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Puzzle-Contest! New babies down on the farm!
Saturday, March 25th, 2023

It’s finally Spring here in Central Arkansas. And with Spring, we have new animals here on “the farm.” With the egg prices soaring, we decided to take the plunge. Keep in mind, we already have quite a menagerie of animals: 9 dogs, 4 cats, 1 betta fish (my Loki!), 3 goats, and 1 35-year-old horse. *Eeks. I forgot about our rabbit, Oreo!* Now, we have a ton of chickens.

Our first batch of 14 chickens are teenagers now. This week, we got 7 new baby chicks, and my dd had some fun with photos. They represent a bunch of different breeds because we love the variety of colored eggs they’ll produce. These eggs aren’t real, of course.

They are adorable, right? But my dd and SIL had to do quite a bit of work to get chicken house ready for them. We had an old unused tin shed they cleaned out and built a box for the babies with a light above it to keep them at the proper temperature until they grow their feathers. We have nesting boxes ready. In the meantime, my dd, the 14-year-old, and the 9-year-old are the “bird masters,” and they constantly clean up after them and check them several times a day—and play with them. (Here are Jesus & Alana! Jesus is my granddaughter’s boyfriend’s name.)

They assure me they have distinct personalities. And they have names. (I don’t know all the names.) Below is one of the teenagers from the first batch. This one’s named Barbara.

And another. They’re not pretty at this age, but they will be!

In a week or so, they’ll be adding guinea hens–not for eggs, but because they’re great “guard dogs”—they SCREAM when they’re upset, so hopefully, they’ll alert us if critters get into the pen.

I have one more picture to share—the cutest she took—but you have to solve the puzzle to see it!

So, solve the puzzle and tell me whether you’ve ever raised chickens or any other kind of farm animal. And let me know what you think of her photos for a chance to win a $5 Amazon gift card!

Word Search — Favorite Paranormal Creatures (Contest)
Tuesday, March 21st, 2023

MicaI’m typing my little fingers to the bone this week. I have a deadline. I’m almost there. Have you pre-ordered your copy of Mica? Well, I hope so. It’s coming NEXT TUESDAY! In the meantime, I have a puzzle for you. I’ve named some of my favorite paranormal creatures. Solve the puzzle and name yours in the comments for a chance to win a $5 Amazon gift card!

Sunday Catch-up & a Puzzle-Contest–When, Where, and Who is he?
Sunday, March 19th, 2023

First, had to share…

Our little town had their first annual St. Patrick’s Day parade! Okay, so it was a parade of only children. They decorated their skateboards, bikes, mini cars, hoverboards, etc., and had a parade around Main Street. This is the 9-year-old. Wish you could see the full picture of the bike. My SIL hot-glued the hell out of it. LOL That’s a leprechaun’s hat attached to her handlebars. The parade was fun and afterward, we went out to dinner to celebrate the holiday. It is an Irish household!

I’m working hard on finishing a book by next Friday. Just wrote the first sex scene. It wasn’t what I expected. That’s all I’ll say. 🙂

I’ve been painting every day of #the100daychallenge. So far, I haven’t missed a day. I passed the 1/4 mark of the challenge yesterday. Here’s a couple of things I finished this week…

So, I’ll keep my nose to the grindstone and power through until Friday. I’ll get ‘er done (I really detest that phrase!).


For a chance to win a $5 Amazon gift card, solve the puzzle, then tell me when, where, and who is he?

Saturday Puzzle-Contest & Open Contests!
Saturday, March 11th, 2023

UPDATE: The winner is…Rita!

I know you have your calendars marked. But in case you needed a reminder, I have the puzzle for you! Solve it, then tell me whether the thing that happens tonight at midnight affects you for a chance to win a $5 Amazon gift card! Happy Saturday!

Open Contests

  1. Story Cubes — Tell me a story (Contest) — This one ends soon! Win an Amazon gift card!
  2. Saturday Puzzle-Contest: Mermaid in Love — This one ends soon! Win an Amazon gift card!
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Squishmallow Day Puzzle! (Contest)
Tuesday, March 7th, 2023

UPDATE: The winner is…Kandi!

The 9-year-old tells me it’s a national holiday! So what if I didn’t find it when I googled.

Maybe I should start with—what are Squishmallows? They are very huggable, plush toys. My granddaughter has been collecting them “forever”—her claim. Whenever someone is stuck for a gift idea, get her a Squishmallow. When she comes for sleepovers with me, she brings at least three of her little friends and uses them for pillows. If you want an idea for how many she has collected, solve the puzzle! No, she’s not the least bit spoiled.


For a chance to win a $5 Amazon gift card, what toys did you collect when you were a kid? For me, it was Barbie clothes for my doll. She had quite the wardrobe—most of them hand-sewn by my mother.

Word Search Puzzle: Spring Cleaning (Contest)
Tuesday, February 28th, 2023

UPDATE: The winner is…Cindy!

I know some of y’all are still dealing with freezing temperatures and snow on the ground, but we’re getting 70-degree weather this week, so our family’s thoughts are turning to Spring Cleaning!

I thought it might be fun to list the things that pop into my mind which constitute Spring Cleaning here on our little farm. We have to get the pool cleaned up, pressure wash the mold and “green stuff” off the outside of buildings, finish preparing the chicken coop for the chicks we’ve been raising—so far, all 18 are thriving! Plus, all the yard and housework that has to be done.

Maybe I left something off the list. Maybe you have other chores you incorporate into your springtime routine. For a chance to win a $5 Amazon gift card, tell me if any of the things I listed fit your routine or if you have items you need to add to the list! Enjoy the puzzle!

Saturday Puzzle-Contest: Why is she leaving…?
Saturday, February 25th, 2023

UPDATE: The winner is…Sara DoMoe!

It’s Saturday! I’m taking a break from work today to head to the flea market with the girls (my daughter and two granddaughters). We love our “treasure hunts.”

While I’m flitting about, I have a puzzle for you!

For a chance to win a $5 Amazon gift card, solve the puzzle, then tell me why she is leaving. Have fun!

Also, take a peek at yesterday’s art challenge! I know, I know, I shouldn’t share these every day, but I’m having so much fun!

My latest #the100dayproject…