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The first "Altered States" book is out!
Wednesday, December 24th, 2008

My very, very good friend, Layla Chase, has her first release out today with Ellora’s Cave. It’s also the first of four books in the Altered States series that Layla, Betty Hanawa, Myla Jackson and myself are participating in. If you like stories about large cat shape-shifters, you’re gonna love this series!!

Night Prowler By Layla Chase
Tall, muscled and naked — that’s private investigator Zoia’s first sighting of her quarry, a missing soldier named Kol. The fact he’s pleasuring himself is even more intriguing but within minutes she becomes his prey. He stalks her, arousing every female instinct she possesses, and then claims her—carnally. When Zoia learns Kol is battling a situation he doesn’t understand, her need to help surfaces.

Kol has holed up in his family’s cabin to learn the cause of his unsettling blackouts. The appearance of a vivacious nature photographer sets off his radar. Within minutes, Zoia invades his space — and her sweet body becomes his lifeline back from unexplained memory lapses. Can their growing attachment survive the discovery of his startling secret?

Next up:
Betty Hanawa’s Beast Within in January
Myla Jackson’s Naked Prey in February
Delilah Devlin’s Unleashing the Tiger in March

Read an excerpt!
See a sexier excerpt:

She bit her lip. Why hadn’t he confronted her? Demanded to know her purpose? Was he putting her through some kind of psychological test?

If so, he was good. A few more minutes and she’d surrender. He entered her peripheral vision on her left and she tracked his movements, unable to drag her gaze from the fluid rhythm of his body in motion. Kol Thorstein was a commanding presence, power radiating from him in waves. Excitement spiraled low in her belly and her nipples tightened into diamond-hard points.

Not good, Zoia. Forget that you just witnessed this man jerking himself off. Treat him like the object of the hunt. He’s the quarry.

Kol stopped, his intense gaze finally broke from her face to scan her body from head to toe. He leaned his weight on the balls of his feet and sniffed, narrowed gaze shooting straight to her pussy.

Could he detect her arousal? Not possible. She shifted her stance and reflexively squeezed her thighs together.

With one step, his chest was against hers and his forearms bracketed her head.

Caught off guard, she stiffened and sucked in a breath. Only to draw in his masculine scent and feel her heartbeat kick up a notch. Her gaze shot to his face but he appeared to be inspecting her hair. What was—

He leaned forward and nuzzled the tendrils of unruly hair that escaped her tieback. His forehead pressed against her head, his hair scraping her temple, and a rumble sounded deep in his chest.

The knot in her stomach loosened. Her body betrayed her even though her head still screamed of her dangerous situation. What form of interrogation was this? She didn’t know how to defend herself against his total assault on her senses. His nuzzles broke through to something basic deep inside and she relaxed, her fingers itching to touch his taut skin.

Warmth trailed along the rim of her ear and was gone, followed by a tingly chill.

Had he just licked her? No.

The skin along her neck heated then cooled. Well, maybe.

He shifted his stance and leaned close, rubbing his nose on hers then touching his forehead briefly against hers before feathering kisses over her eyebrows.

Zoia closed her eyes and sagged against the tree, a sigh puffing through her lips. Everything about this situation screamed danger. But she couldn’t deny the fact he was the kind of danger she craved. For a moment longer, she relished the sensation of his enticing lips brushing against her skin. Then she kicked out a foot, wrapped it around his ankle and pulled to the side.

With a grunt, he went down, flat on his back and started to roll.

She followed him down, trapping his knees with her thighs and stretching to grab his forearms. With him pinned beneath her, she could question him.

A growl ripped through the air. He bucked his hips and levered against her grip.

She shimmied up his legs and squeezed with her thighs while struggling to keep hold of his muscular arms. This wasn’t how the hold worked in martial arts class. Her center of power wasn’t balanced. Her back ached from the strain of the odd angle. The man was too damn tall.

He raised his arms over his head and dragged her right along. Her legs straddled his hips and he flexed upwards, rubbing his hard cock against her cleft. His gaze bore into hers and the side of his mouth curled upwards, exposing perfect white teeth.

Eons of feminine instinct guided her response to an alpha male, and she lowered her pussy against him, moving in a sensuous circle. Her nipples pebbled and she leaned down to rub them across his bare chest, a moan escaping at the delicious friction.

In a quick move, Kol rolled to the side, knocking her off his body, and landed in a crouch.

She dropped hard on hands and knees, and shook her head. Her muscles ached and her too-rapid breaths showed she’d exerted more effort than he in their little tussle. Her pussy throbbed and she felt dewy liquid slide along her swollen labia. How could she still be aroused?

2 comments to “The first "Altered States" book is out!”

  1. Caffey
    · December 24th, 2008 at 8:11 pm · Link

    I do love cat shifters!!! Congrats on the releas Layla and to you all on this series too! I love looking forward to reading series!

    You got a fab cover! Are the others up yet? I shall be watching for them as well! I never heard of the name Kol before, I like! Heroines name is neat too with Zoia. Really makes it even more from ‘another world’! Love how she responded to him! Thanks for the peek!

  2. Karin
    · December 26th, 2008 at 2:12 pm · Link

    I love shifters! The book sounds fantastic and the excerpts definitely have me wanting to pick it up.

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