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Trevann Rogers: A Trip in Time — Record Shows!
Sunday, November 13th, 2016

I write about what I love. From one piece to the next it might include vampires, incubi, an underdog, or a Werecat or two but it always includes music. I tend to crush hard on rockers with amazing voices. My music addiction has given me great joy. In fact, music is the backdrop to the best times in my life.  So many road trips taken in the name of a good concert—or a good record show.

Record shows were large exhibits comprised of dozens—sometimes, hundreds—of dealers of all things music and pop culture. You could find just about any vinyl record you were looking for (domestic and imported) plus compact disks, photos, and posters.  If you were REALLY lucky, you’d find videos. Half of the fun was the hunt for that one rare find.

Today, my partner and I go to ComicCons. Once in a while we find a cool poster or picture, but what these conventions have over record shows is the opportunity to meet the celebrities.  Yes, I’m a fangirl but I don’t get all loopy over just any old star. What about Jason Momoa, you ask? Oh, yes. The last time I had my picture taken with him, he invited me to slip my arm around his waist and I nearly fainted. I didn’t though—why waste the moment?

Still, there was something about rummaging through crates to find that album with the poster in it, or the CD from across the pond with different liner notes.

Anyone remember going to record shows? Man, oh man do I miss them.

House of the Rising Son


Living After Midnight, Book 1
Genre: Urban Fantasy Romance (LGBT)

Cheyenne is a half-human incubus whose star is on the rise in the Unakite City rock scene. His father, the leader of the supernatural races, would prefer he keep a “low profile”, but screw that. Cheyenne has as much music in his veins as royal incubi blood.

Alexander’s future is all set—finish law school, join the family firm, and marry someone who’d be good for business. Not that he has a say in any of it. He’s barely met the woman his father expects him to marry.

As Cheyenne’s musical career takes off, his carefully constructed life begins to unravel, exacerbated by an ex-lover who can’t let go, a crotchety barkeeper with a dirty mind and a pure heart, a drag queen who moonlights as a nanny, and Alexander—who’s not sure if he’s falling for the incubus or the rocker.

Cheyenne denies who he is, while Alexander hides what he wants. Together, they learn that getting what they truly want means being who they truly are.



While waiting for their drinks, Alexander studied the deep grooves carved into the table, trying to ignore the friction of Cheyenne’s thigh rubbing against his as the musician tapped a heel to the thump of the DJ’s music. Once the drinks arrived, Alexander downed half the bottle before he realized Cheyenne’s large green eyes were staring at him.

“So where’s your girl, Prudhomme? I mean, Prune Danish. No, wait…”

“Prudish. Shit, Prudence,” Alexander sputtered.

Cheyenne’s eyes sparkled. “No, you got it right the first time. Where is she?”

He shrugged. “Home, I guess.”

Cheyenne cocked his head. “Oh, really?” He put his hand on Alexander’s leg. “What’s up? You can tell me.”

“It’s not working out.” Alexander dragged his teeth over his lower lip. “It’s my fault.” He couldn’t keep his attraction to Cheyenne out of his voice. “I don’t know what’s happening to me.”

Cheyenne put his thumb to his lip and paused. “It’s like the drink.”

Alexander tilted his head, not sure he heard correctly. “The drink?”

“Yeah, that nasty ass bourbon. I bet your father drinks it. Your uncles. All your friends. Everybody, right?”

He didn’t answer, but waited for Cheyenne to continue.

“It was just expected that you’d drink it too. So you did.” His hand moved up Alexander’s thigh. “But now, maybe it’s okay to drink what you like. A different brand, a better vintage. Because you want it. Because it tastes better.” Cheyenne licked his lips. “Because it feels right.”

Alexander cleared his throat and brushed his lap, pushing Cheyenne’s hand away. “I can’t.”

“If you change your mind, let me know.”

“You don’t understand. It’s not that easy. My whole life will change.”

“It already has.”


You can find House of the Rising Son on Amazon and Barnes and  Noble

About the Author

trafter-midnight-front-coverTrevann Rogers writes urban fantasy and LGBT paranormal romances. Her books include HOUSE OF THE RISING SON and its prequel novella, AFTER MIDNIGHT. Trevann’s stories incorporate an unquenchable addiction to music and her love for vampires, Weres, incubi and rock stars. Like these elusive creatures, Trevann learned long ago that sometimes being yourself means Living After Midnight.

You can find Trevann online at:
Twitter: @TrevannRogers

Lizzie Ashworth: Holiday Journey
Thursday, November 10th, 2016

Hi Delilah fans –

lacropped-man-at-airportThe holiday season is upon us, and a bunch of us will be traveling to join family and loved ones for the festivities. For many, that means getting up close and personal with complete strangers. Depending on the stranger, that can be a good thing or absolutely awful.

I once traveled back to the States from Asia. We boarded at Hong Kong for the flight to Tokyo. From there I’d take a connecting flight to San Francisco and from there another connecting flight to Dallas. Finally we’re airborne on the big jet and I find myself sitting next to a very attractive man of Asian descent.

After a short time underway as the flight attendants are working their way down the aisle with drinks and snacks, this man nods to me with a big smile and introduces himself. Only I really can’t fully understand what he’s saying. Very heavily accented, his words finally process in my brain.

“Sato Kazuhiro,” he said, nodding and smiling. “Japanese.”

At least, I think that’s what he said. His eyebrows lift, questioning. My expression probably conveys my confusion because he laughs and says, a bit more clearly, “My name,” and hands me a business card.

The card is thick white stock with a minimalist design in black, a stylized lion on the upper left corner with the words ‘Sato Industries’ printed in English beside it and then some Japanese characters. In the lower right are his name in English and more Japanese characters. He’s watching me expectantly.

“Michelle,” I say, not quite comfortable with adding my last name. “American.”

I tend not to get into conversations when I travel. So I adjust my jacket and settle back in the seat, giving him the signal that as far as I’m concerned, introductions are enough chat.

He’s completely not picking up the signal, or he doesn’t care what I want. When the flight attendants stop beside us, he insists on buying me a snack. I politely refuse and sip my ginger ale. He’s making faces and sighing like I’ve inflicted a mortal wound.

I’m thinking this flight can’t end soon enough. I regret that I didn’t bring a book. I know better than to travel without a suitable barrier against such unwanted intrusions.

“I travel,” he says. “Business travel.” It takes me several minutes to decipher what he actually said.

“Traveling today from Bangkok,” he continues, nodding, smiling. “Are you traveling far?”

“San Francisco,” I say. There, that should be the end of it.

“Lovely city,” he says. “Not as great as Tokyo. You let me show you Tokyo?”

What with the delay in comprehending his words and my hesitancy to reply, he finds it necessary to repeat himself.

“Beautiful city, many wonderful things to see. Nice dinner?”

“Uh, no. Sorry.”

“All night before connecting flight, yes? You could take day or two, see Fuji. I show you.”

Another big smile. Very white teeth. Intensely black hair with a hint of silvering at the temples. I’m noticing how perfectly his gray suit fits, no doubt tailored. Manicured nails.

In fact, in my few glances in his direction in order to satisfy my ingrained need to be polite, I can’t help but notice how well built he is. And handsome in that distinctly Japanese way with high cheekbones and intense presence.

For the first time since his flirtation started, I give serious consideration to what he’s saying. I’ve never been to Japan. It’s a place I’d love to explore and he’s probably intent on paying our way to wherever I wanted to go. Not that I would let him. But the food would surely be fabulous. I’ve heard of the wild nightlife in this city, too.

On the other hand, what if this guy makes his money in the white slave trade? What if he gets me in a car and the next thing I know, my life as a free woman is over? It’s insane to even consider his offer.

I try to shut down the conversation and he kind of takes the hint, not pressing further until we’re circling Tokyo. It’s dark. The ground below is a sea of lights. As the wheels touch the runway and we taxi toward the terminal, he starts again.

“Pretty American lady,” he says. “Michelle. Please consider what I say. I want you to see our beautiful city. Japan has much to offer even for one day. Two is better. Please,” he says, gesturing, “let me show you.”

I shake my head. “I have people meeting me at San Francisco,” I said firmly. “I can’t delay.”

He rolls his eyes and inhales through his teeth. Evidently I’ve inflicted another painful injury. “Hai,” he says plaintively.

The jet lurches to a halt. The aisles become instantly crowded. As we stand up, I notice he’s slightly taller than me. Gorgeous, now that I’m really looking. Imperious in his bearing, he leans toward me in a slight bow. “Beautiful Michelle, it has been my pleasure to know you.”

I really don’t know what to say. His eyes convey grief that I have refused his generous offer. I’m wondering if this come-on has actually worked for this guy. I’m wondering how it would be to see him without clothes. How he would touch me. Whether he kisses like American men.

I can’t be the only one—he’s smooth, fully expectant that I’ll experience a last minute change of heart and take him up on his offer. Should I reconsider? My hands are sweating as I clutch my carry on.

Finally we’re slowly shuffling forward to disembark. His hand touches my back. Slightly, almost imperceptibly, as if it’s his unrelenting duty to escort me, see to my welfare. How differently men behave in Asia—I’d noticed it before.

I start to panic that I’ve not given serious consideration to the idea of letting this guy squire me around this amazing city. The terminal hums with activity as we step into the well-lighted space. Music filters through the cool air.

Sumimasen,” he says with another deep bow. “Sorry.”

“Thank you,” I say, inanely. “You’ve been very generous. Perhaps another time.”

He looks at me and in his dark eyes I see another world, a mysterious culture that I could never fully understand no matter how many years I might immerse myself in its history. What stunning revelations might he offer? I have to admit that he attracts me physically. I flash on how it would be with him over me and flush.

Hai,” he says again, smiling. “Take care.”

I watch him stride briskly through the exit and disappear into the night. The shuttle takes me to the airport Hilton, convenient for my early morning flight. After being in Sato’s presence for four hours, I feel unexpectedly alone.

Dinner in the hotel restaurant surprises with its perfection. I drop my bag in the tiny room. A nicely folded robe waits for me on the bed. Its soft cotton fabric feels wonderful on my skin after a steamy shower. White rice paper panels cover the window glass. I lapse into ‘what ifs’ as I watch Japanese programs on television, listening to the flow of their words and observing their body language. Some of it reminds me of Sato.

Mysterious. Intriguing. An entirely different universe. As the tension of the flight and Sato’s demands and my internal conflict about what to do start to subside, I find myself regretting my lack of courage to take up his offer.

I’ve thought of it often since. What if I had risked it? Would you?


For all my times in airports before and after this trip through Japan, I’ve put together a short story that plays on the possibility of meeting someone and actually acting on the impulse. It’s fiction, so there’s no risk of harm. Except maybe to the heart.

Here’s an excerpt from Holiday Journey:

laHoliday Journey

“I assume you’re stuck here like the rest of us,” a man’s voice rumbled.

Giselle startled and turned. Chatting with other passengers ranked near the top of her ‘never’ list. Today especially she wasn’t up to social niceties. She bit her tongue, resisting the urge to unload on this guy. Whoever he was.

The man stood just a couple of feet away, pushing the boundaries of her personal space. She assessed him with her practiced cold once-over, normally enough to send the offender on his way. This guy gazed back defiantly and had the brass to smile.

Why oh why did she spontaneously smile back? It wasn’t her norm, but there was something about him. Disarming. Curious.

Damn fine.

Even as she dragged her gaze away, her mental once-over slowed to a closer examination. As strangers go, he didn’t fall into the sicko or predator category. Tall and well-built, he dressed in a hard-to-read style with jeans, white polo shirt, and dark blue sports jacket. In comparison, she seemed overdressed in her short pumps and smartly tailored gray suit.

Her pulse increased ever so slightly. Whatever consideration she might be giving him must have to do with her absolutely wretched mood, because there was no logic in it. With a lift of her chin, she suppressed her smile. Give him an inch, he’d never quit.

“Flight 289?” she said. “Yes, I think all of us at Gate 12 have that in mind.”

His cocked eyebrow and knowing smile caught her off-guard. “You’re annoyed.”

His expression yelled ‘meet your bet and raise you.’ She huffed and shifted, turning slightly away from him. “Nothing personal,” she said.

“It never fails,” he mused in a conversational tone, turning to look out on the stream of people passing by and releasing his grip on a small bag to drop it by his feet. “Worst possible time of year to travel. And then weather.”

“Hmm,” she replied, not wanting to encourage him. Surely he’d wander off soon. She’d definitely appreciate him wandering off. Heat rose up her chest, an unwarranted reaction to something about him—maybe his aftershave, a scent she didn’t want to acknowledge much less analyze. It reminded her of autumn in the woods, slightly sharp, a hint of musk. And hell, she was analyzing.

“Going or coming?” he ventured, turning his face back toward her with a quizzical expression. “If you don’t mind me asking.”

Yes, I mind you asking. I mind you intruding into my privacy. I mind you thinking what you’re thinking.

Which was absurd, she corrected herself. She didn’t know what he was thinking. But then, she really did. There was no way to miss the husky tone of his voice. This jerk was trying to pick her up.

A flash of him kissing her shot through her mind. She couldn’t avoid a quick glance at his mouth. Firm lips, a teasing smile—damn it. Of all the… This was absurd. Whatever little fantasy had wormed its way into the back of her mind, it could just worm itself into the trash bin. Why did she let this guy get under her skin? She was a strong self-assured woman, not some giddy teenager on her first date.

“Going,” she said briskly. “And you?”


Nab your copy of Holiday Journey at these links. Only 99¢, this short story is a sexy little escape from your holiday stress. Enjoy!

About the Author

lalizzieD+editedI live in the wilds of the Ozark Mountains with three cats, two hound dogs, and whichever child has taken up temporary residence between grad school and relocation. I’ve been writing my entire life and can’t express how wonderful it is to share stories with readers like you. Every book comes from the heart in the hopes that you will find a bit of pleasure within the pages.

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A. Catherine Noon: The Triumph of Hope Over Experience:  The Cubs, One Week On
Wednesday, November 9th, 2016


By now, you’ve probably heard that the baseball team The Chicago Cubs won the World Series for the first time in 108 years.  I live in Chicago and can tell you, the energy of the city has been absolutely electric.  The parade to celebrate their win smashed attendance records and was the largest gathering of humans in United States history, the seventh largest in human history.

What does this teach us about ourselves, especially in today’s political climate here in the States?

Here’s five things we might take away from the experience:

  1. Hope springs eternal. If we believe a thing long enough, passionately enough, and work toward it enough, it will come true.

Hope springs eternal in the human breast;

Man never is, but always to be blessed:

The soul, uneasy and confined from home,

Rests and expatiates in a life to come.

– Alexander Pope, An Essay on Man

  1. Go big, or go home. – Eliza Dushku

Don’t be afraid of dreaming big, because it’s worth it to stretch our ideas of what’s possible.

  1. To dream big, we need to risk being laughed at. The Cubs were known as “the lovable losers.”  People loved to make fun of the hubris inherent in thinking they’d win a series.  Yes, it took time.  But so what?  From the ecstasy inherent in the city this past week, clearly the buildup was worth it.
  1. As Julia Cameron, noted author and creativity specialist, says, do you know what age I’ll be by the time I learn to do [insert dream here]? Yes, the same age as you’ll be if you don’t.  There’s potent logic in that statement.
  1. Keep at it.  The biggest lesson of taking 108 years to win the World Series is this:  the road to achieving our dream may take a long time.  It may take so long that the logic of pursuing the dream is lost.  No one else may believe in it with us.  But if we stay the course, if we keep believing and trying and working toward it, it will happen.  Maybe there’s a reason so many perseverance metaphors are from baseball:  the advice to “throw strikes,” or the anecdote of how many times Babe Ruth was at bat.  But what is the sum of all of this collected baseball wisdom?  It’s the lesson of continuing, of keeping going.  Keep on keepin’ on.

And nowhere is that more apparent right now than in Chicago.

So what about you, Dear Reader?
What might you do if you let yourself dream big?

“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.”
– E.E. Cummings

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Nicole Evelina: Victoria Woodhull – Groundbreaking Suffragist and Election Day Jailbird
Monday, November 7th, 2016

If you think Hillary Clinton’s got it bad as a female running for President, take a look at how Victoria Woodhull, the first woman to ever run for President in the U.S. spent her Election Day: in jail.

To gain the proper perspective, we need to go back a few months. The summer of 1872 was very hard for Victoria. She was ill with a mysterious ailment that couldn’t be diagnosed and that recurred several times over three months. Her beloved newspaper, Woodhull & Claflin’s Weekly, shut down due to lack of funds. She had already been forced to sell her Murray Hill mansion, and then was kicked out of several hotels, while others wouldn’t rent a room to her (no one wanted to be associated with her or the controversy that surrounded her). She and her family (husband, kids, parents, brothers and sisters) lived for while in the Woodhull & Claflin brokerage offices, but when the landlord found out, he raised her rent so high they were forced to abandon even that location, so that they were homeless for a few days. In desperation, she sent a note to Rev. Henry Ward Beecher, asking for his help to get one of the hotels to let them stay there. He curtly refused.

Her sister, Maggie, eventually managed to rent a place for them to stay under an assumed name. Victoria was tired and still ill, worn out from the whirlwind of her year, which had started off so promising. In September, at a meeting of the National Convention of American Spiritualists in Boston, she decided to finally spill the beans on Rev. Henry Ward Beecher – revealing her long-kept secret that the married preacher was having an affair with Lib Tilton, wife of Theodore Tilton, Victoria’s former lover.

Not satisfied by this small audience – and perhaps in revenge for Rev. Beecher’s refusal to come to her aid in her hour of need – Victoria began plotting on a larger scale. She and Tennie would resurrect Woodhull & Claflin’s Weekly for one more explosive issue (though this didn’t turn out to be its last, only it’s most famous) that would right two long-hidden wrongs. While Victoria told every detail of the Beecher-Tilton scandal she could recall in a fake interview format, Tennie penned a story about the night a businessman named Luther Challis relieved a young girl of her virginity, likely against her will.

Victoria’s “bombshell” was hidden within a seemingly ordinary issue of the newspaper, but that did not stop people from lapping up the scandal inside. According to my sources, the paper sold for 10 cents but by evening people were paying $2.50. The first run of 10,000 copies sold quickly. Some people rented theirs to read for $1.00 a day. One copy even sold for $40. More than 250,000 copies sold in three days. The distributor, American News Company, refused to replace it on the stands after the first 100,000 copies were sold so newsboys came to their offices to get them in person. Some copies were bought and destroyed by Beecher’s supporters, for the article called in to question the idea of marriage as a bedrock of society.

But in the end, it wasn’t Victoria’s story that landed both sisters in jail on Election Day; it was Tennie’s. In telling her tale of Luther Challis’ lewd behavior, Tennie used a line that, although also quoted in the Bible (Deuteronomy), was considered obscene. “To prove he had seduced a maiden, he carried for days on his finger, exhibiting in triumph, the red trophy of her virginity.” Then, when they were tricked into mailing a copy of the paper to Anthony Comstock, the country’s self-appointed moral guardian, they were arrested for sending obscene material through the mail.

So instead of spending Election Day out attempting to vote for herself and getting arrested – and in the process making history ­– Victoria sat with Tennie in the jail cell of a common criminal. (Normally they would have been given special accommodations because they were wealthy public figures, but both the guest quarters and citizen bedroom were full at the time. And to add insult to injury, Victoria’s one-time-friend-turned-rival Susan B. Anthony made history that day by casting her ballot in Rochester, NY. She was arrested and found guilty but refused to pay the fine. Her sensational trial the following year spread her message of suffrage far and wide – just as Victoria had dreamed of doing on her own.


Forty-eight years before women were granted the right to vote, one woman dared to run for President of the United States, yet her name has been virtually written out of the history books.

Rising from the shame of an abusive childhood, Victoria Woodhull, the daughter of a con-man and a religious zealot, vows to follow her destiny, one the spirits say will lead her out of poverty to “become ruler of her people.”

But the road to glory is far from easy. A nightmarish marriage teaches Victoria that women are stronger and deserve far more credit than society gives. Eschewing the conventions of her day, she strikes out on her own to improve herself and the lot of American women.

Over the next several years, she sets into motion plans that shatter the old boys club of Wall Street and defile even the sanctity of the halls of Congress. But it’s not just her ambition that threatens men of wealth and privilege; when she announces her candidacy for President in the 1872 election, they realize she may well usurp the power they’ve so long fought to protect.

Those who support her laud “Notorious Victoria” as a gifted spiritualist medium and healer, a talented financial mind, a fresh voice in the suffrage movement, and the radical idealist needed to move the nation forward. But those who dislike her see a dangerous force who is too willing to speak out when women are expected to be quiet. Ultimately, “Mrs. Satan’s” radical views on women’s rights, equality of the sexes, free love and the role of politics in private affairs collide with her tumultuous personal life to endanger all she has built and change how she is viewed by future generations.

This is the story of one woman who was ahead of her time – a woman who would make waves even in the 21st century – but who dared to speak out and challenge the conventions of post-Civil War America, setting a precedent that is still followed by female politicians today.

Get your copy here!

About the Author


Nicole Evelina is a multi-award-winning historical fiction and romantic comedy writer. Her most recent novel, Madame Presidentess, a historical novel about Victoria Woodhull, America’s first female Presidential candidate, was the first place winner in the Women’s US History category of the 2015 Chaucer Awards for Historical Fiction.

Her debut novel, Daughter of Destiny, the first book of an Arthurian legend trilogy that tells Guinevere’s life story from her point of view, was named Book of the Year by Chanticleer Reviews, took the Grand Prize in the 2015 Chatelaine Awards for Women’s Fiction/Romance, won a Gold Medal in the fantasy category in the Next Generation Indie Book Awards, a Gold Medal in the fantasy category in the Reader’s Favorite Awards, and was short-listed for the Chaucer Award for Historical Fiction. Its sequel, Camelot’s Queen, was awarded the prestigious B.R.A.G Medallion.  Been Searching for You, her contemporary romantic comedy, won the 2016 Colorado Independent Publishers Association Award for Romance, the 2015 Romance Writers of America (RWA) Great Expectations and Golden Rose contests and was a finalist in the chick-lit category of the Readers Favorite Awards.

Nicole’s writing has appeared in The Huffington Post, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Independent Journal, Curve Magazine and numerous historical publications. She is one of only six authors who completed a week-long writing intensive taught by #1 New York Times bestselling author Deborah Harkness. As an armchair historian, Nicole researches her books extensively, consulting with biographers, historical societies and traveling to locations when possible. For example, she traveled to England twice to research the Guinevere’s Tale trilogy, where she consulted with internationally acclaimed author and historian Geoffrey Ashe, as well as Arthurian/Glastonbury expert Jaime George, the man who helped Marion Zimmer Bradley research The Mists of Avalon.

Nicole is a member of and book reviewer for The Historical Novel Society, as well as a member of the Historical Writers of America, Romance Writers of America, the St. Louis Writer’s Guild, Women Writing the West, Alliance of Independent Authors, the Independent Book Publishers Association and the Midwest Publisher’s Association.

Her website is She can be reached online at:

Sukie Chapin: A Non-Election Election Post (Contest)
Sunday, November 6th, 2016


Okay, so I’ve gone back and forth and back again on whether or not to write this, and if you’re running screaming right now, please don’t! I have zero interest in discussing foreign policy or Obamacare or global warming (okay, maybe I’d like to talk global warming, but my happy-little-hippy heart will refrain).

I’m not a particularly politically savvy person. I can admit, albeit with some serious shame, that my knowledge of the inner workings of the federal government is mostly relegated to School House Rocks songs and Scandal (*cough* HAWT *cough*). And, let’s be honest, the latter isn’t exactly the most reliable source of knowledge.

I’m not a political person, but I am a human being, and I’m bringing the election up because I’m worried about me and I’m worried about you. I’m worried collectively about all of us.

And the reason I’m worried is because I feel like we’ve been so overwhelmed by media coverage that is angry, sensationalized, and has the express purpose of fear-mongering. The degree of mudslinging and negativity is taking a toll on me (us, if I may be so bold). I feel stressed (more so than normal, ‘cause hey, I’m kind of a stressy lady to begin with), sad, and anxious. I’m finding myself more prone to snap, and I’m eating chocolate faster than my local Walgreens can stock it. Okay, so the chocolate thing is pretty standard, but the other things are new. *pops more Peanut M&M’s*

In my humble opinion, I, personally, have watched and read too much news; it’s inundating my Facebook feed, and it’s even invading the commercials during my escapism comedies. Not cool, election. Not cool. It’s everywhere. And it took me a couple of weeks of feeling this way to figure out the cause, but now that I know, I’m taking action!

I’m saying enough is enough and pulling the political plug. I realize this may not be for everyone; you may be saying, “But this election is crucial – so much is on the line! How can you ignore it?” And if you want to watch and listen and read, then I fully and fervently support your right to do so. I always will. But for me, I can’t. It’s too much. I’ve done my civic duty (I would argue privilege would be a more apt word) by voting and now it’s out of my hands.

So, I’m going to focus on the wonderful, positive things about this country. I’m going to reread the inscription on the Statue of Liberty. I’m going to flip through old vacation pictures and revel in the majesty of this country. I’m going to hug my family and my fabulous group of diverse friends. I’m going to make an apple pie and hang an American Flag outside my door and watch For Love of the Game or maybe Independence Day because, come on, who wouldn’t like a little Thomas Whitmore for President!?

I’m going to wallow in all the good here in the United States of America because I still believe, from the very bottom of my heart, that come next Wednesday, no matter the outcome, we will still be united. We will still be “one nation under God, indivisible, with Liberty and justice for all.”

And if you’re like me and need a little distraction from the election, might I suggest our Crazy Cat Lady Anthology? It’s nine awesome stories, some suspense, some paranormal, some erotic, some sweet, but all romantic and all offering at least a Happily For Now if not a full blown Happily Ever After! And it’s only $0.99 for a limited time!! That’s a lot of story for under a buck!


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Because I want to “Pay it forward” a little during this stressful time and start a good juju chain, leave me a comment below with something that YOU love about our great country (or your great country, if you’re not in the USA), and I’ll pick one winner to receive a $5.00 Amazon gift card! (Bonus points if you pay this forward with a random act of kindness between now and Election Day!!) Let’s make people smile!!

Jeanette Grey: The Anti-Holiday Romance
Thursday, November 3rd, 2016

I’m going to let you in on a poorly kept secret: I, Jeanette Grey, am a Grinch. Christmas stuff starts showing up in stores and I groan. The specter of buying gifts and traveling gives me heartburn. I actively reprogram the radio stations in my car the second they switch over to holiday music; I’ll take static over one more play of Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You”.

So what right do I have to be writing a holiday romance?

None. And yet I did it anyway.

Much like me, the heroine of my new novella, Let It Snow, is a bit of a bah-humbug, and that’s only made worse by the fact that her name is Holly. Having grown up in an unhappy household, Holly doesn’t have many good holiday memories to make the season bright for her. She escaped her childhood home, and now channels her energy into school, her job at the local independent bookstore, general fangirling and geekery, and, oh right, ogling the hot assistant manager at the store, Sam.

Sam’s not looking forward to Christmas this year, either, but for very different reasons. He loves his family, but they had a falling out when he decided not to follow in his father’s footsteps.

Since neither of them have holiday plans, Holly and Sam end up working the late shift two days before Christmas. All seems well, right up until a freak blizzard catches them unaware, stranding them at the store together. With nothing to do but talk, they end up getting much, much better acquainted, trading heated kisses as well as painful secrets.

And the funny thing is that it changes Holly’s perspective on the holiday entirely. While I remain a Grinch to this day, I’ve found that the holidays are all about the memories you associate with them and the people you share them with. As I’ve gotten older and my circle of family and friends has expanded, my heart may not have grown three sizes, but it’s maybe shifted from a small to at least a medium. This Christmas will be the first I spend as a new mom, and already, I can see my perspective on it shifting with the new addition.

So too for Holly. As her circle grows to include not just Sam but his family as well, the meaning of the season changes. She’s able to let go of a little of the loneliness that’s always shrouded it in the past—and by the end of it, she’s more than happy to Let It Snow, indeed.

Let It Snow


Baby, it’s cold outside . . .

‘Tis the night before Christmas Eve and Holly wishes she hadn’t volunteered to work the night shift. The weather is frightful and getting worse by the minute, and the same old annoying carols are blasting from the bookstore’s speakers. But Holly’s holiday spirit returns when the store’s sexy new assistant manager arrives to keep her company. He has muscled arms, baby blue eyes, and a sweet pair of lips she wouldn’t mind meeting under the mistletoe.

Sam is glad the snow is keeping away customers-it gives him a chance to get close to his favorite employee. Holly has always been a mystery to Sam, like a beautiful present he’d love to unwrap. When they’re trapped by a full-blown blizzard, Holly breaks into the Christmas cookie display. Sam busts out a bottle of vodka from the boss’s office. Soon the two are trading heated kisses—as well as secrets neither has ever felt safe enough to tell before. What started out as one naughty night together turns into something so much more.


Before he could ask if she was sure, she moved her hand to the nape of his neck, twisting her fingers in the scruff there and tugging him down, leaving him no room to doubt. God, she’d only wanted this for months, and she’d been holding back all night. No way she was letting another minute go by before she sucked his tongue and got the whole length of his body pressed against her.

She closed her eyes and opened her mouth, and just like that, everything went hot and electric, and yes, hell yes, this was how she’d imagined he would kiss, all hard and messy and confident as he took charge. He tasted like cheap vodka and cookies and sex, and the slick caress of his tongue made everything flash to liquid in her bones. She made a noise in the rear of her throat that should have been embarrassing except that his own groan echoed hers. The hand on her chest slid to her hip, his other arm wrapping around her waist. She rose onto her toes, but it wasn’t close enough. With a little whine, she hauled herself up, and he was right there with her, getting a hand on her ass to steady her as she hopped and wrapped her legs around his waist and Hello, there.

Fuck, the hard ridge of him through those jeans was hitting her exactly where she needed it to, sending a bloom of pleasure reeling out through her spine and all the way to her toes. The way he was holding her, like she barely weighed anything at all, just made her hotter, and when she ground her hips into his, he practically choked on his tongue, fingers stuttering against her waist and thigh. Her breasts were pressed up tight against the solid muscle of his chest, her nipples stiff points of sensation, and she wanted his hands on them. His mouth and his teeth, and—

Somehow they were staggering backward. Her ass hit the edge of the couch, and he dropped to his knees in front of her, palms sliding over her legs, and her glasses were smudged and askew, and she didn’t care. This was too fast—too much and probably a terrible idea, but everything about it seemed right. He felt so good and he kissed like he’d been made for it, for making a woman go to pieces around him and under him and on top of him, and she wanted to know. To get inside of him and get him inside of her.

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Elle James: Keep on Keeping On!
Wednesday, November 2nd, 2016

Can’t believe it’s November already! Today is my father’s 80th birthday! Please wish him a happy birthday. I love him soo much! I came down to visit him this past weekend and stayed until today. I also got to spend time brainstorming with my sister, Delilah! I love the time I get to spend with her. We always have such great ideas when we put our heads together!

I just wrapped up my June 2016 Harlequin Intrigue HOT ZONE, and I’m getting ready for the release of SEAL’S DELIVERANCE Nov 15th.  But that’s not all I’ve been doing.

I sent my youngest daughter off to boot camp! That’s right. She joined the Army National Guard and went to Basic Training Oct 24th.  You know how you are when your baby starts kindergarten and then graduates high school? Well, it’s not much different when your baby goes off to Basic Training. I’m happy, I’m sad. Most of all I’m very proud of her and hope she kicks some butt and aces everything!

Today I’m driving with Susan Stoker to Huntington, West Virginia for a booksigning on Nov 5thThe Rebels & Readers Author Event. If you’re in the area, please come see us and a lot of great authors.  Info here:

And we’re making a stop on Nov 3rd in Lexington, KY and having a reader get-together. If you’re in or near Lexington, come see us! Info here:

On November 15th, SEAL’S DELIVERANCE is coming out. It’s the last book in the TAKE NO PRISONERS series, and it will tie in with the BROTHERHOOD PROTECTORS series. Pre-order now!



Navy SEAL, who once was a cowboy, and a sexy CDC biologist, join forces to find biological warfare vials shipped to an unknown location in Montana

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