs.

Note: This book was previously published.

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Jenn liked pain. Just one of the many things about her he liked as well. “So tell me,” he said, gently cupping her cheek as he twisted again, “why should I be interested in looking over the new crop?”

She gave small groan, and her eyelids dipped before she focused on his face again. “Sir, someone you know is among them.”


She slipped her tongue out and wet her bottom lip. A glint of mischief gleamed in her gray eyes. “I don’t want to spoil the surprise.”

“I don’t like surprises.”

“Sir, this one will…interest…you. I promise.”

She didn’t say he’d be pleased. But the amusement flirting with the corners of her pretty mouth had him curious. “Why don’t you bring her to me?”

Gasping at another strong twist, she shook her head. “Master Ravi’s already inspecting them. You might want to hurry.”

Ravi’s inspections were physical caresses and proddings, while he and those watching gauged the hopefuls’ reactions before assigning them to Doms to shadow. If Jenn thought Ravi shouldn’t inspect this particular hopeful, there was a problem.

Mondo grunted. “I’ll have a word with Aiden later about your lack of honesty. No doubt he’ll think punishment is warranted.”

Her mouth parted, pleasure pinkening her cheeks.

Mondo pushed off the sofa and walked around the edge of Ash’s stage, heading toward the center of the salon where the hopefuls were standing in a row, Ravi pacing in front of them, the sly curve of his mouth the only indication of his mood.

There were six hopefuls. All wearing masks. Something that helped their embarrassment because some were nude and some were dressed in shiny, new gear with plenty of skin revealed. One at the end of the line made Mondo’s steps slow. She looked completely out of her element, dressed in a silky sleeveless top, black slacks and tall slinky black heels, a cat’s eyes mask not doing a damn thing to obscure her identity.

Sunny. Mondo’s stomach tightened. His breath caught and held. Shock shivered deliciously through his body. He stood still for a long moment, willing his reactions to the sight of her standing in his club to quiet. The throb in his chest and his groin slowed.

Ravi, dressed in leather pants, his chest bare, walked down the line, tapping a riding crop to his calf and pausing in front of her slender figure. “Why are you here?”

Even behind the mask, her eyes were wide. “To learn. I’ve never been in a place like this, but I’m…curious.”

Ravi canted his head. His mouth curved with approval. “Pansy,” he said over his shoulder, “place the others as you see fit.” He lifted the hand of the woman he still stood in front of and placed a kiss in the center of her palm. “This one,” he said, his voice dipping to an intimate growl, “this one, I’ll keep a while.”

Like hell. Mondo strode forward and clamped a hand on Ravi’s shoulder. “Thank you, Ravi,” he said, narrowing his gaze when Ravi glanced back and frowned.

“You have no claim.”

Mondo looked past Ravi at the woman whose breaths had shortened into shallow pants.

“She’s mine.” His glare dared her to deny it.

Sunny’s mouth tightened, and she gave a swift nod. “What he said.”

Ravi laughed. “As if. No sub of yours would be this unschooled or answer like that.”

Mondo slid his fingers around her narrow wrist and tightened them like a manacle. “Ravi, back off.”

“Fine,” the other Dom said, raising his hands in surrender. “But if you need a second…”

Mondo snorted. Then, without looking at the woman, he strode through the crowded salon toward the corridor where his private room was located. He swiped his card, pulled her behind him and then flung her forward so that she teetered on her heels for a moment.

She tugged off her mask, perhaps to have something to do while she thought fast. She watched him warily. “I take it you’re upset.”

Upset? He was a lot of things, but upset wasn’t anywhere in the range of emotions flooding him at the moment. “You have no idea,” he said, his voice grating.

She cleared her throat. “I know more than I did.”

“Stop,” he said, raising a hand, “if you mention fifty shades of any damn color, your ass’ll be a brilliant shade of red.”

“And that’s supposed to discourage me?”

His jaw dropped an inch and then ground closed.

“So, I’ve been reading…” she said, lifting a hand to examine her nails. “And Pansy has been telling me…stuff.”

“Pansy needs to mind her own business. I’ll be sure to let Beau know.” Although his friend wasn’t much into punishing his woman these days since she’d become pregnant. “This isn’t the place for you.”

“Why?” she asked, jutting her small pointed chin higher. “I have every right to be here. I was invited.”