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Archive for September 27th, 2009

Lora Leigh's RAW–Day 3
Sunday, September 27th, 2009

Or at least it is Day Three for me. I know most folks didn’t arrive until yesterday, but I’m one of those who likes to get a little rest after the travel to decompress. So I added a day before the conference to my travel plans.

Today, was the most hectic day so far.

I had breakfast with Sara B and Shirley Damsgard, whom I now adore.

The booksigning for conference attendees only was from 12-4, and it gave readers a lot of time to have the books they brought from home and those they purchased in the conference bookstore signed, along with T-shirts, bags, scrap books, etc. More pics there, but I’m too tired to upload and resize right now. All that stuff that will have to wait until I get home.

Had a late lunch with Maya Banks, Sylvia Day, Mary Wine, Tracy Wolf, Shayla Black and a reader named Ally.

Then I was back at the room getting dressed for the night’s party. I don’t do costumes. Haven’t the interest to spend time creating them, but I don’t begrudge people who do. I had the best time people-watching! The theme of the party was Saints & Sinners—so there were Catholic school girls, angels, devils, a nun and a menonite, Peg Bundy, and on and on. I took pics again, so you’ll get to see some of the folks who caught my eye until I settled down to chat with Beth and Audra.

I was good, didn’t drink—until after the party, then we flew ahead of the crowd to the bar to have a drink together. They had an early wakeup, so we couldn’t get too hammered. We did make a vow that next year we will coordinate costumes! Did I really do that? Argh! But with those two, it might actually be fun!

I wasn’t quite ready to head to bed after they went up to their room, so I wandered out to the patio. Enjoyed talking to Connie, Sara B, and Susan. (Susan, don’t worry about spilling that drink on me!) Connie’s hubby, “Ambiguous Chris”, joined us bringing beers, so I stayed a little longer than I should have. No doubt I’ll have the mother of all headaches tomorrow, but thought I’d better stay up just a few minutes longer and ramble.

On a side note, remind me to never wear my pretty gray slacks again. They are a drink magnet. I spilled water on myself at the party, had a beer and a rum and coke spilled on me by friends. Those pants are going into a plastic sack, rolled up tight, because they will stink up the rest of the clothes I have to pack tomorrow night.

Y’all probably wanted to know who won yesterday’s book, right? The winner is…Estella!