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Archive for December 31st, 2012

Guest Blogger: Kathy Ivan
Monday, December 31st, 2012


As I sit here staring at a blank screen, I’m thinking about what I’ve done over the past year and all the things left unfinished.  A brand new year is upon us, and I don’t want to fall into the same quagmire of partially-finished things of years past.

I always start the year with great intentions; plans to do more, do better and finish everything I start.  That never-ending diet that goes off the rails faster than you can say “chocolate.”  The gym membership to go along with said diet.  The manuscript I promise myself will get finished, as soon as I’ve turned in my current WIP.  Trust me, it never happens.  I have so many books in various states of writing, I’m never sure which one to work on next—so I end up starting something new.

My paranormal novella, Second Chances, happened that way.  I was writing a romantic suspense single title.  Things were flowing, the plot and mystery worked.  It’s not like I had writer’s block of anything.  I just had a dream.  A vivid, full color, complete to the last detail dream.  A sensual love scene between two people who’d been together for a long time and loved each other to the depths of their souls.  An explosive, sexual and out-and-out, over-the-top HOT dream!  At the end of the dream there was a twist I wasn’t expecting (but isn’t that the way with dreams—they take on a life of their own).

I thought about that scene/dream all of the next day, playing it over and over in my head.  After working the day job, when I finished, I sat down and started writing.  Within a couple of hours, I had written the entire scene from my dream.  It felt good.  But it was really short, definitely not long enough to do anything with.  So I sent it to my critique partner, just to see what she thought.

She loved it!  She’s rarely surprised but said that the ending did just that—but in a good way.  Then she asked, how did they get to this point?  What brought these two people to this place?

We all know how a writer’s mind works; I had to figure out the “why.”  Why these two?  Why Destiny’s Desire Lodge?  What did Ryan’s recurring dreams mean?

Before long, Second Chances was born, a paranormal romance novella,  revolving around fulfilling second chances and dreams that are bigger that we can imagine.

My hope for you in the coming New Year is love, joy, laughter, and fulfilling all the Second Chances that come your way.


A firefighter in Denver, Ryan Jackson still grieves the loss of his brother who died almost two years earlier on Christmas Eve. He thought he’d gotten past the loss until he began having dreams about his dead brother. In the dreams his brother asks him for something–impossible.

Ryan’s wife, Rose, knows something’s wrong. For the last several months Ryan’s grown more withdrawn and distant. She loves him and knows he loves her, but doubts begin to creep in. She’s determined to find out why her husband is withdrawing from her and win him back–no matter the cost.

An early Christmas gift, an unexpected trip, and haunting dreams. Can the love shared between Ryan and Rose overcome grief and guilt and lend a little magic for a second chance at happiness?


Rose walked around the dining room, putting the final touches on the table.  Flowers and candles, even a bottle of white wine.  Long stem crystal glasses next to the good china.  Dinner was ready.  She’d stopped at Ryan’s favorite Italian place on the way home, picked up all the foods he loved.   Though she was no slouch in the kitchen, the horrendous hours she had put in all week left little time or energy for cooking. And besides, she wanted everything to be extra special tonight.

Soft music played in the background, the strains of the classical piano concerto wafted from the speakers.  Soothing and romantic music setting the stage for the evening to come.  The lights were dimmed and tall taper candles cast a warm glow across the dining room.  Perfect.  She’d done her best to set up a long-needed romantic evening with her husband.

Something was bothering him, kept him on edge for the past few months.  She hadn’t pressed.  He’d tell her whatever it was when the time was right.  Still she worried.

Is he unhappy?  Am I not enough anymore?  The insidious doubts niggled at the back of her mind, managed despite her best efforts to creep into her head each day.   She tried to ignore them, push them away, but the fear still managed to insinuate itself into her thoughts.

I can’t lose him.  He’s my life.  I’ll do whatever it takes, fight whoever I have to fight.  I’m not giving up on Ryan.  On us. Read the rest of this entry »