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See what little sis is doing?
Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

Myla Jackson, who also writes as Elle James for Harlequin, has a new release with The Cave. Check it out!

What the story’s all about!

Pale and innocent Lilly Wyatt left the security of home in Georgia to follow her dream of a career on Broadway. On a dark night on the streets of New York City, her dream turns into a nightmare when she’s cornered by cougars in the heart of the city.

Black as a moonless night, Tom Black blends into shadows, prowling the streets of Hell’s Kitchen, on alert to stop trouble before humans become aware of the beasts among them. When his new neighbor falls victim to rogue cougars, he leaps to the rescue, colliding with a force capable of overcoming race, color and species. Love.


Lilly took the decision out of his hands, closing the gap between them. Her fingers reached behind and unhooked her bra, letting the straps slide down her shoulders one at a time. When her breasts spilled free, she looked as pure and white as a December snow. Her pale, rosy nipples puckered to tight little beads, thrusting toward his face like tempting berries.

Unable to resist temptation, Tom closed his lips around one tight bud, flicking his tongue against the hardened bead. She tasted of strawberries and cream and that special woman-taste that made him purr.

Tom jerked free, and shot a glance up at her. Had she heard him purr?

When she guided his face to the other breast, he heaved a sigh. Damn, he’d almost given himself away. Next thing he knew, he’d be halfway transformed and scaring her half to death. What was it about Lilly that made him lose control?

Carefully holding his inner animal in check, Tom explored the other breast, tonguing the tip to peaked perfection. Then his lips slipped sideways, kissing a path downward, across her ribs, angling for her bellybutton.

Lilly’s back arched pushing her tight stomach closer to his lips. Her hands worked spasmodically over his shoulders and down his arms, and low moaning sounds rose from her throat.

Tom’s hands moved upward beneath her flared uniform skirt to the scrap of lacy underwear beneath. He hooked his fingers in the elastic and dragged them downward until they dropped to her ankles. Back up her legs, his fingers memorized every curve, indention and tensed muscle upward to the curve of her buttocks. His hands spanned each cheek massaging them, kneading them, working his fingers toward the center crease. One lone digit traced the line downward to the tightly puckered hole of her anus, pressing against the entrance, gently easing in. Then he slid around to the juicy entrance to her cunt. Sweet Geezus, she was wet for him, her come drenching him with musky cream he wished to lap up, one lick at a time.

She parted her legs, giving him full access to her inner thighs.

With one hand cupping her ass at the same time he fingered her anus, the other hand circled around the front and parted her labia. When he touched his wet finger to her clit, she gasped.

“Oh, Tom. Bless it! That’s the spot. Do it again.” One hand circled around the back of his neck and brought his mouth to her breast. The other hand curved around his larger hand cupping her cunt.

He took her breast deep into his mouth, sucking hard on the nipple while plunging his finger into her pussy. The pressure of his cock straining inside his jeans became a physical pain he could stand no longer. Tom set Lilly back and stood, shucking his jeans, and then stepping free.

Lilly’s gaze raked over his chest, down his belly and lower, a hungry heat reflected in her flushed cheeks. Her eyes widened when she finally got to the most prominent part of his anatomy—his pulsating cock, large, thick and damned impressive, if he said so himself. It jutted straight out, as hard as a steel rod.

Tom held his breath, waiting for the inevitable fear to cloud her pale blue eyes. Most women looked at him with trepidation because of his size. Would the sheltered southern Lilly run screaming from him, like she’d run screaming from the cats in the alley?

4 comments to “See what little sis is doing?”

  1. Brandy Walker
    · December 10th, 2008 at 2:36 pm · Link

    WOW!!! She does write a good book. I have a feeling Lilly is up to the task. 😉

  2. Delilah Devlin
    · December 10th, 2008 at 6:38 pm · Link

    Thanks for taking a peek! Little sis can definitely deliver!

  3. Karin
    · December 10th, 2008 at 6:54 pm · Link

    The book sounds good. I really liked the excerpt.

  4. Fedora
    · December 11th, 2008 at 2:18 am · Link

    Meow!! 🙂

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