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Archive for December 18th, 2009

Mary Alice Pritchard: What Do I Want for Christmas?
Friday, December 18th, 2009

Give a warm welcome to Mary Alice Pritchard! ~DD

All I want for Christmas is a weir wolf or maybe a weir tiger. Really! I love shifters. What is it I love about them? Well, besides all that gorgeous male anatomy, there is the dark tortured soul that just begs for someone to save him. Those alpha males with their dark sides are so sexy to me. Can you imagine waking up Christmas morning to one under your tree? I can dream can’t I?

What else might I want this Christmas? I don’t think we have enough time for me to give you the entire list but just to name a few: an e-book reader; a back up drive for my computer; a gift certificate for Amazon; and my list of e-books I want for my e-book reader. I don’t want much do I? Seriously, what all do you guys want? I might pick up some ideas if you share them with everyone. Leave a comment. I’d love to know.

What do I like most about Christmas? Watching people unwrap their gifts. Especially if it’s something I’ve given them. I like to see that first look on their faces when they realize what it is. Nothing is as sweet as watching children though. They get excited about everything. Well, everything except clothes that is. The younger they are the more fun it is to watch. They have just as much fun with the boxes and paper as the toy itself. I remember watching my nephews open their presents when they were younger and thinking I could have just wrapped up empty boxes for them to play with. :mrgreen:

I write shifter books because I love to read them. I’ve probably own or read just about everyone ever written. My house is full of books. If you love to read like I do you know what I mean. Hence…the e-book reader for Christmas. Are there any other shifter fans out there? Let me hear from you. Which type do you like the most, the wolves or the cats? I’m partial to cats myself. If you read my blog you’ll learn just how much.

Right now, I have a cat shifter book out, Jaguar Nights. It’s about a jaguar shifter, Cole, who has trouble with his temper and fears he will lose his pride if he can’t control it. He meets his mate, a human who has been bitten by a rogue wolf and finds that she can help him calm his beast. Since he had to heal her using his blood, he doesn’t know if she will turn wolf or jaguar if she turns at all. Can he claim her as his mate without knowing for sure? Will he provide the home she has always wanted or will he be the death of her? The sequel to Jaguar Nights, entitled Leopard Dreams, will be out later next year. It continues the story of the weir cat pride and their struggles.

You can purchase Jaguar Nights, the first in the Tales of the Cat series at www.thewildrosepress or at
Mary Alice Pritchard

Hope to hear from you about all your favorite things soon!