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Archive for May 9th, 2009

Little Bits of Nuthin'
Saturday, May 9th, 2009

Progress on Memphis paranormal

I opened my email today and found two interesting entries. The first was my daily horoscope.

If you’re not totally sure that something new is right for you, say no and walk away quickly. Even if it turns out well, the risk isn’t worth it—not at this point in your career!

Hmmm…to an Ado Annie like me, “no” is a foreign word. Maybe I just won’t answer the phone.

The second was an email entitled “Complimentary Colon Cleanse”. I mean, really, would anyone respond favorably to an email with that title? Would they wake up and say, “Today, I need a colon cleanse! How lucky am I that someone wants my credit card number to send me one?!”

As you may have guessed, I couldn’t think of a thing to talk about this morning. I’m amazed at Saddled’s success. Over a month later it’s still on MBaM’s top ten, and the past few days it’s been #1 at Fictionwise. Woohoo!

And thanks to everyone who stopped by to chat last night at Fallen Angels Reviews. Samantha Sommersby, Niki Green, Masha Holl and Shayla Kersten were there with me. “Caffey” won the drawing.