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Archive for December 6th, 2021

M.D. Stewart: Let me introduce myself…
Monday, December 6th, 2021

Thank you, Delilah Devlin for having me today!

Let me introduce myself, my name is M.D. Stewart and I live in southern West Virginia. I was born and raised here, but due to marrying a Navy man, moved around from age eighteen to twenty-two. I came home and, after much trial and error, I finally found my forever-person and moved to rural Boone County fifteen years ago. We have three indoor cats, three old lady chickens, and when I’m not writing, I’m canning and freezing our garden veggies. He’s also a hunter, so we process deer in the fall.

As the only girl child in my family, I grew up watching soap operas, sci-fi programs (Star Trek reruns mostly), and sneaking my mom’s Harlequin romance books into my room where I devoured them cover-to-cover! All these things combined to give me a vivid imagination and a desire to create my own Universe! I’ve always dreamed of becoming an author and in 2018, I self-published my first book.

This entire journey has been a learning experience! I also think I’ve evolved as a writer. I started with sci-fi romance, dabbled in paranormal romance, and now I’m writing contemporary motorcycle club romance. My Fae Shifters duo is mmf and some books in my series do have menage of mfm and mm merging to mmf throuples. Basically, I think love is essential for survival if you’re an alien, shifter, or human.

I also exclusively pen LGBTQ paranormal romance for Changeling Press. My books with CP feature mm, mmm, and mmf romances with ghosts, psychic vampires, hellhound shifters, demons, angels, and trolls! Like I said I think love is for everybody!

If your interested in my backlist, there is my Amazon Author page! I’d love for you to take a peek!

Let me tell you what I’m working on right now! My most recent release that came out on December 3rd is Her Three Bears. It’s a retelling of Goldilocks if it were set in modern-day West Virginia with a motorcycle club romance trope. Her Three Bears is part of the Bleeding Souls Saved by Love! Anthology.

The BSSBL books are all MC romance or dark Mafia romance based on fairytale retelling. The series started releasing in March 2021 and various authors are scheduled for release through 2023. Each book is a standalone. While not all the BSSBL books are, Her Three Bears is exclusive to Amazon so you can read it FREE though Kindle Unlimited.

Here’s the description of Her Three Bears.

Amber Gold needs to escape and hide from her treacherous family. 

Her dad is a mean drunk, her brother is abusive and her life at home is deteriorating fast. When she stumbles on a cabin in the woods, Amber thinks she’s found a safe shelter. Sneaking in at night while the owners are away, she doesn’t realize the danger her heart is in.

Parker “Papa Bear” Kodiak has earned his grumpy, hardcore reputation.

Growing up poor in a rural West Virginia town, he struck out on his own at sixteen. He found acceptance as a Prospect in the Wicked Warriors MC. Through brutality and determination, he became the youngest Sergeant-at-Arms in their history. No one crosses Parker and lives to talk about it.

Someone has been breaking into Parker’s home.

While his brothers Max and Bryson aren’t concerned, Parker is determined to make the intruder pay for their crime. But is Parker willing to pay the ultimate price when he finds the golden-haired beauty asleep in his baby brother’s bed?

I had so much fun writing Her Three Bears, that the story just came to me and flowed to the page. Trust me, it is a gift when that happens. It was different for me to have a little bit darker characters than I was used to writing. It is a romance though, so an HEA is guaranteed!

When I wrote Her Three Bears, a character showed up that intrigued me. Well, two characters actually; Mark and Mac “Rogue” Steele. Mark is a West Virginia State Policeman and his twin, Mac is a member of the Black Dagger MC. I knew they were twins, but it wasn’t until I started writing Rogue’s story that they revealed they were mirror twins. So fascinating!

Even though it is a spin-off of Her Three Bears, Rogue, Black Dagger MC, begins a new series but has a lot of cross-over characters. I also introduce a badass female MC, Devil’s Daughters. The leader, Sammi Jo, is based on a friend of mine.  My beta readers loved this story, and I’m so happy to bring it to you!

Here’s the description of Rogue.

With a corrupt cop and an escaped killer hunting them, can Rogue do the impossible and save Stevie?

Stevie Anderson barely eluded death when deranged serial killer, Paul Turner, murdered her entire family before setting their house on fire. While in protective custody, she’s hidden where the killer would least suspect — the home of a biker in the Black Dagger Motorcycle Club.

Mac “Rogue” Steele resisted his twin’s suggestion to hide a federal protection witness at his home until he got      to know the shy but charming woman. With a bruised heart, scarred body, and beautiful soul, it doesn’t take long for Stevie to claim his cynical heart.

After her family’s killer contacts Stevie from his prison cell, Rogue takes her on the run through the hills and hollows of southern West Virginia. Relying on the help of his MC, Rogue desperately searches for a way to keep Stevie alive.

If you’re interested in Rogue, and his twin, you can preorder on Amazon, and they will show up on your Kindle on January 21st! It will also be FREE on Kindle Unlimited.

While writing Rogue, I met a character that I really didn’t like. He was rude, bitter, and just angry at the world. Rogue wanted to kill him, even though he’s part of the same MC! I decided to get to know Dodge a little more and what I learned was heartbreaking.

Dirk “Dodge” Hodges had a hard life as a kid. His dad was both physically and sexually abusive to him and his brother. But he found a home with the Black Dagger MC as a teenager. Dodge was a strong character, and I knew he needed a woman who could go toe-to-toe with him and not back down. Kira Taylor is that woman.

Here’s a little more about Dodge.

Someone made the fatal mistake of abducting Dodge’s son

When Dodge’s Old Lady suddenly wants out, and his brother goes to prison for murder, all Dodge has left is the Black Dagger MC. Abandoning the club that gave him acceptance and safety is simply out of the question. Six years later, his old childhood sweetheart, Kira returns with a surprise — their son. What should be a happy reunion is cut short when the boy goes missing.

Kira Taylor once found club life thrilling, but as a nurse she saw first-hand how quickly things get bloody. After becoming pregnant she leaves town and made a clean break from everyone. But the freedom for her son only lasts until a tragedy befalls them and she must return home.

Now Kira’s only chance at happiness is to confess everything she hid from Dodge. With his help, they might be able to rescue their son. But with both of their lives shattered by this news, can they learn to forgive each other and finally become the family they were meant to be years ago?

If you would just love to fall for a bad boy with a tragic past, you can preorder Dodge now and you’ll have him on your Kindle March 21st. Again, Dodge will be FREE on KU.

I don’t want to take up all of your time, so I’ll leave you and Delilah with my thanks and the links to my social media if you’d like to follow me. If you go to my website, you can sign up for my newsletter which, to be honest, only comes out when I have new releases. I don’t flood your email, that’s for sure!

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