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Archive for December 8th, 2009

Counting down the days…
Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

Just one more and a wake-up before I head off on my cruise!

Yesterday, I had a pedicure and solar nails done. And I packed—and repacked. Seems I have too many clothes. I managed to get everything stuffed into the bags, but I may have to mail home dirty clothes on my way back home. My tote with my laptop is HUGE and heavy, but I have to have every single thing I printed off to bring, so no budging there. I’ll just be sure to pack painkillers too.

Sasha and I have been trading emails. She’s excited and starting to pack. We’re both doing our best not to catch a cold. I’ve been sucking down Airborne and orange juice like mad. I worry about the fact I have no socks. I never wear them. Hate anything that restrictive on my feet. It’s why I wear flip-flops 10 months out of the year. When it gets cold, I switch to slide-on mules. But Newark will be icy. Ugh.

I managed to lose weight before the trip, but I wish I’d had the willpower to quit smoking too. I finally convinced my doctor to prescribe Chantix, but it arrived too late for me to start taking it. For some reason they don’t like to give ex-soldiers the meds. They think we get moody and suicidal. I’m a writer. I live with moody every day. Ah well, maybe the cigs will help me keep away from the buffet. And it leaves me another goal for the New Year.

While I’m gone, be sure to continue to check back here. I have guest bloggers lined up for every day. Stop by and give them your support! I’ll read all the comments when I get back. And I should have that action-packed second chapter of Bad Moon Rising to share. You ladies did have to select the most difficult scenario for me to write!