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Twice the Bang

Beau wants Pansy as his own. He’s been taking it slow with the sexy sub, but when he sees he’s not the only one vying for her attention, he realizes a long seduction was a mistake. So he’s ready to stake his claim.

Billy may be new to the lifestyle, and a submissive like Pansy is probably out of his league, but he’ll do whatever it takes to have her, even if he has to share.

Pansy’s stuck between a rock and a hard place—or rather, stuck between a smoking-hot firefighter with ice-blue eyes and a mysterious, sexy cop. Of course, she could refuse to decide between the two and let them both pursue her, and if she’s really lucky, they’ll play dirty.

Each novella in the Delta Blue series is a standalone story that can be enjoyed in any order.

Note: This book was previously published.

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A low whistle sounded, followed by a sharp elbow to Beau McIntyre’s ribs.

He winced and aimed a glare at Craig. Craig’s green eyes were narrowed and glinting beneath his blond brows despite the subdued lighting at their table.

Only his buddy Craig wasn’t looking Beau’s way. He stared toward the entrance of the Emerald Tavern.

Beau followed his gaze and froze. No further explanation was necessary. The sight that greeted him had him pushing up from the table, ready to confront the couple strolling arm in arm into the bar.

“Isn’t this his night?” Mondo asked, the slight Latin inflection in his voice adding an edge to his sly amusement.

“It’s my damn bar,” Beau said, then quickly wiped the frown from his face. Beau didn’t make scenes, rarely wore his emotions where anyone else might see. But fucking hell. Of all the bars in Memphis, Billy Sorensen had to choose this one?

Beau was certain their appearance here wasn’t an accident. When Billy’s crystal-blue gaze swung toward him and narrowed, Beau recognized the challenge. Bring it on, man!

Another of his buddies, Gus, grunted. “Wow, did he just—?”

“Yep, he did,” came a feminine drawl. “Whatcha gonna do about it, Beau? Can’t let some fireboy diss you in your own damn bar.”

That last bit had Beau’s lips twitching, because it was coming from Marti, the actual owner of the bar and his buddy Jackson’s fiancée. The short sprite with a blue streak in her hair that matched her wild-child heart had attitude—all of it bad. And she’d just upped the challenge.

His gaze went straight to Pansy Patton, who seemed oblivious to the storm brewing and who had yet to spot Beau and his crew.

“Mmm-mmm,” Gus said, rearranging his large frame in his chair. “Never noticed your girl’s legs.”

“That’s because every time you’ve seen her,” Mondo murmured, “she’s been naked. Her pretty breasts take the attention away from those slender stems.”

Beau’s own gaze roamed Pansy’s slender, nicely curved legs. Pansy wasn’t any bigger than a minute, but she was perfectly proportioned—plump, but not overly large breasts, a slender waist that sloped outward to full hips that topped a lovely, lightly muscled pair of stems.

His body tightened, his cock sucking the juice from his veins to feed the pulse throbbing in his groin. The last time he’d seen Pansy, she’d had those legs parted, her hamstrings stretched as she’d reached to clasp her ankles at his command.

That had been at Craig, Jenn and Aiden’s coming-out party, the celebration the trio had hosted where they’d opened their home and the underpinnings of their unusual relationship to their closest friends.

Getting into the spirit of things that night, Beau had joined in the free-spirited antics, homing in on Pansy the moment she’d walked through the playroom door sporting only a smile. From her short blonde hair to her pink-tipped toenails, Beau’s interest had spiked past the flirtation they’d shared over the last several months.

The only fly in the ointment had been the appearance of Aiden’s firehouse buddy, Billy, who’d been quick to sidle up to her unclaimed side the moment sexy Domme, Aislinn, started whipping Gus.

Billy hadn’t seemed comfortable watching a man getting paddled. But when Pansy had been led by Mondo to the spanking bench, Billy had stood slack-jawed as Mondo coaxed silky cream and broken groans from the pint-sized Venus.

Both Billy and Beau had stood to the side, admiring the tensing of her muscles, the pink stripes on her tender flesh and the way her pussy had grown lushly wet, her channel opening as her knees inched farther and farther apart.

She’d all but begged to have her pussy spanked. Mondo had at last shown mercy, turning the paddle to push the smooth handle into her vagina, fucking her gently while he rubbed and pinched her clit.

Her orgasm had arrived with a thin, warbling scream, and he and Billy had exchanged quick hard glances before jostling each other to be the one to release her from her bonds and help her to her feet.

For the rest of the night, they’d relentlessly pursued Pansy, who at one point spread her arms, palms slamming against both men’s chests. “Enough!” she’d said, then blown at a lock of chin-length blonde hair that had fallen into her cornflower-blue eyes. “I’m flattered, but you’re both exhausting.”

Clenching his jaw and glaring at Billy, Beau had backed away. “I’m sorry, Pansy. I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable.”

“I’m not uncomfortable,” she’d said in her husky little voice. “Well, at least not any more than a naked woman would be when two handsome men are hot on her tail, but a little space would be appreciated.”

Billy couldn’t seem to keep his gaze focused politely on her face, and instead ogled her breasts. “I was wondering if you could demonstrate some of the…equipment…Aiden has.” He’d cleared his throat. “I don’t understand some of the machines’ purposes.”
Pansy had eyed him and then given him a sly smile. “You’ve never seen the inside of BDSM dungeon, have you?”

The fireman’s virgin status only seemed to ramp up Pansy’s interest, which caused Beau some consternation. Before he’d thought the idea through, he found himself saying, “How about I show you both how things work…”

And good Lord, he had, showing the Swede the proper technique to paddle a tender behind. Pansy, as it turned out, wasn’t that much into pain, but she liked the noises floggers and leather made, so Beau had been more careful than he usually was, paying extra attention to every wiggle or moan, eyeing Pansy’s mouth as she’d ravaged it with her teeth. Cupping her sex—of course, only to test the success of his strokes.

Something Billy had mimicked, when he’d jockeyed to stand behind her, proving he was a quick study.

They’d played and teased, and both men had grown hard while Pansy oohed and cooed, but then she’d ultimately departed, leaving them both wondering what they’d done wrong. Because it wasn’t like the rest of the crowd was the least bit shy about their hookups.

She’d left before finding her pleasure with one of them. And worse, before either man had found his. Stuck with undeniable hard-ons, they’d stayed on opposite sides of the large salon for the rest of the evening.

Beau hadn’t been able to let her walk away. Now that he’d touched her intimately, she was never far from his thoughts. The very next night he’d turned up at the BDSM club, La Forge, seeking her out while she roamed through the crowd, an assistant manager with a keen eye for when play went a little too far.

He’d asked her out, only to discover Billy had beaten him to it.

Pansy had nibbled her lip and her gaze fell to her toes, before she’d glanced up at him from beneath thickly mascaraed eyes. “We’re not exclusive. I don’t do exclusive.”

Inside, he’d roared, a lion ready to pounce on another male lion to fight him for the right to mate. On the outside, he’d given her a cool nod. “When is your date with Billy?”

“Thursday. It’s his first day off.”

Beau had sucked in a deep breath and made his decision on the spot. “I’ll see you Friday. Here.” Then he’d turned on his heel and went straight to Mondo, who was busy tying intricate knots in a rigging supporting a male sub as he hung, his elbows tied behind his back, his chest supported, ankles ringed and his thick cock pulsing beneath him.

Beau pursed his lips, eyes narrowing on the blond in the sling. He wondered how he might trick a certain Swede into submitting to something like that. The thought of Billy suspended, completely helpless and with a ball gag keeping his comments muffled, made Beau smile. Add the picture of Beau fucking Pansy while Billy swayed helplessly above them, and he thought that particular fantasy might be just about perfect.

Beau didn’t know what it was about the guy, but he liked tweaking the fireman, getting him irritated. Billy’s irritation added a lightness to Beau’s step. Having him hard and irritated and with no way to relieve his horniness—well, that thought made Beau really happy.

This little competition they’d begun to win Pansy’s affections was the most fun he’d had in a long, long while. Not that he’d ever let another soul know it.

Especially not any of his best buds. They might think he had a thing for the fireman, and while it seemed to work for Craig, sharing his bed with a man and a woman, Beau had never crossed that line and never intended to. He just wasn’t into dick. But competing dicks?

He remembered when he and Craig had shoved up inside Marti during her initiation orgy. The sensations of rubbing dicks inside her hot, slick channel had nearly unmanned him. But he’d known his excitement was only because Marti made the sex so goddamn hot.

Jackson’s woman didn’t have any inhibitions, didn’t seem to understand there were certain rules a hetero male kept sacrosanct when he shared a woman with another guy. That little no-crossing-swords taboo hadn’t lasted long when he and Craig had been faced with the challenge of giving her something she hadn’t had before.

“Hey, buddy, are you goin’ all dewy eyed over the girl or over the Swede?” Craig whispered, leaning toward him. “I mean, I can see the attraction, but I didn’t know you swung that way.”

Beau swung his gaze to Craig. “Wha—?”

Craig’s mouth curved in a smile. “You were starin’ at him so long he gave you an eat-shit scowl and you didn’t do a thing. You falling for that dude?”

Beau aimed an eat-shit glare at Craig.

Craig raised his hands, a wicked gleam in his eyes. “I wouldn’t judge you.”

Beau grunted, his gaze following Billy and Pansy as they paused at the bar to speak with the bartender.

Marti strode up beside the couple, smiling, her head tilting back to look up into the tall Swede’s cool-blue eyes. She said something and then pointed—toward the table where Beau and his buddies sat. A table where they always sat.

“Don’t look now. Looks like Marti’s up to somethin’,” Jackson said, his tone getting a little surly.

None of his cronies were happy when Billy and Pansy allowed Marti to push them toward the table. “Look who’s here,” she said, her smile so wide a dimple dug into one cheek. “I told them not to act like strangers. We’ve all seen each other naked. Well, we haven’t seen Billy yet,” she said, giving his long, burly frame a curious glance.

“Yet? She didn’t just say that,” Jackson muttered under his breath.

Billy’s eyes were narrow chips of ice as he aimed a glance around the table. The arm wrapped around Pansy’s waist tightened until she molded against his side, a hand braced against his chest.

“Hiya,” Pansy said, her voice tight, perhaps because she couldn’t catch a full breath.

“Why don’t you both join us?” Mondo said, rising and pulling two chairs toward the table.

Before Beau knew what Mondo was up to, Pansy was seated between Beau and Billy, her wide-eyed gaze darting between both men.

Beau drew a breath that lifted his chest, marveling at the instantaneous arousal that occurred whenever she was near. He pasted on a slight smile. “Pansy, you look…nice,” he said, his voice a deep rumble.

“She’s fucking beautiful,” Billy said, his square jaw lifting.

Beau wished he had led with equally emphatic praise, but that wasn’t him. He let his gaze slide over the short sleeveless black dress that rode every lush curve of her body. Her legs were nude and smooth, a little shiny with whatever fragrant oils she’d smoothed on her pretty, creamy skin. Her pink-tipped toes glinted from open-toed silver strappy stiletto heels.

He swallowed hard, in an instant imagining her nude except for those sexy heels, and bent at the waist for him to enjoy licking the honey from her pussy.

Billy cleared his throat, drawing Beau’s gaze from those long, slender legs. The firefighter set a hand on her knee, which Pansy didn’t bother to move away.

She tipped her chin upward, her gaze slicing boldly to Beau. “I’m looking forward to tomorrow.”

Beau blinked then shot Billy a glance.

Billy frowned and his hand slid from her knee. Was he as confused as Beau?

Beau leaned toward Pansy’s ear. “Girl, what are you playing at?”

“I’m not playing,” she whispered while she gazed at him from beneath the thick black fringe of her lashes. “I told you. We’re not exclusive.”

Beau snorted. “You got a guy for every night of the week?”

She jerked back her head and glared. Then she raised her hand, cupped his jaw and gently tugged his face closer. When her lips were a breath away from his, she whispered, “I’m not seeing anyone else. Haven’t for a while. And I don’t appreciate the implication. Got a problem with me having two boyfriends?”

Beau swallowed hard and then slowly shook his head, wondering how she’d managed to take control so quickly.
“Don’t expect either of us to play fair.”

“Lover, I’m counting on it,” she said, a slow smile stretching across her face.