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Archive for February 3rd, 2010

Adele Dubois: GET REVVED!
Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

To find yesterday’s winner, you’ll have to scroll to the bottom of this posting! ~DD

From Adele…

The biggest, baddest, most beautiful Harley-Davidson motorcycle I’d ever seen was parked near the boardwalk by Rehoboth Beach. The bike was pitch-black with bright silver chrome and had a thick, wide black leather seat. The cushion looked custom–extending from the rear passenger seat to the front, and then up toward the groove between the handle bars. Long enough to recline against.

Like a portable bed.

That seat inspired the setting for the final love scene in my erotic romance novel REV ME UP.

I’ve researched hundreds of photographs of Harley-Davidson motorcycles since the day I saw that custom bike and have yet to find another like it. The motorcycle pictured below is similar, copied from a free site and offered by There are thousands of pictures of Harley-Davidson motorcycles on the Internet if you want to relax and browse.

Can you imagine riding one of these with the hero of your dreams? Owning one of your own? Close your eyes and REV!

What’s your favorite motorcycle fantasy? Tell us in the comments section.


Lisa has always been a Good Girl. When she flashes her breasts at the hunk riding by on his Harley, her wild impulse seems like harmless fun. How could she know he’d hit the curb and land at her feet? To make amends with the cop from Santa Fe, Lisa agrees to have a cocktail with him. When she slides on the bike and wraps her arms around Antonio’s buff body, they take off on the ultimate ride.

Antonio’s in town for his brother’s graduation before heading to FBI training. Lisa’s there to break up with her cheating midshipman boyfriend. Revenge sex with a hot cop may be the perfect way to unleash her inner Bad Girl. But can she keep her feelings casual?

With sexy Antonio by her side and the lust blazing between them, this Bad Girl may have a chance to have it all. As long as an ex-boyfriend out for revenge doesn’t destroy her new happiness.


The first thing Antonio Alvarez noticed about the woman on the sidewalk was her waist length, light brown hair. He revved his Harley and watched her stroll along the curb line of this high-end tourist avenue with her head high and tanned arms swinging. Her hair swayed along her back, swishing between her shoulder blades, the tips caressing her bare waist above the rolled-down shorts curving over her hips. The white stretch of fabric that barely covered her round, slightly protruding butt clung to the split in her cheeks like the skin on a ripe peach. Below, the hem flashed orbs of alabaster skin like tiny quarter moons. A thong framed her tight, exquisite ass. Long, taut, tanned legs and small feet in high espadrilles moved in time to the sway of her hair. She must have heard his motorcycle behind her then, because she looked over her left shoulder and slowed her stride to check him out.

When she turned her face, their eyes met and Antonio’s adrenaline surged as if she had kissed him. His heart raced and he revved the engine of his bike again. The noise made her laugh, a clear, pleasant sound that reverberated through the air, linking them. He breathed in her laugh, trying to capture the peal inside his chest to cheer him the rest of the day.

Antonio smiled.

The woman smiled back, flashing white, perfect teeth. The symmetry of her sculpted features and open, friendly expression drew him closer. Passersby strolled in the opposite direction eating ice cream, walking their dogs or pointing out quaint shops to visit. Antonio barely noticed them. The woman in the woven espadrilles, tight white shorts and gauzy red cotton tank top stood out in the crowd like a holograph against a flat surface. Suddenly, the reason for his visit to Annapolis vanished. Antonio needed to meet this woman and see her again.

And again.

Looking at her jolted his dulled senses and numbed heart to life after a long drought. He hadn’t so much as glanced at another woman since Estela’s death. It had been eighteen months since the woman he loved was killed in the line of duty and he had never been unfaithful to her memory.

Until now.

The woman on the sidewalk revived him like a swim upward from the cold depths of the sea.

His friends would say it was about time.

Adele Dubois
DESERT FEVER, EPIC Award Finalist!

The winner of yesterday’s contest (by random number generator) is…savonna!