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Anne Lange: Inspiration
Thursday, September 25th, 2014


“Where do you get your ideas from?”

It’s the question we all get. For some authors, the characters speak to them.  Unfortunately, I don’t have voices in my head. It’s just me up there talking to myself. :)

Inspiration comes from anything that captures your interest or tweaks your imagination in some small way. And generally, once the idea gets in there, it refuses to leave.  Hmm. Maybe it’s an infestation?

Do you listen to music? Look a photos or paintings? Watch videos? Listen to the news? People watching is an awesome activity.  Maybe the young couple arguing in the park grabs your attention and you start to wonder what they’re fighting about. Or you see a young woman sitting all alone at the bus stop looking incredibly sad. Did she lose her job, lose a friend?  It could come from a story you read—something in the same theme, but you envision a very different plot and outcome. It could be a scrumptious meal you just ate and you begin to envision the sexy cook back in the kitchen wondering if he’ll ever meet the woman of his dreams.  What about the conversation you overheard between two people in front of you at Starbucks. At the time you stifled a giggle about the topic of discussion, but it’s stuck on repeat in your head until the idea for a story comes together.  Perhaps it’s a real life event that affected you deeply and you need to write about it to purge yourself of your emotions.

I took a fantastic course a few years ago. We had to search for five articles from newspapers. The stories had to be odd.  They could be strange odd or funny odd. Each week we chose one of the stories and then wrote a scene inspired by the chosen article. The scenes varied in length and they varied in genre. We brought our work back to the class, told them about the original article and what about it in particular inspired the story.  Sometimes it was the theme, or simply a sentence or an emotion it invoked.  Sometimes, it was difficult to make the connection between the article and the story the author created, but something in how they interpreted that story sparked an idea for them.

For me, it’s usually something I’ve see or read.  A great cover will spark an idea.  I let the image sink into my mind and from there the story unfolds. I look at submission calls. The publisher or editor provides the nugget for inspiration and then I run away and create a story, taking it in whichever direction I choose.  I don’t even necessarily submit that story to that particular requestor.  They were simply the conduit for the idea.  Somebody or something somewhere, somehow plants the seed. Then we make it grow.

In my debut novella, Worth the Risk, a submission call prodded me to write a story, but the inspiration came from my real life.  In Friend with Benefits, the idea was sparked by something a friend said, but my backyard was the inspiration for the scenery.  In my upcoming release, Sliding into Home, the idea was sparked by a trip to Las Vegas and a bride I saw in one of the casinos.

The possibilities are endless.  Look around. Watch. Listen. Touch. Read.  Use every sense, open your eyes, clean out your ears, but be discrete when you’re eavesdropping LOL!  Inspiration is everywhere.

I get my ideas mostly from things I see or read about.  Where do you get your ideas from?


Sliding into Home, A New League Series (Book 1)
By Anne Lange
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
Release Date: October 17, 2014, Available for Pre-Order Now
Publisher: Totally Bound Publishing
Word Count:  37,827  words
Heat Level:  Hot 

alSliding into Home -Teaser 2

Can an injured ex ball player convince the woman he wakes up married to in Las Vegas to take a second chance on him?

After spending the last four months drowning his sorrows over the end of his baseball career, Jack Bishop finds himself winging through the blue skies to Las Vegas, not so ready to spend the weekend with some woman his best friend set him up with. He expects a paid escort. What he gets is the woman he walked away from ten years ago to pursue his passion, and she’s not very happy to see him.

Devyn Tate believes she’s quite capable of finding somebody to take her out to dinner. She’s no longer looking for a lifelong promise. She has a commitment only to her battery-operated toy to fulfill that particular need. Yet her friends have managed to talk her into spending the weekend in Las Vegas, on a blind date of all things. They promise the guy is trustworthy. They insist that she should have fun. Unfortunately, fun is not what she envisions when she discovers Jack Bishop lying on the floor of her suite in nothing but his underwear that’s on backward, and she has a wedding ring on her finger.

Available for Pre-Order September 5th (from Totally Bound)
Early Download: September 19th  (from Totally Bound)
General Release:  October 17th

Totally Bound Publishing:


Author Bio

Shoes are her addiction, but books are her passion.  Anne Lange grew up with a love for reading. If you take a close look, she’s got either a book, her Kindle or her Kobo—maybe all three—tucked into her bag or a pocket when she leaves the house. You know, just in case there’s time to sneak in a chapter or ten.  Anne reads many genres of romance, but prefers to write sexy stories, often with a dash of humor, and usually with a side of those sinful pleasures your mom never told you about.

Oh, and always a happily ever after.

While embarking on this wild journey of becoming a romance author, Anne juggles a full time job and a family. Not always successfully. Who needs a clean house every day?  And what’s wrong with cereal for dinner? She lives in Ontario, Canada with her wonderfully supportive husband, three awesome kids who are growing up way too fast, and Rocky the bearded dragon.

Author Social Links 

Web Site | Facebook | Twitter @Anne_Lange | | Goodreads  | Pinterest  | Amazon
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*Lizzie Starr: Birds Do It!
Thursday, September 18th, 2014

Today is my birthday. No, don’t start singing that song–I’m sure I’ll hear it often enough at work when the kids come to lunch. If I could, I’d simply forget my birthday all together, but singing to mz *lizzie makes the kids happy. And I can’t resist that.

Much like Birdie, the heroine in Birds Do It! can’t resist helping a desperate single father facing what he considers to be a dangerous hyacinth macaw and a birthday celebration for his nine year old daughter. First she calms the bird, then offers to decorate the birthday cake.

Birds do itA Birthday excerpt for you.

Smoothing the surface with a deft flick of her wrist, she spoke. “I need to know how your daughter spells her name.”

“The French way.”

“And that is?” Birdie held up a hand. “Wait a sec.” She reached for a second decorating bag filled with bright blue icing. After testing the flow from the tip over a bowl, she paused with the tip close to the cake. “Okay, shoot.”

“R.” Garr swallowed heavily. This woman, a stranger, came into his house, magically quieted a maniacal bird, and created the most beautiful cake for his daughter. Her hand moved smoothly, putting a final, flowery flourish to the large letter.

“A.” She arched her shoulders forward as if easing tight muscles. Garr’s fingers twitched, and he longed to soothe, to comfort, to relax her tension. That longing curled into heated tension low in his belly.

“C.” Pausing, Birdie held the top of the decorating bag in one hand, wrapped the fingers of her other hand around it, and gently forced the icing toward the tip. Then, she wrapped her fingers more tightly around the bag and adjusted her grip slightly. Garr bit back a low groan.

“H.” How the letter got past the lump in his throat was a miracle. Unbidden, unwanted, the vision of her fingers wrapped around him… stroking… caressing… squeezing…

His body responded painfully.

“E.” A deep intake of breath filled him with her scent; spice and warm vanilla. As casually as he could, he moved to the other side of the island to hide his physical reaction. Perhaps the distance would help.

“Two L’s.” How long had it really been since he’d been attracted to a woman, drawn to someone so intimately? The tip of her pink tongue peeked between her lips as she concentrated, moving slowly along her full lower lip as if it traced the letters as well.

“E.” By God, if she didn’t stop caressing that damn bag…

“There, finished.” Birdie looked up at him. A triumphant smile made her face bright and beautiful. She sucked an icing covered finger into her mouth. “What do you think?”

I think I want to know you better. Much better.

Birds Do It!

A search for truth, switched babies, and a threat from the past all conspire to destroy the love Birdie found with Garr and his daughter, Rachelle.

Macaws as lovebirds?

An avian expert, Birdie Simons is called to help control a cantankerous hyacinth macaw during a young girl’s birthday party. Inexorably drawn to each other, she and single father Garr Logan share an afternoon of joy and bittersweet memories, for Garr’s wife died the same day as Birdie’s newborn child.

Something about Rachelle makes Birdie wonder if the golden-haired girl is her daughter, switched at birth. Then her child’s father returns, dogging her search for understanding and throwing her deeper into fear and confusion.

Ready to move on after his wife’s death, Garr wants the intriguing woman, but Birdie keeps the search, threats and hidden relationships to herself, driving a wedge between them.

Will discovering the truth from nine years ago bring them closer, or forever tear them apart?

Birds Do It! can be found at the following eretailers: Amazon,   Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iBooks, Smashwords, All Romance eBooks

I even have a trailer. View the trailer here!

About *lizzie:

*lizzie always made up games and stories to keep her company. So, a cunning witch lived in Grampa’s weather research station and was only held at bay by waving a certain weed. An ancient road grader morphed into a boat carrying wild adventurers to islands filled with fierce lions and dangerous cannibals, which really looked a lot like sheep. Now, filled with fantasy, love, and romance with a sparkling twist, the stories of her imagination swirl their way into the mundane world. When *lizzie must return to a more routine life, she’s *the Lunch Lady* at a private school. Author and lunch lady~~what a combination!
amazon author page

Jennah Scott: Fall, My favorite season! (Contest)
Wednesday, September 17th, 2014

Note: Thought I’d misplaced Jennha’s blog, but found it. The contest I posted earlier this AM, just below this blog, is still a go! Be sure to enter! ~DD

* * * * *

Fall hit hard this week. Which I both love and hate. Love because I get to pull out the hoodies! Hate because it means winter is coming—not my favorite time of year. :)

But there are other great things about fall (one of my favorite seasons). Perfect days of mild weather, clear skies, and fresh air. The colors of the trees as they turn from green to gold, orange and red.

Halloween. So much fun dressing up and taking my kiddo trick or treating. Sports! Football. Hockey.

And school. As much as I love spending the summer with my kiddo, it’s nice to have some free time when she goes back to school. And she loves it as well.

As summer fades to fall and the temperatures drop, schedules pick up, and we prepare for winter I like to pull out some books that heat things up!  What do you do when the temperatures turn chilly? What is your favorite season?

Leave a comment and your email and I’ll pick one winner to win an ebook of Finding Her Dream. The giveaway ends September 26th. I’ll post the winner’s name in the comments.

Finding Dream

Title: Finding Her Dream (Midwest Kisses #2)
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Western Romance
Published: March 27, 2014

Add to Goodreads:

It wasn’t until she watched her best friend find the man of her dreams that RayAnne Hill realizes there’s a part of her missing. She knows the empty space can only be filled by finding her own true love, complete with kids and the white picket fence. Fear of letting someone in stops her cold, and it’s much bigger than just finding Mr. Right.

James Shaw moved away from Kentucky and the family business to chase his own goals, settling in the small town of Kimmswick, Missouri. His business is succeeding, now he’s ready to complete his life with a wife and kids. One night, one look and he’s found her. RayAnne is everything he’s been searching for.

As hard as James has fallen for RayAnne, can he be enough to help her overcome her worst nightmare? Or will he decide he can’t wait forever, and walk away to find happiness?

Buy Links:
All Romance:
Barnes and Noble:

Author Bio:

Born and raised in Texas, Jennah is a transplant to Missouri long enough ago she should probably consider that her hometown. But she will forever be a Texan. She loves to write any story that will make a reader smile, laugh, and maybe even cry (although you won’t ever hear her admit that she cries). Whether the next story she writes is contemporary, urban fantasy, LGBT, or whatever other crazy idea she comes up with, there will always be love and romance in the midst of trials and turmoil.



“I’m sorry, Ray.”

What? She whipped around to face him. “Why?” she squeaked.

“For that night. For being late. For letting you down. All of it. I hated not getting to spend some time with you.” James clasped his hands in front of him. Her gaze lingered a little below his belt. He cleared his throat and she jerked her head up. At seeing his smirk Ray’s cheeks warmed. She’d been caught.

“I should be apologizing to you, James. It was wrong of me to ignore you. I was being selfish, too worried about myself and how much I wanted to have dinner with you. Everything ended up okay, right? I mean I know it’s been a while, but…” she trailed off. Rambling would get her nowhere.

James grinned. The cooling fire inside ignited once again. “Yeah, sugar. Everything’s good. Shadow was perfect and her foal, Levee, is a beauty.”

“Levee? That’s an odd name for a horse isn’t it?”

“Maybe. I don’t care. She’s named after the Levee Apple Pie at the Owl.”

“Why would you name your horse after an apple pie?” Ray didn’t know much about horses, but she figured an odd name like that had to have a story.

“It’s not the apple pie. Once upon a time I met this girl and I screwed up. So this was my way of reminding myself what can happen if I don’t pay attention.”

Cynthia D’Alba: Texas Twist (Contest)
Wednesday, September 10th, 2014

Hi all! Cynthia D’Alba here. Mega-thanks to gal-pal Delilah Devlin for having me here today. I’m happy-dancing over the release of TEXAS TWIST, the fourth book in the Texas Montgomery Mavericks series.

cd4 covers meme

When I wrote Texas Two Step (book one), I had no idea there’d be more books in the series but I’m so pleased that Texas Twist isn’t the last book. There will be at least three more books…maybe more! Who knows! J

So far, Texas Twist has excellent reviews, so readers and reviewers seem to be enjoying the story of bull rider, Cash Montgomery and his love, Paige Ryan. Here’s a little more about TEXAS TWIST…


Real bad boys can grow up to be real good men.

Texas Montgomery Mavericks, Book 4

Hit hard by the death of her parents, Paige Ryan needs to figure out what to do with her life. She moves to Whispering Springs, Texas, to be near her step-brother. But just as she starts to get her life on track, the last man she ever wanted to see again sends it right back off the rails.

Cash Montgomery was on the cusp of having it all. Three bull riding titles, fame, fortune and respect from his family. Until a bad bull leaves him injured, angry and searching for comfort at the bottom of a bottle. With nowhere to go, he moves into his sister-in-law’s old ranch house in Whispering Springs—which he’s surprised to find already occupied.

As Cash rebuilds the dilapidated home and Paige starts out on her medical career, their old friendship begins to reemerge and sparks are ignited. Paige knows that Cash is nothing but a heartache waiting to happen. But maybe this bad boy has grown up to be a real good man?

Warning: Watch out for falling lumber, falling in holes, and falling for the wrong guy…again. You can leave your hard hat on.

Sound like you’re kind of read? Grab your copy today (and make me very happy!)

Samhain / Amazon / iTunes / Barnes & Nobles

And don’t forget…I’m trying to give away some cool prizes!

Go to my Facebook page to enter the Rafflecopter!

If you don’t do Facebook, try going directly to Rafflecopter to enter…

AND, if you read Texas Twist and leave a review (Amazon, Samhain, Goodreads, Barnes & Noble…basically anywhere!), there is a contest JUST for reviewers. You can enter the reviewers only contest at Rafflecopter or at Facebook.

Thanks for coming by! Are you a contemporary western romance reader?

Dena Garson: Mystic’s Touch (Contest)
Sunday, September 7th, 2014

School has started. That means football season is in full swing at my house. Not only do both of my boys play, but we follow a local college team and I follow the Dallas Cowboys (yeah, I know… don’t judge). Our love of the sport creates an unbelievably crazy schedule for the next two months. By November, I’m always left exhausted and wondering WHY we do this every year.

Thankfully my oldest son started “school ball” last year so it took a little pressure off of us. This year he’s a freshman in high school (OMG!! *gnashing of teeth* *pulling of hair*) so his last period is used for athletics and he stays later to finish practice. Easier on mom and dad since it eliminates the pick up and running across town to get him to practice.

Now, my younger son is the only one that has to be chased down and taken to practice.

Honestly – I don’t know how parents with four (or more??!) kids do it. These two run me in circles.

And I’ve never been one of those moms who could drop her kid off at practice and come back two hours later. It’s that “what if” voice in my head that runs through all possible scenarios. When I’m writing, that’s helpful but when it comes to my kiddos, not so much. I see blood and guts and broken bones and a dead cell phone on my end. Makes me nauseous to even think of it.

So… either I, or their dad, spend a lot of time on the sidelines. Not only does it quell my just-in-case paranoia but It allows us an opportunity to be involved in their lives and lets the kids know what they do matters to us.

On the upside… all those practices make for great writing or reading time!

For those of you with equally hectic schedules, how do you make time for those things that you are passionate about (reading, building model trains, making jewelry, puzzles, etc.)? Inquiring minds want to know! Leave me a comment and I’ll enter your name in a drawing for a copy of one of my ebooks (either Down to Business or Risky Business). And if the winner is friends with me on Facebook, I’ll toss in a swag pack also. The drawing will be held on Sunday, Sept. 21 – I’ll post the winner’s name in the comments.

Now… here’s a quick blurb about Mystic’s Touch, my sensual fantasy that came out earlier this year.


When Prince Ceros returns home to take his place on the throne, he falls prey to a mysterious malady that leaves him unable to speak or move, though his thoughts and awareness remain intact. Danet, a talented healer, realizes the prince is alert inside his body. The two are able to share thoughts telepathically. Unfortunately her connection with Ceros may bring unwanted attention to her abilities and result in her banishment from the city.

Their unique bond grows as Danet races to find a remedy for the prince’s condition. Desire turns to love, which makes Danet fear for their future when he awakens. They seek out the villain attempting to take the throne and endeavor to find a way to stay together.

An excerpt:

Danet turned to look at the prince. He was a handsome man. It was a shame to see him trapped in his body this way.

Don’t try to distract me, the prince said.

How was I distracting you?

You were thinking of touching my hair.

I was not.

Yes, you were.

Danet harrumphed. What was your second reason?

My second reason?

You said you had two reasons for asking about my family but only mentioned one.

Ah, yes. I was trying to figure out how your family could be so intertwined with mine, but I don’t remember meeting you before now.

We were introduced once, long ago. As I have already explained, it would have been improper for me to have served you or spent any time in your company. Besides, you have been away from home for many turns of the suns.

Why is it acceptable for you to be in my service now?

I am no longer an innocent maid. I was married for a short time. Besides, completing my apprenticeship allows me a great deal of freedom even though I am not mated. I believe your mother is more concerned with your well-being than any sense of impropriety. Besides, there is little danger of your ravishing me while in this state.

How does she know that you won’t ravish me while overseeing my care?

She shot him a look that would have spoken volumes had he been able to see it. Because your mother knows me better than that.

Does she?

Yes. With one word, she made sure there was nothing to argue.

How unfortunate.

An image flashed through her mind of her straddling his very naked body, both of them sweaty and flushed. Danet tripped over her own feet. She quickly stamped the image down, not knowing if she had conjured it or if he had.


Check out the book trailer for Mystic’s Touch on YouTube:

You can find Mystic’s Touch at these ebook stores:

Author bio and social media links:
Dena Garson loves to read romance – the hotter the better. When one of her BFF’s said “one of us should be writing this stuff” she took up the challenge. If she isn’t writing, she’s making beaded jewelry and somehow still manages to make it into the office on a regular basis.

Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Blog | Ellora’s Cave Author Page | Amazon Author Page

YouTube Channel:

Nancy Corrigan: Is that a school bus I see?
Thursday, September 4th, 2014

Aww…September. As a child, I dreaded the weeks leading up to the first day of school. My mother started planning at the beginning of August. We had scheduled shopping trips to get clothes and school supplies. My mom was a bargain shopper back then (she still is) so we’d hit all the sales and even the thrift shops until I had enough mix and match outfits.

The daily reminders came next. Did you read? Practice your math and spelling? I remember complaining that it wasn’t fair, none of my friends had to practice. Of course, now I know why she insisted I get my mind back into learning mode and I’m glad she made me brush up on my skills. Along with the homework sessions came reinforced bedtimes. Each day it got a little earlier.

I’m convinced she had a schedule to countdown the days until school started. Now that I’m a mother, I know why—routines are a blessing. And if you’re a stay-at-home mom, those blessedly quiet hours when the kids are in school are a godsend. I work but have a few weekdays off so I reap the benefits of both.

Everyone feels the effects of the new school year with increased traffic and longer commutes to work. Those first few weeks are an adjustment period. Maybe it’s just me, but I love the routine. Although I must admit, I don’t like the traffic. What about you? Do you enjoy routines or have any memories about getting ready for school?

Also, here’s a little peak at my latest release, Hunter Betrayed. Enjoy!

HunterBetrayed 200x300


“Wh-who are y-you? What…” She focused on where his chest should be. He glanced down and saw the ground, not his body or even a ghostly apparition. “What are you? A g-ghost?”

“Not a ghost. I’m alive. I’m just not here.”

He stretched an invisible hand out… and touched her cheek. The surprise in connecting with her in a tangible manner nearly pulled him away from her. With mental fingers, he tugged her closer. He wouldn’t lose her.

Not now, not ever.

He slid a hand to her bottom and pressed her body flush to his. The cushion of her breasts stirred his lusts. His erection thickened in response to her nearness. Impossible, so he would’ve thought.

The half-breed fairy in his arms would one day become his enemy. A child of Dahm, she carried the chaotic taint he’d willingly invited into his body. It should’ve begun to corrupt her, turning her into a monster too. Yet…it hadn’t. Why?

Calan tipped her head back. Her dark blue eyes captivated him. Fear shown in them. After a moment, a desire to match his flared. He skimmed his fingertips over the contours of her angelic face. Possessiveness rose within him and mixed with an intense need to protect her. She was special. He sensed it, but didn’t have time to explore it.

“You need to run. You cannot allow them to steal the goodness you’ve managed to retain.” Because it belonged to him. So too did the female. He would claim both and she would be the one to free him. The rightness of his vow took hold.

A millennium had passed without him finding the one half breed who would have the courage to free a Huntsman. Nine years ago, when he’d spied her in the midst of flowers, he had. Today, he would ensure she did, no matter the cost.

Purchase Links:
Ellora’s Cave

Add to your Goodreads TBR list! Hunter Betrayed

Author Bio

Nancy Corrigan believes in unending love and epic tales with a paranormal flare. She enjoys transcending the boundaries of reality to take her readers on an erotic, emotional and romantic journey.

She resides in Pennsylvania with her husband and three children. When she’s not weaving sizzling fantasies, she works as a chemist in a pharmaceutical lab.

Social Media links:
Youtube trailer

Cindy Nord: Getting to Know Her (Contest)
Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014

Enjoy a short interview with author Cindy Nord! 


1.  Have you always had a passion for writing?

My passion for writing began many years ago.  As a young divorcee completely disillusioned by romance, I sought enjoyment in reading. Then, finally, on a lonely New Year’s Eve, I tucked my two young son’s into bed, poured myself a glass of wine, then pulled out my old Tower typewriter. With a strong belief in a ‘happily-ever-after’ I began to craft a love story which would contain all the elements I felt a true hero should possess. THAT was the night I gave birth to a Civil War love story, NO GREATER GLORY, which ultimately became a Romance Writers of America Golden Heart finalist, which landed me my fabulous agent. Lo and behold, my journey toward publication began.

2. Does what you read influence what you write and what are some of your favorite authors/books?

I love historical romance.  The elements I look for in a novel that I read for pleasure are a captivating love story, characters who I can fall in love with, and detailing that sweeps me right straight back into the time period.  I have many romance novels on my keeper shelf, but as I glance at them several stand out to me, and are as timely & moving as they were when I first them:  THE OUTSIDER by Penelope Williamson.  GONE WITH THE WIND by Margaret Mitchell.  LOVE & WAR by Patricia Hagan. Good heavens, the list goes on and on.

3. What are your biggest inspirations?

People.  So many people inspire me to do better, strive harder, and reach farther.  Their successes are what inspires me to continue in my quest every day.

4. Do you have a technique in how you choose characters and/or locational settings?

Some of my characters have been born in my mind before I even start writing a book.  And others only after I’m in the process of creating.  They literally ‘talk to me’…lol. For example, Dillon [the hero of my third novel & sidekick of Jackson Neale] just would not take a back seat in my second novel [With Open Arms…the love story of Callie Cutteridge and Jackson Neale] until I promised him he could have his own dang book!! And I always place my characters in settings that I love myself.

5. Do you listen to music while you are creating your masterpieces?

Absolutely…especially when I crafting a love scene or writing involved conflict. And my music choices vary so greatly from Enya to Garth Brooks to The Eagles to Beethoven.  See? I’m a writer, so my mood changes with the wind.  

6. What do you do to stay motivated and avoid writer’s block?

I always run things past my husband and we’ll sit down & discuss upcoming scenes and potential plot twists.  Oh, and bottles of wine….lots and lots of organic Pinot Noir…lol.

7. How has becoming a published author changed your perspective on life and is it everything you expected it to be?

I didn’t realize how extremely busy my life would become upon being published.  I find myself with less time to actually write, so I must be even more focused than ever before and follow guidelines that I have set for myself.  I love the opportunities and ‘opened doors’ that being a historical romance writer has presented to me. From interacting with so many amazingly wonderful authors that I have admired for years, to meeting incredibly supportive bloggers, readers, and leaders in the publishing industry, I cannot ask for a better ‘career’ than this one.  

8. What are your biggest challenges as an author?

Balancing my time and attention between writing, social media, my family and my friends…and, of course, finding just that perfect word to use in a sentence…after all, it’s all about the emotions.  

9. Do you have any pets?

Two spoiled-rotten Shetland Sheepdogs….Shelties, of course.  Our oldest boy’s AKC name is Charleston’s Own Captain Rhett Butler Nord, but we just call him Buddy.  And our little girl is Atlanta’s Own Katy Scarlett O’Hara Nord, otherwise affectionately called Katy. 

What hobbies do you have outside of reading and writing?

Gardening. RV camping and traveling. Hiking. Bicycling. And going on luxurious cruises with the hubster.

11. Where is the most exciting/memorable place you have been in the world?

Too numerous to pick just one…from the Mayan Ruins deep in Mexico’s core to the beauty and splendor of the Grand Canyon to the hauntingly poignant monuments of the bloodstained Civil War battlefields across this nation, each and every place has burned a spot inside our heart.

12. Tell us about your latest work in progress or most recent published work…

I am currently writing AN UNLIKELY HERO, Book Three of my Four-book THE CUTTERIDGE SERIES for Samhain Publishing. Book One, NO GREATER GLORY, was the #1 Civil War Romance at Amazon for nearly a year.  And Book Two, WITH OPEN ARMS, just debuted on August 5t and zoomed straight up to become a #1 Bestselling Historical Western at Samhain. I have the best readers on the whole dang planet!

And now here’s MY QUESTION for my visitors:

 As a thanks to readers, Cindy would also like to give away FREE to one lucky commenter a digital copy [Kindle/Nook/eReader, etc.] of BOTH of her bestselling historical romances.

About Cindy

Cindy Nord - Professional ShotSay hello to Bestselling Historical Romance writer, CINDY NORD…the USA Today Lifeblog ‘Recommended Read’ author of NO GREATER GLORY, a #1 Civil War Romance at Amazon for nearly a year, and book one in her four-book ‘The Cutteridge Series’. WITH OPEN ARMS, book two, debuts in August, 2014. Also, Cindy is pleased to be a contributing author in the delightful SCRIBBLING WOMEN & THE REAL-LIFE ROMANCE HEROES WHO LOVE THEM. She is a member of numerous writers groups, and her work has finaled or won countless times in competitions — including the prestigious Romance Writers of America National Golden Heart Contest. A luscious blend of history and romance, her stories meld both genres around fast-paced action and emotionally driven characters.

Please join Cindy at her Facebook page for her Monday-thru-Friday morning “Coffee Klatch” — as well as on Twitter at @cnord2.  Indeed, true love awaits you in the writings of Cindy Nord.


My webpage:
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Barnes & Noble NOOK link (No Greater Glory):
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