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Archive for March 19th, 2013

Outside the Zone…
Tuesday, March 19th, 2013

IMG_3866This past Saturday, I took a watercolor class. I know that doesn’t sound edgy or exciting, and you certainly wouldn’t automatically think, “Danger, Will Robinson!” stepping into class, but I had butterflies. What if I sucked?

It was last year about this time I accepted a challenge to join the Art Guild and participate in a Studio Tour. The tour was set for October. What would I have for people to look at or possibly purchase if they came out to see the studio my mom, daughter, and I shared? I learned how to make some simple jewelry. It was a hit! I still experiment with that, make pieces when I’m trying to relax, and play with color and composition a lot. But I really wanted to see what else I might be able to do. When a class was offered in town with a well-respected artist, I said, why not? Then went on a shopping spree. Who knew you needed so much “stuff” to paint?

The class was an all-day workshop. Every level of experience welcome. I’ve never painted in my entire life, so I was the bottom of the rung. I chose a simple shape. I wanted to paint a single pear. The instruction told me to add two more. Said I’d done a good contour drawing. He probably said it to build me up, but hey, I glowed!

Then I had to apply paint. He was teaching us to paint “loose.” And we only had an hour to complete our piece once we wet the paper. Literally. I used a paint brush and wet the areas of the watercolor paper I wanted to have the paint run—which was all around the pears. Then I went to work. I placed the paint where I wanted it, shaded the areas I thought should be shaded, added the reds and purples at the sides because I liked the way they made the yellow pop. He showed me how to drag the paint down. See the streaks underneath the pears? Yeah, I did that on purpose. 🙂

I don’t think my pears are half-bad. I’m getting them framed. And I’ve signed up to take an oil painting class.

So what have you done lately that took you out of your comfort zone?