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Desiree Holt: A Trip Down Memory Lane (Contest)
Wednesday, July 21st, 2021

UPDATE: The winner is…Cheryl!

Join me on a trip down memory lane, as I revisit some of my earlier books.
I’m really getting into my backlist.

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I like to watch movies on television, relaxed, at home, with goodies to snack on and my cats cuddled up next to me. I especially like to watch old movies. So, as I was sitting here thinking about a theme for this blog, I thought: People like to read books. Maybe I should refresh them about some of my older books. Books, that have been around for a long time.

I don’t know how many of you are aware that, after laboring in depressing anonymity for the first few years of my career on a whim, I submitted a novella to Ellora’s Cave. At the time—and for some time—they were the leading publisher of erotic romance in then world. I couldn’t believe my luck when they contracted not just one but three different novellas.

Holy crap! I was on my way.

That first lucky charm was titled CUPID’S SHAFT. It was the story of a woman waiting for her lover to give her a hot weekend in an isolated cabin in the snow. The boyfriend never showed up but guess who did:

A freezing winter’s night, a hot stranger and a sexy female with erotic plans. One hot Valentine’s Day coming right up.

When Jessie Rawlins’ boyfriend dumps her just before Valentine’s Day, she ends up by herself at her isolated cabin in Maine with all the trappings for the holiday—including a bag of kinky toys—and no one to celebrate with. Then a snow storm dumps gorgeous Riley Malone on her front porch. Running from a broken relationship himself as well as a business partnership gone bad, Riley thought his good luck had run out. Until fate—and Cupid—strands him at Jessie’s cabin.

What woman hasn’t fantasized about having a sexy, handsome stranger come out of nowhere and rock her world? When Riley shows up on her doorstep, frozen half to death, Jessie knows exactly how to warm him up. But will Riley want to play along with the games she’d planned for her Valentine’s celebration? A night of hot, erotic, sizzling sex answers that question. But what will happen when the day for lovers is over, the storm is gone and it’s time for him to be on his way? Will he take a piece of Jessie’s heart with him, or will Cupid’s arrow strike them both?


When I was asked to submit another story I sent them ONCE UPON A WEDDING, which is still after all these years, one of my very favorite stories. I so wanted to be Rainie McIntyre.

Rainie McIntyre was the quintessential good girl. She always colored inside the lines, followed orders and directions, obeyed instructions. After all, she came from a family where rules were the most important thing and breaking them was almost a sin. She hated using her name—Loraine—and wanted so much to be—Rainie. But in her buttoned up world that didn’t get any votes. But four weeks before her wedding, to a young attorney in her father’s law firm, she decided to treat herself to one wild weekend.

The last place he’d expected to be was on the beach in Clearwater, Florida. He should be trying to find out what was wrong with his relationship that meant everything to him but he had no idea how to do it. When he met Rainie on the beach, every other thought flew out of his head. He wanted her, and in every way possible. But never in a million years did he think he fall into three days of the wildest, unbelievable, unrestricted sex possible.

But when the weekend was over, how was it possible for them, to go back to their normal lives?


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Tuesday, July 13th, 2021

Today is “Embrace Your Geekness Day”—not to be confused with “World Geek Day,” which occurs on May 25. Who knew we geeks needed two holidays all their own?!

But to help you celebrate this important date, I’m offering a FREE download of a very sexy shorty, called Nerd’s Blind Date. Hope you enjoy it! ~DD

Nerd's Blind Date

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Vamps do go bump in the night! (FREE Read)
Sunday, July 11th, 2021

Recently, I got the rights back to a short story Harlequin published back when Spice Briefs still existed. It was one of the first two stories released into that line. It’s sexy as hell, features a vampire hero and a heroine who’s not the average human herself, and it’s FREE in Kindle Unlimited—just $0.99 if you don’t have KU. I hope you give it a read, and if you can, leave a review!

Invite Me In (A Paranormal-Vampire Short Story)

On a sultry night in the French Quarter, alone in a room thick with desire, she is able to channel the wanton mating of the couple down the hall. Each kiss, each sensation is as real to her as if she were the one being ravished. Forgetting herself, she calls out to him, until he is at her door, in her bed, knowing fully what she wants…

Get your copy now!

Michal Scott: It Takes A Snake (Contest)
Friday, July 9th, 2021

UPDATE: The winner is…Cheryl!

It takes a snake? I can already imagine your eyebrows and frowns in disbelief as you respond, “To do what?” Like it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a snake to create community. What kind of community you talkin’ ’bout, Willis? The enmity placed between humanity and snakes in Genesis 3:15 is still real. What kind of community could be created by something so villainous as a snake? When I saw one crawling along the wall this week in my backyard I cringed. Yuk and yikes! I breathed a sigh of relief when it slithered away to the front yard. I raked the grounds to make sure there weren’t any others hiding there.

Two days later as I went to get the mail, I noticed a neighbor standing stock-still in front of his garage holding a rake and staring very pointedly at something I couldn’t see on the far side of his car. Sure enough, it was a snake. He didn’t want to kill it because he wasn’t sure what kind it was. “Bull snakes are good snakes,” he said, but if it were a rattler he’d have to kill it. We couldn’t see a rattle on the tail, but then we wondered if it might be a baby without a rattle yet. I stood in solidarity with my neighbor and stared at the slimy intruder. What to do, what to do?

At that moment my husband—traveling to visit family—called to say goodnight. I told him what was happening, and he said, “Call Spence. He knows all about snakes.” Spence is a good friend and fellow church member. I took a picture and messaged it to him. He called right back and said it was a baby king snake. Definitely non-venomous. Spence said you can tell venomous snakes from non-venomous ones by the shape of their pupils. Venomous snakes have slit pupils like cat’s eyes. Non-venomous ones have round pupils like dogs. I don’t think my cat Scully would appreciate the comparison. My neighbor and I peered at the photo and agreed the eyes looked round. Spence said he’d be over in fifteen minutes to take the snake back to the desert.

By now my neighbor’s wife had joined us. She helped trap the snake beneath a bucket. We introduced ourselves—me, Anna, he and she, John and Jeanette. We shared how long we’d lived on the block, where we were from, our experiences, and lack thereof, with snakes and our mutual hatred of the creatures.

Spence arrived, picked the little guy up and told us how it could grow to six or eight feet long. Shudder. He put it in a pillowcase and assured us it would be happier in the desert. John, Jeanette, and I wholeheartedly agreed. Spence drove off, John and Jeanette went back into their snake-free house, and I continued on to pick up the mail. It took a snake to create community between us.

So for a chance at a $10 Amazon gift card, share in the comments about an encounter where you got to know a neighbor better.

One Breath Away

Sentenced to hang for a crime she didn’t commit, former slave Mary Hamilton was exonerated at literally the last gasp. She returns to Safe Haven, broken and resigned to live alone. She’s never been courted, cuddled or spooned, and now no man could want her, not when sexual satisfaction comes only with the thought of asphyxiation. But then the handsome stranger who saved her shows up, stealing her breath from across the room and promising so much more.

Wealthy, freeborn-Black, Eban Thurman followed Mary to Safe Haven, believing the mysteriously exotic woman was foretold by the stars. He must marry her to reclaim his family farm. But first he must help her heal, and to do that means revealing his own predilection for edgier sex.

Excerpt from One Breath Away…

On the rise overlooking Harvest Home, Banker Judah Little sat, his mouth stretched in horror.

“My God, what’s wrong with her?” He stared transfixed at the cabin, his hands clasped and shaking.

“No doubt reliving the torment of death.” A grudging smile graced Judge Aaron “Hangman” Denton’s face. “No one who cheats the hangman enjoys any kind of peace

After hundreds of pronouncements and hundreds of executions, he’d seen it all. He preferred these civil hangings to the military executions by firing squad he’d ordered during the War of Northern Aggression. Bullets brought death so quickly, he always felt cheated. But a hanging…His smile broadened. There was so much more to enjoy when there was a hanging.

The snap of the neck.

The sway of the body.

The discharge of the bowels.

He tongued the snuff in his cheek and spat the brown liquid into the dirt. The scents of sage and tobacco laced each breath he took.

Mary Hamilton had been his only failure. Crime deserved punishment. What difference did being a woman make? He’d condemned her to hang. Damn interfering crowd. And where in hell had that horseman come from? She’d be dead now but for him and those bleeding-heart busybodies.

Buy link: Amazon –

Michal Scott Amazon Author Page –

Anne Rainey: That One Crush
Tuesday, June 29th, 2021

I know we’ve all had that one crush in high school. That guy/girl that looked right through you, while you scribbled their name in your notebook. Fantasized about them day and night. And watch from afar as they date other people, wishing it were you. It’s a major blow to your self-esteem and you even find yourself wondering what’s wrong with you? Why doesn’t he/she see me? Well, in my current release, Zoe has just about had it with Rafe Montgomery. Waiting for him to notice her. Waiting for him to make the first move. This is the twenty-first century, right? Women don’t sit around hoping a guy will toss them a crumb. Not anymore. We go after what we want. The question is, will Rafe take what Zoe’s offering or will she be left to nurse a broken heart?

Rafe: A Men of Silverlake Novella

This year is sure to be her hottest Christmas yet…

Rafe Montgomery has one goal. Get the hell out of Silverlake before the annual Christmas bash. Everyone in town shows up to celebrate the festive holiday, including Zoe VanBurn. Rafe has fantasized about the cute brunette one too many times. But there’s a very clear hands-off vibe—thanks to Zoe’s big brother Ace. Still, the innocent smiles and teasing remarks she tosses his way are getting harder to ignore. Escaping to sunny Florida is Rafe’s only hope. So when Zoe shows up on the beach wearing a sexy red bikini, Rafe goes down like a sinking ship. Having Zoe in the tropical paradise away from big brother’s watchful eye? Yeah, that’s sure to spell trouble.

A twenty-four-year-old virgin and in love with a man who looks right through her. That’s Zoe VanBurn’s reality. In high school, she sat back and watched as Rafe flirted with other girls. Still, Zoe has kept hope alive because deep down she knows that Rafe belongs to her. They aren’t in high school anymore and Zoe isn’t the same shy girl she used to be. He might be running scared, but Zoe knows exactly what she wants for Christmas…and she’ll use every trick in the book to get him!


About the Author

Bestselling author Anne Rainey, “wastes no time getting right to the erotic heart” (Publishers Weekly). She is published by Kensington and Entangled Publishing. Her books have won numerous awards and have been translated into Italian and German. In addition, Anne has dipped her toes into self-publishing with her exciting paranormal series: The Zenarians. Anne is from the Midwest and has had a variety of odd careers, including sales associate, nail technician, chiropractic assistant, and restaurant hostess. Her love of books has opened her up to a thrilling career as a romance author. Her stories are filled with passion, love, and the sometimes-exasperating bonds of family.

Find Anne:
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Website: –download the first chapter *free* of all my books!

Happy reading,
Anne Rainey

My birthday gift to you! (FREE story!)
Monday, June 28th, 2021

It’s my birthday today! And I’m giving the gift!

My family did the cake (cheesecake, yum!) and gift thing yesterday (the 12-year-old has a minor surgery today). They also took me out to dinner. They gave me wonderful things that proved they know me all too well—a project rack for my art room, a Groundhog Day Pop! figurine, an astronaut in a snowglobe, taco-shaped Post-Its, a To-Do list tablet, a hedgehog-shaped jeweled box, etc. All perfectly random and kitschy gifts—things to make me smile.

I thought I’d share my happy mood with you today. Be sure to download your free copy of Johnny Blaze!

Johnny Blaze

Download your copy now!

Yvette Hines: Let’s All Go to the Movies (Contest)
Monday, June 21st, 2021

UPDATE: The winner is…Eileen McCall!

My ex-husband and I used movies as the nanny for our daughter. (No judgment!) I took her to the theaters when she was two months old. She didn’t know what was going on, but it was a loud action movie that she nursed and slept through—all of it. When I walked out, people commented that they didn’t know a baby was in the theater or asked, “the noises didn’t bother her?”. Nope, she literally slept like a baby. This inevitably made our daughter the movie addict that she is today. I will say, there are some movies we went to see, and I made the mistake of not watching the trailer—our choice was based on actors we liked. We had to sneak out at the end because we didn’t want anyone to know we took our seven-year-old to see Bad Teacher with Diaz and Timberlake. After that, we ruled that she could see any action, suspense, rom-com, but when it came to comedies, we must watch the trailer AND check the rating wasn’t NC 17. Now that it is just my daughter and me over the last six years, we have taken our movie watching in the theaters to a whole new level.

We used to go to the movies on Thursday night at midnight because that was when the new films dropped, and she loved going to school on Friday to tell her friends that she’d already seen the latest Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, or Twilight. She was the Siskel & Ebert of primary school (never a spoiler). Then people started doing horrible scary and life-changing actions, and now movies drop at a safer time. So, we still go on Thursdays, just early evening.  Most of my friends on the weekends invite me to dinner and a movie by first asking, “What haven’t you seen?”. But, I will easily lie and not tell them I’ve seen a movie they want to watch because I don’t mind seeing a movie twice. Shhh. Actually, I’ve seen movies four times in two weeks, because a different friend has asked me to go. I’m not one of those people who goes and can’t help talking through a movie with comments like “watch this.” I laugh when they laugh and still cry at touching scenes. As an author, I use those touching scenes to harvest the emotion I feel in a moment for a book I am writing.

My daughter is now in college, and we have the same taste in movies. We don’t do horror, spiritual thriller, or stupid comedies.  Now, you may be thinking at the moment, “Yvette, you haven’t said anything out of the ordinary.” You’re right. So, let me confess the level of our addiction.

We are members of our local movie theater, so we get our local fix for pennies on the dollar at each attendance. We take our movie going on the road. So, when we are making plans for a trip out of town or the country…we check how far the nearest theater is from the hotel. It is nothing to find us in the movies in Time Square, San Diego, New Jersey, or Quebec City. We are making plans to go to Washington State and South Korea, and we’ve already started scouting the theaters. By the way, if you are ever in Fort Lee, New Jersey, visit the iPic Theater; it is a marvelous experience.

My name is Yvette Hines, and I am a cinema addict.

Are you a cinema addict? If you are,
let me know the last movie you went to the theater to see.

To Kiss a Flame

Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): 4 flames

The one thing that Aubrey Carsen always wanted was to be a firefighter with her two friends. She returns home to her small town and new firehouse, with secrets following her, only to prove herself like a proby. But she can take it. Soon she discovers that a man from her past, an old high school crush—a man too sexy to be wrapped up in a suit all day—is too close for comfort. The day she rescues a little boy from a tree, things begin to unfold in a way she never expected. Now, being back in town has a whole new outlook. Is it possible that her time has finally come and everything she’s wanted will fall in line? Even as she is afraid to believe it.

Pierce Emory, the bank loan manager, has been burned by love for the last time. His ex-fiancé walks out on him the week before their wedding, and he can’t see himself getting lost in love again. Then his beautiful, tough neighbor comes knocking at his door in a storm. She’s sexy as hell, but there’s something about her he can’t place. When he discovers the curvy beauty was the good girl from high school, the home before dark, and straight A’s, quiet type, he can’t believe her transformation. Now, she’s back in town, and the old spark between them has ignited into a flame that threatens to scorch them both.

Get your copy here!


Drawing ONE winner from those who comment on my Let’s All Go to the Movies post on Delilah’s blog between June 21 – 28 June 2021. The winner will get an e-Copy of To Kiss a Flame, a Hero candle, and $10 Amazon GC.

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