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Report Card & Open Contests!
Sunday, June 2nd, 2024

Last week…

  • I finished one editing job for another author; plus, I began work on three other projects.
  • I finished revising, formatting, and uploading Twice the Bangwhich releases Tuesday, June 4th.
  • I found art and had covers made for Secret Identities: A Boys Behaving Badly Anthology and the Delta Fire series
  • I resumed writing my next MBH release, Cyrus, which is scheduled to release June 25th.
  • I attended a papermaking workshop!

This next week…

  • I will work on three editing projects for other authors, finishing one!
  • Plus, I’ll work on the Secret Identities webpage on the Collections site.
  • I will begin editing the stories in Secret Identities.
  • I will complete revising the last story in the Delta Heat kink series, Once is Never Enough then I’ll format and set it to publish on June 11th.
  • I will continue writing my next Montana Bounty Hunter story, the first in the West Yellowstone office, Cyrus.
  • I will resume creating small art daily for #The100DayProject.

I will find pool time!

Open Contests

  1. Word Search Puzzle: Summer Beach Reads (Contest) — Last day to enter! Win an Amazon gift card!
  2. Saturday Puzzle-Contest — Thunderstorms for days… — Last day to enter! Win an Amazon gift card!
  3. Anna Taylor Sweringen/Michal Scott: Mary Jane Patterson — First African American Woman to Receive a B.A. (Contest) — This one ends soon! Win an Amazon gift card!
  4. Clear My Bookshelf Giveaway (Contest) — Win a signed book!
  5. May into June (Contest) — Win an Amazon gift card!
  6. Saturday Puzzle-Contest: An Imaginary Friend — Win an Amazon gift card!
May into June (Contest)
Friday, May 31st, 2024




  1. I revised four of my Delta Heat series stories and published three of them: Five Ways ‘Til Sunday, Fournicopia, A Perfect Trifecta.
  2. I began writing Cyrus, which is presently scheduled for release on June 25!
  3. I completed 6 editing projects for other authors in May.
  4. I found art for my upcoming, soon-to-be-revised Delta Fire series, as well as art for Secret Identities: A Boys Behaving Badly Anthology, coming at the end of July.


  1. I saw my doctor for a checkup. The bloodwork came back with many improvements! My blood pressure is under control. I still have areas requiring attention.
  2. I spent half of the month with my knee still causing me problems, but it appears to have healed. Just in time for the pool!
  3. I am paying more attention to what I put in my mouth. (That doesn’t mean I’m making better decisions!)


  1. The kids are out of school, and we’ve already put dates on the calendar for activities. The 10-year-old is learning to crochet this summer and has archery classes. The 15-year-old will be taking guitar lessons. We took the entire family to see If in the theaters.
  2. I continued working on the #the100dayproject art challenge but more sporadically as my day job (writing/editing) got more hectic.
  3. I attended a two-day papermaking workshop!
  4. Here are some examples of art projects I completed in May:




For work-related, I plan:

  1. To complete writing Cyrus, the first of my new MBH in Yellowstone series, and which is scheduled for release June 25th.
  2. To complete 5 editing projects in June!
  3. To set up the pre-order and edit the stories in the upcoming collection—Secret Identities: A Boys Behaving Badly Anthology!
  4. To finish revising and prepare for publication the last books in my erotic romance series, Delta Heat. I’ll republish two of the stories in June: Twice the Bang and Once is Never Enough.
  5. To find cover art and set up pre-orders for my Delta Fire series. Three books will be revised for republication and the fourth will be written in July!

For health related, I plan:

  1. To swim in my pool every day! (Weather permitting!) Exercise on my recumbent bike when I can’t swim.
  2. To start back on my Weight Watchers diet, because it’s time to get serious!
  3. To reduce salt and processed food, and incorporate foods good for blood pressure (spinach, broccoli, bananas) and my liver (apple cider vinegar, flax seeds, sunflower seeds).
  4. To take my BP every day and log it!
  5. To have follow-up medical appointments, routine/annual things.

For happiness-related, I plan: 

  1. To finish #the100daychallenge. Just 10 pieces to go!
  2. To spend time with the family—movies and pool—now that school is out!


Comment on anything you’ve read in this post. Tell me what you’re doing to make yourself happier and healthier, or tell me what you plan to read in June

Like I said, comment on anything for a chance to win a $5 Amazon gift card!

Books for PRE-ORDER! See what’s coming soon! (Contest)
Thursday, May 9th, 2024

UPDATE: The winner is…Kristi Malloy!

Delta Heat

For those of you who haven’t been following me for a long time, you might not be aware of my earlier, sexier series. One of them was Delta Heat, which followed a group of Memphis police officers while they “helped” each other find their happy-ever-afters in unconventional ways. I began my writer’s journey by writing very sexy books. The Delta Heat books were previously published through Samhain and Entangled, but now that I have the rights back, I dusted them off, revised them, gave them new covers, and I hope to find new readers who will enjoy their adventures. The books will release one book a week, starting next Tuesday, May 14th, and finishing June 11th! If you like a sexier story with BDSM elements, I hope you’ll give them a try! Click on the covers to learn more about the books and how you can pre-order them!

Montana Bounty Hunters: West Yellowstone — Cyrus, Book 1

I don’t know much about this story yet. I’m starting this book this week. If you haven’t taken my poll, where I’m asking readers for input regarding the heroine’s identity, follow this link: Cyrus’s love interest.

Cyrus releases June 25th!


We Are Dead Horse: Built Like Mack, Book 4

I’m far from through with Dead Horse. I might have written the last story about the bounty hunters in Dead Horse, but the town still has so many stories to tell. Next up in the We Are Dead Horse series is Built Like Mack, as in “built like a Mack truck.” Yeah, that’s all I know about this story so far. I tend to “meet” my characters as I write them—kind of like how you do as you “read” them.

Built like Mack releases on August 20th!

Built Like Mack

As you can see, I’m going to be busy this summer! All the books will initially be available only through Amazon so readers who use Kindle Unlimited can get their copies FREE! So, if you’re looking for some books to read over the summer, I have some suggestions… 🙂


For a chance to win a $5 Amazon gift card, tell me whether you’re interested in reading any of these stories. Have you read any of my sexier stories before?

Who should Cyrus’s love interest be? (Poll & Contest)
Monday, May 6th, 2024

The winner is…Ann Ivey!


Cyrus (I don’t have a last name for him yet—any ideas?) will be the first man hired by Montana Bounty Hunters: West Yellowstone office. I’ll start the book this week, but so far, I haven’t landed on the perfect woman to challenge him.

So, I thought it might be fun to get your input. I’ve thrown out some possibilities. Vote on your favorites—you can choose two. If you have another idea, add it in the comments. If you have ideas for names or things that can cause some problems or pose dangers for them, add those, too.

If you comment, you’ll be entered to win a $5 Amazon gift card! Thanks for any help!

Who should be Cyrus's love interest in West Yellowstone?

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April into May (Contest)
Tuesday, April 30th, 2024

UPDATE: The winner is…Debra Guyette!


Tyson's Mission


  1. I completed work on Tyson’s Mission, my next Brotherhood Protectors book & it was published! (Thank you to everyone who bought the book!)
  2. I completed reading short stories for inclusion in my upcoming Secret Identities: A Boys Behaving Badly Anthology. Plus, I made the selections. We have a roster!
  3. I completed 5 editing projects for other authors in April.
  4. I found art and set up the pre-order for my upcoming book, Cyrus.


  1. I haven’t done well taking care of myself this month. I ate too many salty, fatty foods and didn’t monitor my blood pressure!
  2. I injured my knee and spent much of the month with either a brace on my knee or leaning on a cane. Thankfully, the past couple of days, it’s been so much better.
  3. The only good thing I did was drinking one cup of Turmeric tea a day and upping my water intake.


  1. I continued working on the #the100dayproject art challenge.
  2. Here are some examples of art projects I completed in April:


For work-related, I plan:

  1. To write most of Cyrus, the first of my new MBH in Yellowstone series, and which will release in June.
  2. To complete 4 editing projects in April!
  3. To edit the stories in the upcoming collection—Secret Identities: A Boys Behaving Badly Anthology! I’ll also find cover art for the book and begin work on the Collections website with the book’s information.
  4. To revise and prepare for publication the books in my erotic romance series, Delta Heat. I’ll republish three of the stories in May.

For health related, I plan:

  1. To start back on my Weight Watchers diet, because it’s time to get serious! I HAVE to get back in the saddle!
  2. To reduce salt and processed food, and incorporate foods good for blood pressure (spinach, broccoli, bananas) and my liver (apple cider vinegar, flax seeds, sunflower seeds).
  3. To begin daily workouts using my recumbent bike and some chair yoga exercises now that my knee is cooperating.
  4. To take my BP every day and log it!
  5. I’ll get the pool ready and hopefully begin swimming before the end of the month!

For happiness-related, I plan: 

  1. To continue #the100daychallenge where I’ll be painting something every single day!
  2. To spend time with the family—movies and pool—once school lets out!


Comment on anything you’ve read in this post. Tell me what you’re doing to make yourself happier and healthier, or tell me what you plan to read in May

Like I said, comment on anything for a chance to win a $5 Amazon gift card!

Flashback: Animal (Contest — Three Winners!)
Tuesday, April 16th, 2024

UPDATE: The winners are…commenters 1 through 7!

So, I’m being lazy this morning. I’ve featured this story in a flashback before, and because I’m running low on time to finish a job, I decided to “cheat.” Hope you don’t mind the repeat. It has been a while…

I love my Montana Bounty Hunters. I really try hard to make each of them individual rather than cookie-cutter characters with different names. I also love to dream up unique takedowns for your reading pleasure and to showcase who these men are. One of my favorite scenes was “Animal chasing the bear”, which is part of the Montana Bounty Hunters’ cable TV series lore now. You know what I mean if you’ve read the books! Anyway, I’m sharing that scene today. It’s not long. Enjoy!



MONTANA BOUNTY HUNTERS: Authentic Men… Real Adventures…

A rough-around-the-edges bounty hunter takes a nature photographer on a wild ride.

Former SEAL, Russell “Animal” Hathcoat, retreated to a remote mountain cabin after leaving the Navy. Haunted by horrific images that replay in his nightmares of his last mission with his SEAL brothers, he intends to renovate the dilapidated cabin as penance and therapy, and to avoid rejoining the world around him. But then, someone who understands what he needs better than he does arrives to offer him a job.

Allie Travers loves the freedom and solitude of being a nature photographer and journalist—until the day she stares through her lens at a charging black bear. With her heart in her throat, she can only stand watching in horror, knowing she’ll never escape in time. But rescue comes in the form of a wild man who risks his life to frighten away the animal.

Once the danger is past, she’s told by his team of bounty hunters that she has more to fear than any animal in the woods. A felon is on the loose, and she has to accompany them to safety. Seeing an opportunity, Allie shadows the team as they hunt their prey deep in a national forest. Much to Animal’s dismay, more than just his protective instincts are aroused by the pretty photojournalist.


Are you all caught up reading the Montana Bounty Hunters in Bear Lodge & the spin-off series set in Dead Horse?

For a chance to win a download of one of the stories you may have missed in either series
(I’ll pick three winners!), tell me this:
What profession other than bounty hunters would you like to see in future Montana Bounty Hunters—Dead Horse branch, and beyond—

Here are all the Bear Lodge, Montana, Bounty Hunters!

Authentic Men… Real Adventures…
Reaper’s Ride:
Big Sky Wedding:

Excerpt from Animal:

The moment Taco lowered his nose to the ground, following Tibbets’s trail from the camper’s metal steps, they’d realized the man had headed straight into the woods, afoot, rather than driving out.

They’d left Dagger, Lacey, and Cochise behind to watch for any movement in town, and to keep an eye out for any of his relatives who looked ready to head north with supplies to help him out. The rest of the team members grabbed their gear from their vehicles and began tracking Tibbets into Flathead National Forest.

Animal didn’t mind the rough conditions. He was accustomed to long marches and sleeping on the ground. None of the hunters, even Carly Stenberg, complained about the conditions, even after they’d endured a chilly rain the previous day. They’d dried their clothes beside a fire last night, reasonably assured they were still a day’s hike from catching up to Tibbets. Conversation had flowed around him, but he hadn’t felt the need to try to contribute.

This was a tight, well-trained crew, and they knew each other well. But they seemed to understand he wasn’t the chatty type. He rather liked the fact they let him be.

They came to the edge of the woods. A large meadow stretched before them, mountains in the background. The meadow was broken on one side by ridges of exposed rock.

“We got company,” Reaper said quietly. They all held back, remaining hidden in the brush. Reaper lifted an arm and pointed.

Animal pulled out his tactical telescope and followed Reaper’s direction, at last spotting a slender figure standing beside an outcropping. Not their mark. A woman. She stood in front of a tripod and peered into a camera. She had wheat-colored hair drawn back into a messy braid. She wore a red plaid shirt and a khaki vest over blue jeans and boots.

Suddenly, she jerked back her head, giving him a glimpse of her profile. Her eyebrows were lowered, her mouth dropping as she stared down the hill.

He turned his telescope toward whatever had caught her attention and immediately understood her concern.

A baby black bear ambled into the clearing, heading upward toward her location.

“Where’s mama?” he whispered.

As though answering his question, a loud bellow sounded from the forest farther down the tree line. A large bear ran out, huffing and bellowing, heading toward the woman.

He didn’t have even a millisecond to think through a better plan. Animal dumped his pack and ran into the clearing, tearing at his shirt. When he’d ripped off the buttons down the front, he flapped the edges, trying to make himself look bigger. “Ha! Ha!” he yelled as loud as he could to draw the bear’s attention away from the woman.

Mama bear bounced on her front paws and spun toward him.

“Don’t shoot unless you have to!” Animal tossed over his shoulder to Reaper.

“Don’t get in my line of fire!” Reaper shouted back.

“Don’t shoot her!” the woman screamed.

“You shut up!” Animal yelled, still running, still flapping. Didn’t she realize he was trying to draw the bear’s attention away from her?

The bear’s head moved from Animal, to Reaper behind him, and again to the woman, likely trying to decide who was the biggest danger to her cub.

Animal roared and flapped and moved a little closer.

The baby bear squalled and changed direction, running for his mama.

Just when Animal feared the bear would charge, she spun and ran into the woods, her cub running right behind her.

Animal halted, breathing hard. He gave another flap of his shirt. “Ha! Ha!” he shouted, hoping she’d been startled bad enough not to turn around.

Then he heard a whirring sound, coming from up the rise. He turned his head toward the woman. The sound came from her camera. Animal gave her a fierce glare then began to stalk up the rise.

When he reached her, she straightened and flashed him a wide smile. “Thanks for that. Thought for a second there I was going to be lunch.”

“What the hell!” he bellowed, anger shot through him. Didn’t she have a clue how close to being “lunch” he’d been, trying to rescue her? And all she’d thought about was taking her damn pictures?

Her eyebrows shot upward, and she stood still.

Behind him, he heard more of his team stomping up the hill. He should have turned and walked away. Should have let Reaper handle getting her packed up and off the mountain. Away from him.

Instead, anger vibrated through him. He glanced at the gear strewn around her feet. “Who the hell comes out to the wilderness without a goddamn gun?”

“The only shots I plan to take are with my camera,” she said icily, lifting her chin.

He ground his teeth as his face heated.

“Wish I’d been shooting video though,” she said. “The footage would’ve gone viral. Do you chase bears often?”

Brand New Release! Get your copy of Malcolm now!
Tuesday, February 13th, 2024

It’s heeerre!

If you’ve enjoyed my bounty hunters so far, you’ll love Malcolm and Darleen’s story! This is a transition book as well. There are hints aplenty of where the hunters are going next and who’s going to be front and center in the next series. So, if you’re eager to start the new series, you’ll need to read this one! I’m excited for you and me. There are many more adventures to come.

For now, Malcolm is available at Amazon in both eBook and print. If you have Kindle Unlimited, you can get the book for FREE! Happy reading! ~DD


Authentic Men… Real Adventures…

Two fiercely independent bounty hunters must fight their attraction while learning to trust each other as they work together to bring in a dangerous skip.

Former SEAL Malcolm Winslow was looking for a change. He’s been bounty hunting on his own since leaving the teams and has missed the camaraderie of fellow warriors, so he accepts a job with the Montana Bounty Hunters. His first hunt takes a turn when the MBH team discovers that another lone hunter has found their target first. Not wanting to infringe, they stand by just in case their competition needs help.

Darleen Crockett has things well in hand. Sure, she’s alone, without a weapon (because where would she hide it in her skimpy outfit?), and the skip she’s determined to take down is one mean MF, but Darleen likes to ride that dangerous edge between victory and disaster. She’s an admitted adrenaline junkie.

When her skip attacks, she has things well in hand but is suddenly rescued by a rugged, tattooed man who makes her heart pitter-patter. What’s up with that? She’s quickly recruited by Malcolm’s agency and finds herself on the biggest hunt of her career. Denying her attraction to her temporary new partner isn’t possible when they spend so many hours alone, but what she doesn’t expect is finding something more with the equally footloose and independent Malcolm. Things get thorny between them when Malcolm can’t seem to get past the fact she’s a woman to trust that she can handle herself.

When the agency prepares to track an old adversary preparing to flee justice, Malcolm and Darleen are quickly folded into the team heading to Lander, Wyoming, to find their dangerous skip.

Order your eBook now!
Also available in print!
Read an excerpt!