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Archive for December 20th, 2013

Alicia Dean: Vampire Diaries Convention & Writing in the World of Mystic Falls
Friday, December 20th, 2013

I would like to thank Delilah for inviting me to guest on her blog. It is truly an honor to be here. Delilah has spoken to our writer’s group on a few occasions, and she was phenomenal. This lady knows her stuff about writing. 🙂


Okay, I have a confession to make. I’m fifty-two years old, and I love all things Vampire Diaries. I adore the show, and I even LOVE going to conventions. I’ve been to two so far, and I will attend more. It’s an amazing time, filled with so many stars and events it boggles the mind.

The last one I attended was this past November 1st through the 3rd  in Atlanta, which is not far from Covington, Georgia, the place where Vampire Diaries is filmed. Yep, I went to Mystic Falls! My daughter and I drove 900 miles to attend the convention, and I would go again in a heartbeat (no pun intended), as a matter of fact, my plan is to go the Eyecon convention in Atlanta every fall. If you find yourself in the Atlanta area, you MUST take the time to visit Mystic Falls…er…Covington. Below are some pics from the quaint little town: (recognize anything from the show?)



Back to the convention…

Some of the highlights were:

  • Seeing Ian, up close and personal, talking to him, getting a hug from him, and having my pic made with him…with his arm around me.
  • Hanging with other attendees at the hotel bar, and seeing the celebrities relaxing and drinking. One evening, I sat right next to Rob Pralgo (the original Mayor Lockwood), at the bar.
  • Meeting and listening to Nathaniel Buzolic, who played Kol Mikaelson on TVD. He was a bad, bad guy on the show, but in reality, he is a wonderful person with a strong faith and an uplifting message. His stories and warmth were inspiring to many people. The attendees were buzzing about how amazing he was.
  • Ian
  • Q&A’s, photo ops, and autographs. It was unbelievable how entertaining, personable, and funny the celebrities were. Getting a glimpse into their lives and personalities, not to mention some of the behind-the-scenes stories, was awesome. One of my favorite anecdotes was the one told by Ian Somerhalder (Damon), and confirmed by Paul Wesley (Stefan), about a day they were filming when the temperatures were below freezing. Paul had to do a scene where he was lying on the ice-cold ground. During a break, he put his face up to a heat lamp…and burned off the top layer of skin. His face was so cold it was numb, and he had no idea he was searing his flesh. Can you imagine, damaging that gorgeous face like that?
  • Did I mention Ian? 🙂

Here is a my pic with Ian. In case you’re wondering…yes, I was in Heaven!


Do you have any idea how blue his eyes really are? Looking into them is like getting lost in this magical place you never want to leave…and when he looks at you, it’s like he’s really seeing you, really speaking to you. He has this knack of making every one of the thousands of fans in attendance feel like they are important to him. He’s just a very, very special person. Not only because of his extreme, ridiculous hotness, his friendliness, and his talent, but he’s a genuinely good person, a humanitarian. Read the rest of this entry »