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What readers are saying about BIG SKY SEAL! (Contest)
Saturday, June 10th, 2017

UPDATE: The winner of the $5 Amazon gift card is…Krysten H!

* * * * *

I love and hate when a new story comes out. I pour a lot of effort into my writing, but I always wonder with the next book, do I still have “it”? Well, I’m breathing a sigh of relief. Since it’s release on Thursday, I’ve been getting emails from readers telling me how much they enjoyed the story and answering the question I asked on the last page of the book. (Yes, I did that. And no, I won’t tell you what it was. 🙂 )

Readers have said this about Big Sky SEAL…

“This is the start of, what I hope, will be a new series of Montana bounty hunters. This book has a cast of great characters including the secondary ones. Can anyone say REAPER, oh my gawd!!…Delilah Devlin doesn’t disappoint in any of her books and I have to say this is now my favorite.” ~ A. Dodds

“Bounty hunting, searching for a known terrorist. Action and romance, great balance!” ~ M. Frabutt

“Terrific! Jamie and Sky’s story is one you don’t want to miss.” ~ D. Watson

“Big Sky SEAL has a lot of hot former military characters, including a strong woman, and a former bomb-sniffing dog (I’m a sucker for dogs in stories) – what more could you ask for? Oh yeah, the sex is hot, too. <smile>” ~ Buttons

So, there you have it. They love my Montana bounty hunters, my sexy ex-SEAL, the kick-ass action, and the ex-bomb dog with PTSD. 🙂

Get your copy here!

I can’t wait to hear what you think of my latest Uncharted SEALs story—and for your answer to the question I posed on the last page of the story. And if you have time and the inclination, know that I’ll be very, very grateful if you’d post a review.


Tell me what you’d like to see me work on next from among these possible themes…

Montana Bounty Hunters

Paranormal Spec Ops Team

Alien League Abductions

…or more of…

Uncharted SEALs

Lone Star Lovers cowboy menages

Night Fall vamps and weres

I’ll give away a small Amazon gift card to one commenter!

Giving thanks early!
Tuesday, November 20th, 2012

First, thanks to all of you who have written to tell me how much you enjoyed A Perfect Trifecta! Your support put APT in the #1 spot this week at Samhain! Thank you!

But there’s more good news! APT rocked its first review! Here’s a snippet from Night Owl Reviews:

“Wow! A very hot story that will keep away those winter chills as the inventive Doms and subs who frequent the same BDSM club continue to explore each other’s limits. There is quite a range of sexual activity explored including sadism and masochism as the dance of attraction plays out between two determined males who are encouraged by the woman who loves and wants to submit to them both. This author definitely knows how to pen a scorching and stimulating tale that provides insight into the various men who protect and serve in their professional lives and play hard in their personal relationships. A very entertaining (and eye-opening) addition to the series.”

My family is celebrating Thanksgiving on Friday. My brother who lives in Iowa is driving down Thursday, so we adjusted. We’ll have a dozen people at the table and flowing into the sunroom. Five generations represented! There will be turkey and two kinds of stuffing (bread dressing for the northerners, cornbread for the southerners), and all the usual side dishes. My favorite is the green bean casserole. I hate green beans, but dress them up with mushroom soup and crackly onions, and my mouth waters.

Are you celebrating? If so, what are your plans?

Are you BEGGING FOR IT yet?
Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

I’ve gotten a string of fantastic reviews for Begging For It. I want to share them in case you’ve been on the fence about the story or didn’t know that it’s out there. Here are some review snippets, and following them is an excerpt. A dirty one, so be sure to be alone when read it! Cross gives over control to TJ—but that doesn’t last long! 🙂

“This was the most gripping, emotionally charged sexy foray into BDSM (heavy on the S&M) I’ve ever read. If you are a reader who thinks there could never be pain with pleasure, then this story will change your mind…in the end, you’ll be so gripped by the brilliance of Ms. Devlin’s storytelling abilities, that the final pages will twist your guts in knots. I breathed with both Cross and TJ. I ached with them. And when it was over, I couldn’t stop thinking about them.” A “10” for Story, Seriously Reviewed

“…I absolutely loved this book… With these two dynamic characters, the emotional pull of this story was outstanding… Emotions ran the gamut and reached out to draw you in.” 5 Stars and Top Pick!, Night Owl Reviews

“…This story is an emotional rollercoaster that will make you laugh, cry, and overheat… Devlin weaves an enthralling tale… It’s a novella that’s impossible to put down, a definite gem worth reading again and again.” 5 Hearts, The Romance Studio

“…Delilah Devlin is at her finest with BEGGING FOR IT!… It is heartbreaking but real. Yes this is a very hot erotic novella but the story really spoke to me… BEGGING FOR IT is outrageous and perfectly delicious!” Joyfully Reviewed

What the story’s about…

She needs punishment…before she deserves pleasure.

Tragedy scarred TJ Lipton. Now, the only way she can find pleasure is when its delivered with a heavy-handed dose of S&M. But finding a lover who can give her what she needs proves an elusive quest—until she finds the sex club Unfettered and a Dom named Cross McNally.

Cross understands all too well what drives TJ. He takes command of her body to give her everything she needs—restraint, the stinging kiss of a flogger, the thrill of a three-way—a sexual adventure that pulls her beyond her painful past and has her begging for more of his tender brand of domination.

She released him and sat back, wiping a hand across her mouth as she looked up.

His eyes were narrowed slits. Skin stretched taut around his square jaw.

TJ backed away and stood, quickly stripping off her clothes until she was nude as well and panting with excitement.

“What do you want, baby?” he asked with another slow up and down glide.
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Your Favorite 5 Heart Review?
Thursday, June 30th, 2011

Begging for It has been accumulating some very good reviews lately, plus inclusion in the “5 Heart Sweetheart of the Week” list at The Romance Studio—which could use your vote to win!

Here’s the link: Vote for Sweetheart

If you haven’t read the book, take a look at the following raves to see whether this might be a book you’d be interested in…

“…I absolutely loved this book and mostly because of TJ. TJ’s character was very complex and very realistic… With these two dynamic characters, the emotional pull of this story was outstanding… As TJ dealt with her nightmares, the horror came across and the reality of war slammed out. Emotions ran the gamut and reached out to draw you in.” ~5 Stars and Top Pick, Night Owl Reviews

“…Delilah Devlin is at her finest with BEGGING FOR IT! BEGGING FOR IT is a steamy stirring novella that shreds the confines of societal norms to give us a beautifully real story… It is heartbreaking but real. Yes, this is a very hot erotic novella but the story really spoke to me… BEGGING FOR IT is outrageous and perfectly delicious!” ~Joyfully Reviewed

“…This story is an emotional rollercoaster that will make you laugh, cry, and overheat… Devlin weaves an enthralling tale around these two main characters, and that’s before taking into account the scorching and erotic sex scenes that’ll have you squirming in your seat. It’s a novella that’s impossible to put down, a definite gem worth reading again and again.” ~5 Hearts, The Romance Reviews

Still not sure? Read an excerpt!

Yes, contest winners and pictures from the trip are still coming…

Sometimes you hit it…sometimes, not so much
Monday, February 7th, 2011

I’ve been seeing some very nice reviews for True Heart!

“…The tenderness and erotism Honey, True and Lonny produce is so spectacular that I can’t help but embrace the lovingness they have for each other. I love how Honey and True openly confess their tormented past, shedding the painfulness in their lives yet produce some clarity and calmness for what the future holds for them. I love how these characters are not your usual cookie cutter characters…”~ Just Erotic Romance

“…All and all this was a great quick, hot read filled with two very sexy cowboys. I will be putting it in my keeper pile…” ~Whipped Cream Reviews

“…True Heart is an enticing tale that quickly weaves it way into a compelling story about finding your way to a second chance of love. I thought the story behind True was fascinating, he is a captivating character. A delightful read…” ~Sensual Reads

“I have a definite soft spot in my heart for the strong silent type and True in this story…that’s my kind of guy. A little rough around the edges that loves as hard as he works. Can I PLEASE have a True? Man alive.” Taryn Elliott’s blog

And then there’s this little story I started that stalled out at chapter five because my heroine’s a bitch, but so’s one of the heroes. I’ll prove it to you. PLEASE don’t hold this little snippet against me. It’s unedited and very raw, but you will see my dilemma.

The little red Miata ground to a halt, kicking up caliche to pepper the porch’s underskirting like bomb shrapnel.

Joe Halloran suppressed a grin and tipped up the cowboy hat riding low over his brow with a lazy finger. Minutes ago, when the sound of an engine screamed down the long private drive, he’d groaned because this was his first break of the day, and he really wasn’t up to company. But as soon as he’d seen who it was, he settled deeper into his rocking chair.

Trouble had arrived. And about damn time.
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What makes me cry…
Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

Wanna know what makes me cry? The old Hallmark commercials for sure. But I received something last night that hit me right at my core. I’m a storyteller. It’s what I do, but it’s also what I am. I work damn hard. Sure, I get to wear jammies and sweats and my office is just feet away from where I sleep. That doesn’t sound so tough, right? Well, sometimes it really is. When I wrote Ravished by a Viking, there were so many factors I didn’t have control over. The cover—I mean, what’s with the kilt? The print run. It’s not nearly large enough to impress. My publisher’s support. Well, since I’m new to Berkley, I’m kinda on my own. What I did have control over was the story. And it came straight from my heart. Back to what I received last night…

I opened my email to my first review. What touched me was that the reviewer knew what I accomplished was damn hard. And she got it. All of it. I’m including the whole review here, but it’s posted on her website too, Alien Places.

Ravished by a Viking

a novel by Delilah Devlin
Reviewed by Masha Holl

Clash of cultures, clash of myths, clash of powerful personalities: it should be easy to review Ravished by a Viking, a novel of erotic science fiction by Delilah Devlin. After all, how many authors can bring out on paper the excitement and more-than-willing suspension of disbelief that old fashioned adventure stories once brought us?

A kidnapped brother. A battle of wills between a ship’s captain and a planetary warlord. On one side, human colonists toughened by the harsh environment they’ve mastered, and who still praise and reward sheer physical strength. On the other, a galactic empire used to relying on the power of energy weapons and science.

And in the middle, our heroes. Men, women, wills and desires. Dagr, Clan-leader of the Wolfskins, who only looks like an unpolished barbarian. And Honora Turgay, who loses her ship to the Viking leader, but never surrenders her determination.

Ravished by a Viking is a myth come to life, but it’s also the story of two people: adventure, passion, discovery, transformation. All of Delilah’s scenes burn with energy, whether she writes believable, exciting, and heart-pounding action scenes, or scorching, breath-stealing, and enviable sexual encounters.

Yes, it should be easy to review one of Delilah Devlin’s stories, because each one of them delivers the promise of a great read, abundant humor, and larger-than-life characters. Delilah is a born storyteller, and knows how to build the tension on all levels, entwining sensual conquest with a growing friendship between the main characters, slowly turning what could become redundant sniping into clever flirting. And most importantly, she always surprises the reader – and sometimes the characters themselves.

But a reviewer should also announce to the reader what to expect beyond the open cover. Is it a romance? Of course, and I’ll say no more. But that would leave out the cleverly built and logical world of space-travel and alien societies her characters inhabit.

Is is science fiction? Of course. We have space-travel and ancient civilizations and the kind of questions science-fiction authors like to ask. But that would leave out the intense relationships between the characters.

Is it erotica? Oh yes, with scenes as hot and intense as Delilah can write, as charged emotionally as they are physically, it has to be. But that would leave out the character development and the world building and the tight plotting.

Yes, it was hard to write a review of Ravished by a Viking when the story speaks for itself you’re ready to re-read rather than write about it. But if I didn’t, you wouldn’t hear about it, and you’d miss a wonderful, action-packed, emotional roller-coaster of a read.

Flashback: Fun With Dick & Jayne
Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

If you post a comment today and you’ll be in the running
for a free download of this book!

This is a quick fly-by today. Have to run. Want to get a pedi/manicure this AM. Have to buy some travel-size toiletries to pack for my trip. Just two days to Ohio! ~DD


“…Loved the characters, loved the conflict, loved the scorching hot sex…I do give high praise to Ms. Devlin. Her writing leaves me breathless and her heroes are simply delicious.”
9 of 10, Seriously Reviewed

He didn’t know the nightly peepshow was just a naughty invitation…

Garrett knows what he’s doing can get him into trouble, but he can’t help himself. Every night, as he arrives home, the blonde across the alley gets busy with her boyfriend with the blinds open. He’s spent the past two weeks getting an eyeful and falling deep into lust.

But when Garrett sees a man in a black ski mask sneak into his sexy neighbor’s bedroom, he doesn’t know he’ll be the one captured.

Jayne has a nice life with a nice lover who sees to her every need, but she’s still drawn to the lonely man across the alley. She’s been sharing her deepest fantasies with him from afar, but is ready to up the stakes. When she talks Richard into enacting a dangerous scenario, everything works out as planned. Only Garrett’s not happy about being played. And he’s got reservations because she already has a lover and he’s not into threesomes. Guess she’ll just have to convince him otherwise.



They were going at it again, and he was gonna get arrested. Which would be pretty damn embarrassing, considering he was cop.

Like clockwork, the couple across the alleyway started banging the minute his car pulled into the garage.

The street along the back of the parallel rows of one-story houses wasn’t much of a buffer. Driveways spoked off the narrow, paved road. Only twenty feet separated his garage from the bedroom window across the way.

Last night, he’d loosened the garage light bulb to make sure it didn’t give him away when the door slid up. Tonight, he flicked his car’s overhead lamp switch off so that the light wouldn’t beam the moment he exited. Carefully, he closed his car door, pushing it with his hip to muffle the click as it locked, walked around to the back then sat with his butt against the trunk to watch the show.

They had to know anyone walking by could see every damn thing—every drop of sweat, every short curl of pale blonde hair. She faced the window, clutching the bottom windowsill, her breasts bouncing every time Boyfriend slammed her ass.

God, her tits were Grade-A prime. Cherry nipples, topping creamy mounds.

Her blue eyes closed, her mouth rounded, and he knew when she came because she always wore the same expression—her cheeks growing rosy, her eyebrows drawing together tightly and the corners of her mouth curving like the cat that licked the cream.

And if the wind hadn’t been whistling through the alley, he would have heard the whimper she gave when Boyfriend milked the last little contraction of her orgasm.

Fuck. He needed his own woman. Maybe she had a twin. Because he sure as shit wouldn’t be satisfied with anyone who wasn’t her, Jayne Peabody—Jayne Hotbody as he’d begun to call her. He’d had her plates run so he’d have a name to assign the woman who’d played a starring role in all his fantasies this past couple of weeks.

They’d finished and Boyfriend was pulling her into his arms, wrapping them around her belly and cupping those beautiful breasts as she snuggled against his chest.

It was time to leave. The show was over for the night.

Then her eyes opened, and Garrett Masters could have sworn she looked right at him. He cussed softly, straightened and raised his arm, pulling down the garage door and shutting off the sight of her mouth stretching into a wide grin.

* * * * *


This time he was ready. He popped the beer top, lifted his drink into the air to silently salute them, and decided to watch the goings-on across the way like a spectator sport. He’d even devised a scoring system.

Ten points for the first orgasm. Five to fifteen for each successive multiple, depending on how hard Boyfriend had to work. But Jayne didn’t need much encouragement to slam quickly through three. All her partner had to do was angle her face toward the window and her eyelids drooped, her kitten smile curled.

Boyfriend turned her toward the bed, bent her over, and Garrett straightened because this wasn’t a view he’d had before. Her pretty white ass, sweetly curved, her dark pink sex framed between her closed thighs. Fuuuck!

Boyfriend walked out of sight then returned with leather straps.

Garrett swallowed down the beer and crushed the can in his fist.

Boyfriend bound her legs together and strapped her hands to the sides of her thighs, forcing her to remain bent. Then he tied a blindfold around her head.

Jayne’s bottom wriggled, but moisture shone on her sex, dribbled down the backs of her thighs. And that was before Boyfriend bent to pick up something from the floor.

When he straightened, he brandished a short riding crop.

“Fifty,” Garrett breathed, his stomach beginning to roil as he watched the other man swat her buttocks in quick succession, leaving reddened welts, which she apparently enjoyed by the loudness of her groans and whimpers. However, when he dropped the whip and turned her toward the window, tears streaked down her cheeks from beneath the blindfold.

Garrett stiffened, ready to charge over there and break it up. But Boyfriend gripped her hips and forcefully slammed against her buttocks, thrusting deep. Her lips rounded, tears trickling into her mouth as she came.

Garrett shuddered, his breaths coming quick, wondering what the fuck he was doing watching this, watching another man torture a woman into orgasm, his own body slamming toward a climax that shocked him with its ferocity.

Boyfriend removed the blindfold. Jayne’s eyes opened, gleaming through the darkness, seeming to pull him deeper into her twisted, kinky play.

This wasn’t for him. He’d never laid a hand on a woman and damn sure couldn’t stand by watching it. He couldn’t do this anymore. The sweet, funny tenor of the sessions had changed to something darker, something grim and decidedly too rich for his blood.

Before they’d finished, he slammed the door down between them.

* * * * *


“For the love of…”

He tried to keep his gaze averted this time, hadn’t bothered sneaking out of his car. But one glance and he was caught.

Boyfriend’s tall, lean body was turned sideways and he held his cock in his hand.

Jayne Hotbody stuck out her pink tongue and licked around the crown, and then clasped her mouth around it and sucked.

Boyfriend’s eyes closed tightly and he fisted himself, pumping as she bobbed forward to meet his fingers, then pulled away.

She braced a hand against his hip then turned to give Garrett one of those kittenish smiles, her blue eyes seeming to plead for him to watch. Was this her way of apologizing?

Did her boyfriend even have a clue what she was doing?

Garrett’s day had been a ball-buster and the last thing he’d wanted was to be left with an aching hard-on no amount of one-handed pocket pool could relieve, but she seemed to be inviting him to join. To watch as she blew Boyfriend and teased the hell out of him.

Well, hell. He was tired of watching and being left aching. He opened his utility belt, unbuttoned his pants and eased down his zipper. When he drew out his cock, he stared down at himself, musing that this time he really would get arrested with his dick in his hand.

Then he glanced up.

Jayne wasn’t smiling. She was licking her lips, her chest billowing faster. She grabbed Boyfriend by the hips and turned him so she could blow while she watched Garrett.

Her gaze didn’t leave his cock as he began to work himself. He gripped his shaft firmly, gliding his hand up and down, sliding his thumb over the top of the crown at the end of every pull.

Watching her watching him and blowing What’s-his-face was more intimate than anything they’d shared before. He felt more connected, as if he were having sex with her instead of jerking himself off in the out-of-doors while he played the Peeping Tom to his naughty neighbor.

Boyfriend gripped her head and flexed his muscular hips forward and back, stroking into her hot little mouth. Garrett dropped spit to feel moisture and imagined her lips surrounding him.

Tension gripped his balls and he rocked on his heels, forward and back, while his arm tensed and pistoned faster.

When he came, white cum spitting from his dick, he glanced up to catch her suctioning, swallowing boyfriend down with his head flung back and his flanks quivering.

Hot damn…

He stepped back, reached for the handle and slammed the garage door down.