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Archive for April 22nd, 2009

Two days to go!
Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009

“Tiger” is the fourth book in the Altered States series. Previously released as “White Tiger”, it has been significantly expanded. If you like your shifters feline, this series should ring all your bells.
~DD :mrgreen:

An analyst in a secret government agency, Casey McTaggert’s professional life has been dedicated to the capture of one suspected terrorist. Even before she’s abducted by Khalid in the midst of a firefight, she’s completely fascinated with the man they call the “The Tiger.” But what began as a professional obsession quickly becomes lust as his dark, Persian features and harshly hewn body awaken a forbidden passion.

Khalid Razeh can’t fight the genetic programming that makes him shift into a tiger any more than he can resist the sensual allure of his lovely hostage. While forcing her to accompany him on one last mission, he fights the overwhelming attraction, knowing that he is walking into a trap that will end in death. Casey’s tender lovemaking and growing belief in his innocence are a sweet balm to his wild, savage soul.


“I can’t sleep here like this,” Casey whispered, although she had slept for some time if the graying light was any indication. She hoped like hell she hadn’t snored.

“Is the ground too hard?” Khalid murmured beside her.

She liked his deep, sleepy voice a little too much. Made her think about what it would be like as a regular occurrence in her life. “No, not hard. Bugs,” she said, forcing the words through a constricting throat.
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