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Archive for January 18th, 2013

A Question…
Friday, January 18th, 2013

I’m still fighting the flu. Yesterday and today I have managed to make it out of bed, but my joints ache, so my fingers hurt when I’m typing. Go figure. I know, wah-wah! I’m such a baby. No writing all week, and it means I’m going to miss a deadline, which scares me, but not enough to chase away this cruddy infection. I hope y’all aren’t having to deal with it. My SIL and my mother were hit last night. My mother at least had a flu shot, so hopefully she won’t be laid low for long.

So, while I toddle off to wrap up in a warm blanket, answer me this…

What high school class do you wish you’d taken or paid more attention to?

I’m thinking about this because I had the chance to take typing, but turned up my nose. And when I entered the military, I was very glad I couldn’t type. Back then, women were often shunted toward admin jobs, despite their training. The first time my commander asked me to type a letter for him, I did the old single digit hunt and peck to find the keys of the typewriter. He never asked again.

However, here I am—a writer. And I only use three fingers on either hand to type. I’m wondering how much faster I could be if I’d taken that class…

So your turn now!