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Flashback: Four Sworn (Contest–3 Winners!)
Tuesday, September 14th, 2021

UPDATE: The winners are…Colleen C, Elaine Howell, and Cheryl!

Depending on how long you’ve been reading me, you might not be aware of my naughty cowboy ménage series, Lone Star Lovers. All my sexiest fantasies are rolled up in those stories. Two cowboys, three cowboys, four… All that attention concentrated on one lucky girl… Heck, it’s not really fair, and there must be something in the water in Two Mule, Texas because there’s a whole lotta sharin’ goin’ on. 🙂

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Four Sworn

Sometimes it takes a cowboy, or maybe four, to unleash a woman’s wild child…

Being the pretty daughter of the town whore was reason enough to ensure Shauna Davies lived a circumspect life, stepping out of line only occasionally with her favorite cowboy, boyfriend Bo Crenshaw. But her untamed spirit is forcing her to make a new start in another place where no one knows her past — but not before she fulfills one last wicked fantasy…

Cowboy Bo Crenshaw has loved Shauna since they shared their first sexual adventures as teenagers, but he hasn’t found the way to show her he accepts the wild child she keeps hidden inside — at least, not until she confesses a long-held fantasy. Now Bo is determined to give her a send-off that will make her think twice about blowing out of town.

Hoping he’s found the key to unlocking her heart, he turns to the Kinzie brothers, his three closest friends, to provide her a single night of unrestrained passion.

Excerpt from Four Sworn

Friday night, Shauna couldn’t get any closer to Bo unless she crawled inside him. She’d climbed into the cab of his pickup, slid all the way over the bench seat, and lifted his arm to snuggle against his side. She was hot and cold and scared, all at the same time.

Ever since he’d told her the Kinzies had agreed to share her, she’d second-guessed herself a million times. She’d even called Bo twice to tell him she wanted to cancel, that it was all a joke, but he hadn’t believed her either time. And here she was, pulling in front of the Kinzie ranch house, and her stomach was so taut she thought she might throw up.

The trip from her place in town to the ranch took only fifteen minutes, but she’d held her breath most of the way and felt winded.

“It’s gonna be okay,” Bo said, pulling her close and kissing her temple. He raised his arm over her head, put the truck into park, and killed the engine. Then he turned back to her, his moss-colored eyes crinkling at the corners with his strained smile. “You don’t like something, all you have to do is say so. If you want to change your mind, just head for the door. I won’t judge you.”

Shauna gripped one of his hands and squeezed it, glad of the darkening shadows that hopefully hid the blush heating her face. “I can’t believe this is gonna happen, and that you’re okay with it.”

His eyebrows lifted up and down in a quick, wicked waggle. “Why wouldn’t I be? You want it. I want you happy.”

“That’s what friends do, huh?” she said, lifting her chin in challenge. “Find a group of men willing to gangbang their girlfriend?”

His sigh seemed to come all the way from his toes. “It’s not gonna be like that, Shauna. I swear, it’s not gonna feel dirty.”

“How do you know? Are you a girl?”

His chin firmed. “You wannna leave? We can head to Shooters. I’m okay with that. We can drink ourselves shitfaced. I’ll see you home and tuck you in safe—and alone.”

Shauna glanced away, staring blindly at the sprawling white ranch house. “I’ve dreamed about this every night since you said they’d do it, you know. I dream that tomorrow I’m walking through Two Mule, but I’m naked, and everyone can see me.”

His arm snaked around her shoulders, and he hugged her close. “On my honor, baby, this is just between us. No gossip. Not a word or a sly look will follow you after this. I know you want this, but I know why you’re scared. That’s one thing you won’t have to worry about.”

She cocked her head to the side and gave him a slow smile. “Oh, yeah? So what will I have to worry about?”

His smile widened. “Walkin’ bowlegged for a week.”

Shauna couldn’t help it, she snorted. Laughter spilled out. When they’d both quieted, she lifted her mouth.

Bo didn’t have to be told what she needed. He gave her a quick chaste kiss. “Come on inside. The guys aren’t gonna jump you. We can talk first.” He reached for his door handle.

She reached for hers and opened her door. “This is embarrassing. I’m already imaginin’ them all naked. They won’t have a thing to be embarrassed about.”

“Neither will you.”

She slammed the door and met him around the front of the truck. “I’m too skinny. I’ve got no ass. And a sixth-grader has bigger boobs than me.”

“You’re slender. You’ve got the prettiest, softest skin, and your nipples are cherry-colored.” He thumbed one of her little berries through her shirt.

Her pussy clenched. “Okay, I can do this.”

Bo encircled her waist with both arms and pulled her into his chest. “Yes you can. I’ll be right there with you. I won’t let anything happen you don’t want.”

How could she tell him there wasn’t likely to be anything she wouldn’t want? She’d stored up a lifetime of sexual fantasies, never letting them loose because she hadn’t wanted to be seen as anything like her mother. Even with Bo she’d stuck to plain vanilla, shying away from anything too wild. She squared her shoulders.

Bo unwrapped himself from her and held out his hand. She took a deep breath and placed her trust in him. He’d never let her down. Never pushed her. He’d been the best friend a girl could have.

“It’s gonna be okay.”

When she stepped onto the porch stairs, the front door opened. Josh, the youngest of the Kinzie brothers strode out and clomped eagerly down the steps. He stood beside Bo and waited, staring her up and down.

“Be polite, Josh,” Bo said, his voice clipped.

“Can’t help it,” Josh said, eager as a puppy dog. “I’ve wanted to see you naked forever, Shauna Davies.”

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My Bad-Boy Deputy is here!!!
Tuesday, October 13th, 2020

Book #5 in my Cowboys on the Edge series is here! If you didn’t know, I named the series that odd name because the town of Caldera (fictional!) sits on the rim of a canyon. Lawless is the 5th book, but it can be read as a standalone. Yes, if you’ve read previous stories, you’ll see other people who’ve had their own stories pop up. Plus, you’ll meet people you might want to see get their own stories. If you read Lawless, let me know whose story you’d like next!

These cowboy stories are sexier than my Montana Bounty Hunters. Just so you know. And yes, there’s plenty of humor, sexy times, and a fun HEA at the end. I hope you’ll pick up your copy today!



When a Texas deputy’s motorcycle club trashes a bar with him leading the brawl, the sheriff decides his punishment will be serving as the bouncer/enforcer for the pretty owner while she runs a booth serving bikers during a weekend-long motorcycle club convention.

Get your copy here!

Check out my next cowboy-deputy in LAWLESS, coming Tuesday! (Contest)
Saturday, October 10th, 2020

UPDATE: The winners are all 8 commenters!

Lawless comes out next Tuesday! Well, Monday night just after midnight! Can you tell I’m excited?

If you want to read the opening scene of Lawless, you can check it out here! I had a blast writing it. The story is very sexy, funny, and has a bit of danger to keep you worried about the heroine and let you enjoy the sigh-worthy kiss when her deputy comes to her rescue. Not that she needs a lot of help! Be warned, there are lots of sexy bits in this story. I just can’t help myself when it comes to cowboys. 🙂



Come on, baby. Break a few rules…

When a Texas deputy’s motorcycle club trashes a bar with him leading the brawl, the sheriff decides his punishment will be serving as the bouncer/enforcer for the pretty owner while she runs a booth serving bikers during a weekend-long motorcycle club convention.

Get your copy here!

For a chance to win your choice of one of these Cowboys
on the Edge stories, answer me this!

Do you love cowboys who are also firefighters and lawmen?

Wet Down Controlled Burn Cain's Law Flashpoint

(Click on a cover if you’d like to learn more!)

Reina Torres: Some Help from a Friend (Contest)
Wednesday, August 26th, 2020

First responders aren’t isolated when it comes to the heart of their jobs. They interact with citizens and other first responders to provide services and aid.

Authors can sometimes seem/feel alone. Writing is somewhat of a singular enterprise. When you’re sitting at the computer, tap-tap-tapping away, it’s just you and those keys.

Part of the reason I enjoyed my local NANOWRIMO group was because it was the chance to share some of my lonely challenges and successes.

Now, with such a thriving online romance community, I have the opportunity to work with others from time to time.

Like today! I sent up a Hail Mary message to Delilah Devlin. I was stuck like an ill-fitting cork in a bottle. For a few precious minutes, we went back and forth with ideas and POP! Yes! Woohoo! Happy Dance! There it was…the answer!

So…I’d like to give away an ebook copy of my next release. To enter, tell me about a time that you had the help of a friend!

Check it out!

Coming soon…
Saturday, August 22nd, 2020

I’m just poking my head in the door to let you know I’ve got a new cowboy story coming soon. It’s book #5 in the Cowboys on the Edge series. I’m planning to release it before the end of September, but I gave myself some wiggle room in Amazon, so it looks like October. Lately, I can never set a plan and not having something big rise up and stomp all over it!


When a deputy’s motorcycle club trashes a bar with him leading the brawl, his punishment is serving as the bouncer/enforcer for the saloon, which turns out to be a sweet deal when part of what he’s protecting is its sassy bartender.

Pre-Order your copy here!

Patricia W. Fischer: Imperfection to Escapism
Saturday, August 8th, 2020

As a writer, you’re only as good as your editing.

Misspellings, misuse of homonyms, and horrible punctuation will ruin even the greatest stories, and yet, there are times when our brains simply can’t figure out how to fix what’s so obviously wrong.

Take me, for instance. Back in 2005, I’m about seven months pregnant in the summertime in San Antonio, Texas.

For those who’ve never had the experience of walking around in the 100+ degree heat while in your last trimester of pregnancy, consider yourselves blessed. That along with my pregnancy brain in full force, it was truly amazing I never forgot to put pants on every day.

One of the writing organizations I belonged to at the time was the Association of Health Care Journalists. Back when people posted to message boards and Yahoo loops, I posted a response to a question from a fellow member that went out to everyone in the organization.

For whatever reason, I had to use the word “subtle” in my response. I couldn’t tell you what the question was or why I needed to use that particular word, but that day, I could not spell it. And when I said I couldn’t spell it, I mean, just that.

I tried. S..u…t?

Wait. That’s not right. S…u…t..t..l..e?

Shaking my head, I took a deep breath and tried again.


And again.

S…u…(exhale)…t? Dammit!

I closed my eyes and attempted to let my fingers sail across the keyboard, hoping that part of my (pregnant) brain would kick in and spell the word subconsciously.

Nope. That didn’t work.


Nope, it kept correcting to settle, scuttle, or shuttle.

After spending a good ten minutes on this one word, I said screw it and sent it out into the professional writing world, knowing I’d misspelled it. My brain and body were simply too tired to care, but I knew I’d hear from someone.

And I did.

Within a few hours, I got a private message stating, “By the way, it’s subtle.”

That’s right! There’s a B in the middle of it.

I could’ve been totally annoyed, but whatever. One stinking mistake didn’t make me a failure. I emailed back, explaining I tried for ten minutes to spell the word and my pregnancy brain simply wouldn’t have it.

The response I received couldn’t have been scripted. She wrote, “Really? I’m the editor for *Fit Pregnancy Magazine. We’re doing a survey on pregnancy brain. Are you having a boy or girl?”

I wrote back, telling her we were having a girl and decided I might as well bite the bullet and pitch her a short story for their “How I told him” page.

And she bought it.

These are the kinds of real situations I make sure to include in my stories. Whether I’m writing about a family who lives in the Texas Hill Country, a woman who’s navigating her life after running out of her wedding, or a group of doctors and nurses re-inventing themselves in Montana, those real, insane, imperfect events have to be my favorites. It makes true escapism so worth it and if I may say, my wonderfully flawed characters are waiting to sweep you off to their imaginary worlds.

How’s that for some subtle self-promo?

Check out Patricia on social media and her website (that’s getting a facelift right now).

Reina Torres: Justice for Hildie (Contest)
Friday, April 10th, 2020

UPDATE: The winner is Colleen C!

Some call it serendipity and some call it a crazy random happenstance… Me? I’m a child of the 80s, so I just take a page from the Hannibal playbook and say, “I love it when a plot comes together!”

When it comes to writing, I’m a Plantser, meaning that I plan some of the things in the book and pants (fly by the seat of my pants) for the rest of it.

For Justice for Hildie there were a few things that were set in stone from the beginning. It certainly wasn’t the cover. There are FOUR distinctly different covers that I created for this book and the manic cover making stopped there. It was like I finally got the “feel” for the story.

One of the things I couldn’t change was the name of the Heroine. She was the BFF in Justice for Sloane. Hildie was the best friend missing a filter. She was a sorority girl with a serious love for high-end shoes. There was no one more devoted to Sloane than Hildie! (Until Vicente Bravo, uber-sexy FBI Agent, that is!)
Hildie was colorful in so many ways, and her name was just a part of it. Her first name was inspired by author Hildie McQueen. I just loved the sound of the name and the way it looked in print! The character’s last name was Faraday.

I honestly do NOT remember where that came from, but it was set in stone when Sloane was released as a book. And yes, she’ll change it when she marries Texas Ranger Jake McGowan somewhere in the future of the San Antonio First Responders series, but FARADAY it is.

And when I was writing the book there came a time when I had to separate the characters for the plot. And one of the plot points was how-off-the-grid the heroine was at that point. And I knew there was a name for a certain product that she’d have to use, and I went looking for it online and WHAM…


Then I had to wonder… did I give her the surname Faraday because I knew in my head how prophetic the name would be? Or did I just give her the name because it was just cool?

Maybe the nebulous cloud of creativity in my head just wanted to have a good ol’ chuckle? I don’t know.

I’m just not going to question it, because it works!!


I’m curious… Has there been a time when something random fell into place and made it seem like the world had your back? What was it? If not… Tell me a unique name (male or female) that you think should be in a book.

Prize — Winner’s choice of one of my single title ebooks from

Justice for Hildie

Hildie Faraday thought her life was full. Coordinating care for the clients at the Helping Hearts shelters and community center is a job and a half, but when a client asked her to come to support her at a hearing, she’s right there to help. They teach women to be prepared for anything, but Hildie is shocked when she ends up in the crosshairs of a client’s abusive husband.

Texas Ranger Jake McGowan thanked his lucky stars that he was in the right place at the worst time. Working in Law Enforcement in San Antonio, he knew all about Hildie and the help she provides for women in need. Seeing her put herself between a woman and her gun-wielding husband brought his own feelings into the foreground.

Once he had Hildie in his life, he wasn’t going to let her slip away from him. Jake’s doing everything he can to show her how much she means to him, and Hildie’s giving it right back. It doesn’t take long for life to throw a bunch of obstacles in their way, and Hildie into the trunk of a car.

Jake will pull together local law enforcement officers to help him rescue Hildie and get her back into his loving arms. Will they get there in time?

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