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Archive for April 1st, 2010

Oh, my aching back!
Thursday, April 1st, 2010

I stay pretty healthy. Yeah, there’s more I could do—shed some more pounds, get some more exercise—but on the whole, I don’t have many complaints. Which is why the nagging aches in my shoulder, neck and lower back are really beginning to annoy me. I’m close to the finish line with a couple of projects, but this is going to wreck my concentration. I haven’t done anything so far to fix it. I have a regularly scheduled doctor’s visit on April 5th, but in the meantime, all I can think to do is pop aspirin and sleep on a heating pad. Why now? Why me? Okay, there’s the whine.

The whole back pain thing does make me realize how important health is to writers. We need our sleep to keep our minds functioning at top peak performance—you can’t have wild, hallucinogenic dreams without it. We need our fingers strong and agile to slam those words onto the page (imagining little finger calisthenics now?). And we have to be able to sit for long periods of time, so we really need to build those butt and back muscles to stand the strain of our everspreading rears. Yeah, had to have some fun with it.

But y’all wanna know who won the contest, right? By random number generator, the winner is…(drumroll) Lisa J! Lisa—email me!