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Archive for July 9th, 2012

Guest Blogger: Sharon Hamilton
Monday, July 9th, 2012

[Sorry—photos removed!]

Twice the treats! Today, you get Indie sensation Sharon Hamilton dishing out a delicious excerpt below—can’t get enough SEALs, can you? Then AFTER you’ve posted a comment here (remember the pendant contest!), head on over to Lissa Matthews’ website, where I’m her guest and giving away and stuff there too!

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Navy SEALs have gotten a lot of press lately, and while most of this is well deserved, SEALs themselves shy away from such publicity. And perhaps that’s why we love them. They live in this super secret community of elite warriors, keeping only to themselves and their families and ducking the limelight. Part of this is because of the nature of their work. And part of this is because of who they are and how they are trained.

How can we not fall for a guy who is so physically well developed, capable of doing so many impossible things, but yet doesn’t have to boast to the whole world about it? Those strong silent types. Still waters run deep. Very deep. Just the way we like it.

We love them because they are take charge. But boy, don’t we love to see them brought to their knees by that heroine? They know everything about blowing things up and doing a high level extraction, but fall hard for a woman without scaring them off? That is a different story. I like to write them so they are way outside their comfort zone. Make them squirm. Yes, I admit it. I like to torture them.

My fictional hero in Accidental SEAL, Kyle Lansdowne, has come back from Afghanistan with a stronger desire to set down roots and perhaps find something more satisfying than the string of one-night stands he is accustomed to. But he is really not prepared for how fast the he will land right in the middle of a hot romance with Christy. Although their stormy first encounter is by accident, he soon learns she is something he wants, on purpose.

Christy Nelson embarks on her new career in Real Estate by holding her first open house. Entering the wrong house, by accident, she finds the nude sleeping body of a young man.

Navy SEAL Kyle Lansdowne, on a mission to find his AWOL Team buddy, is staying at his buddy’s home while investigating the disappearance.  When someone breaks in, he takes protective measures. He doesn’t expect to find that a beautiful young woman is responsible for his teammate’s abduction.

What starts out as a meeting by accident becomes a hot affair neither one is ready for. Kyle is conflicted about getting Christy involved in his mission, but his hand is forced when he learns the same San Diego gang responsible for his teammate’s abduction has kidnapped her.

Battling a cadre of dirty law enforcements hell-bent on getting military equipment, especially state-of-the-art firepower, Kyle is forced to admit that he would be willing to die to protect her.

This excerpt happens after lunch when Kyle asks Christy to help him find a place to buy. Christy is in the process of showing him a model home in her condo complex…

“Some of these places went for close to a million dollars when they first came up for resale,” Christy said as she let them inside the furnished model with her passkey. “My mother was one of the first to buy. She got in under a special housing density program.” They both stepped into a beautifully staged great room and kitchen. Through tall picture windows, the bay gleamed as if covered with shattered glass. Kyle opened the sliding glass door and stepped onto the balcony.

“Nice place. Doubt I could afford it.” He turned, resting his back against the black iron railing, his bulging package prominent. He cocked his head, removed his sunglasses and asked, “How much?”

“This one’s five sixty. But we could make them an offer. It’s owned by the bank. If you have some sort of down payment, this could be financed VA.”

“Not sure I have enough.” He walked past her and waited by the slider opening.

“Want to see the rest of the place? It has a nice big bedroom.” Read the rest of this entry »