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Archive for February 19th, 2008

6-7-8 days/6-7-8 reasons to buy it now!
Tuesday, February 19th, 2008

Be sure to post! I’ve only awarded one of the four prizes I plan to give away in the coming days! (See 15 days/15 reasons post for an explanation of the contest)

All right, I knoooow! I totally fell down on the job, but I swear I have the best excuse in the world!

The week before last, I wrote 68 pages, last week 85, this week (up until yesterday) I wrote 67 pages–but I finished! I had a deadline to turn a book in over the weekend, and thank God it was a holiday yesterday! LOL Well, God gave me the extra day, because he played a joke on me Sunday when the power was out for 8 freakin’ hours! But the book’s gone, done, wrapped up, until my wonderful editor gets hold of it. Whew!

It’s a Western by the way. Three stories in one book, all tightly interconnected. Plenty of sexy cowboys, horses, a dash of danger, and lots and lots of sexy lovin’. I might actually have a release date for it that I can announce sometime soon. I’ll let you know.

So, back to catching up on reasons why you CAN’T MISS the book that will be out in just 6 days!!

Reason #8: NEW ORLEANS
Did you wonder what all that water stirred up and released? Did you know that demons love a city in chaos? One of them took advantage of those rising waters to escape, and he has a dark and dangerous agenda. The monster I hinted at in the first book will be revealed, and you might even hate to see him vanquished, because he’s hideously fun!

This book wanders between two time frames to tell Nicolas’s story, so if you love a cool urban tale, but also love a Medieval knight, guess what? You’ll get both in one book for the price of one! What a deal! You see, Nicolas is former Templar knight with a huge grudge against God for reasons anyone with a heart will understand.

Reason #6: ZOMBIES
Not saying any more. But you will not believe how they get intermixed with this complicated plot!

Go get your book ordered now–there’s only six days until its ready to ship! ~DD