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Archive for May 28th, 2012

Just One Day to Get TWO WILD!
Monday, May 28th, 2012

Remember, this is the last day for you to enter the Friday Fireworks contest and to qualify to win one of three free downloads I’m offering! Details are in Friday’s post! ~DD

* * * * *

Two Wild For TeacherTwo Wild for Teacher will be available for purchase tomorrow! But you can pre-order it now so that the moment it comes available, it will be yours! In the meantime, here’s a little snippet…

Mace’s hand shook just a little as it closed around her chilled fingers. He couldn’t believe he was here. That she’d touched him willingly. His body still burned everywhere she’d laid her hand. His cock felt ready to burst after the way she’d calmly, methodically, stroked away the dirt.

It had felt almost like a baptism. All sins washed away. He felt lighter of heart and intent. Happy in way that he hadn’t been in a long time.

Molly Pritchet had always been a goddess on a pedestal. A sweet-faced woman with sharp eyes and a sharp tongue. He’d felt the sting often enough, he’d known she didn’t think of him as more than an ornery boy, and yet moments ago, she’d handled him like she might a man she admired.

Something inside him melted. He wanted to be worthy. Standing naked as a jaybird beside her, he wanted her to never question her decision, to never regret she was about to lie down with him.

Unable to resist, he tugged her close and folded her against his chest. Their first intimate touch was a hug. Skin to skin. Heartbeats mating, matching rhythms, slowing to a steady, heavy thrum. “Ma’am, I’d really like to lay you down in that pretty bed of yours,” he said softly.

With droplets of water shining like diamonds on her skin, she leaned back her head to smile up at him. “I have no objections, sir.”

Her eyes blinked dreamily at him, and his chest expanded. He tugged her hand again and pulled her toward the glass doors. Once inside, with the AC prickling their damp skin, he headed straight for the staircase, halting at the bottom step because she’d lagged, her head turning to Jason.

“You’re going to watch my ass all the way up those steps, aren’t you?”

Jason grinned. “Sure am.”

Molly’s brows furrowed.

Mace grunted, bent quickly, and swept her into his arms. Problem solved.

Her fingers dug into his shoulders. “You aren’t going to carry me up. Your back!”

“Don’t you worry about either of our backs. We’re strong, Molly. We can handle you.”

Her eyes widened.

“I’m not sayin’ we have to be strong, just that you don’t have to worry. You feel just right,” he said, giving her a bounce to prove to her she was safe in his arms.

She relaxed, sighing. “I’ve never been carried by a man.”

“There’s gonna be lots of firsts, sugar. Just you wait.”