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Archive for June 22nd, 2011

Guest Blog: Randi Alexander (Contest)
Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

New Release and Book Giveaway!

I’m Randi Alexander and I write cowboy erotic romance. My first book, Chase and Seduction was released May 27 from The Wild Rose Press’ Cowboy Kink line. I want to thank Delilah for letting me guest blog today. She and I share a love of cowboys. We both blog on Wild and Wicked Cowboys with 12 other erotic romance authors.

Some of the 14 published authors on W&W are full-time writers, others have day jobs and write evenings and weekends. I’m a stay-at-home author, and I wonder if sometimes I’m not as focused on the actual writing as someone who works a day job. Someone who needs to get things done in a condensed amount of time.

So, here’s my story. “A day in the life of a full-time writer.” I hear my husband get up at 6:30 AM because I’m a light sleeper. I get up, too, put on my pull-over robe, which he calls my muumuu, and shuffle off into the kitchen to make coffee, breakfast for two, and his lunch. He says I don’t have to make him lunch, but if I don’t, he goes out and spends $15 a day at a restaurant. (Have I mentioned I’m very frugal?)

I kiss him goodbye at 8:00 and power up the ol’ laptop. Checking all my social networking hangouts takes about an hour. It gets longer every day as I add more favorites. Then it’s e-mails, which can take a little or a LOT of time.

I still haven’t written anything, and it’s already 10:00. Yeay! Time for a snack! Oh, and I put on real clothes right about now, too, because when the mail comes, I want to be ready! Mail is an exciting part of my day!

Now the neighbor guy starts mowing his lawn. I watch him for a while, concocting a story about the lonely stay-at-home writer who falls for the handsome hunk next door. Except Burt is about 83, and has on a huge, floppy sun hat that I’m sure his wife makes him wear, so I really have to use my imagination.

Okay, butt back into the writing chair. Tummy’s full, water glass is full, brain…isn’t so much. I’m outlining a book, and things just aren’t flowing. So, I open my library book on voiceover acting and do my voice exercises. “Unique New York, unique New York, red leather, yellow leather, blue blood, black blood.”
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