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Archive for May 5th, 2014

Her Only Desire–tomorrow!
Monday, May 5th, 2014

Tomorrow, Her Only Desire releases. If you’ve read me and like my sexier stories, then you’re in for a treat. HOD is naughty fun, that just so happens to feature a very wealthy ex-SEAL who lives deep in the south Louisiana bayou and happens to share a penchant for BDSM play with his ex-SEAL buddies when he’s not saving the world. If you don’t already have it pre-ordered, I’ll make it easy. Head here — Amazon | Barnes & Noble | BAM.

Will it help you decide “yes” if you know the next one’s on its way?

Her Only Desire  Capture

I’ll share a little excerpt from His Every Fantasy. Forgive any typos or grammatical errors. It hasn’t been fully edited yet. And this is only a tease, because hey, I want you to want these books…. 🙂

“We started something, back in the room.”

His eyes gleamed in the torchlight. “And I’d be a bastard to let it go any further.”

“Why did you let me kiss you?”

He opened his mouth to say something, but then clamped it closed.

“Didn’t you want me to kiss you?”

His eyelids slid down before he speared her with a dark look. “You’re a virgin, Kara. And you just said your first time should mean something.”

The intensity of his gaze made her nipples tighten. “And you think that my first time with you wouldn’t?”

“I’m not the one for you.”

“Couldn’t you be the one…for now?” She paused, hating the pleading note in her voice.

Again, his Adam’s apple dipped. The arm holding her tensed.

She might have been inexperienced, but she knew what she wanted. And she sensed he wanted her every bit as much. She grasped the hand he still held curled, and slowly peeled open his fingers. He barely breathed as she brought it to her breast.

At first, his fingers laid against her, stiff, unmoving.

Knowing she had to be the aggressor, at least for now, she pointed a finger and dug it into the underside of his jaw, urging his face closer.

Despite the war he fought evident in the tightening of his jaw, he inched forward. His eyes glittering, his face hardening.

But she wasn’t afraid of that fierce look. It only made her hotter…there between her legs where her sex was swelling, moistening.

When only an inch separated their lips, he curved his fingers around her breast, and she pushed against him, filling his palm.

Turning her face, she rubbed her cheek against his, enjoying the scrape of his whiskers. “There’s only one thing Lucio was interested in,” she whispered. “One thing that made me valuable. If my virginity doesn’t exist anymore…”

“Don’t ask me that, baby.”

She didn’t—at least, not with words. Instead, she rubbed her bottom against his lap, against the large hard knot beneath her. Her deepening breaths pushed her breast harder against his fingers.

And finally, he cupped her fully, rubbed his thumb against the turgid peak.

Letting her head fall back, she sighed, surrendering herself—if only he would take everything she offered. “Sergei, I’m not a baby.”


She spoke with conviction, her voice sure and steady. Sergei cursed himself for this lust he could barely control. Already, and despite his best intentions, his fingers were working her stiff little peak. His cock thickened, throbbing beneath her squirming ass.

But she was a virgin. The last he’d had was Afya, and he’d been nearly as green as she’d been all those years ago. What Kara wanted from him was wrong in so many ways. She needed comfort, to know she was safe. From Las Omegas, from him.

But her eyelids were dipping dreamily with every tug he gave her nipple. Her warm body was nestled against him, soft and wanting. Thawing the hard, cold places inside him. “This Lucio isn’t likely to let you go simply because you’ve lost your hymen. Men like that don’t let go. Ever.”

“All the more reason why I need you, Sergei,” she said, her voice tighter, her finger tracing the back of his neck. “Give me something beautiful. Something Lucio can never give me.”

His whole body tightened in rejection at the thought of another man taking her. “He’s not coming anywhere near you. He’ll never have you.”

“Please.” She slid her palm along his cheek, her finger rubbing his bottom lip. “Please,” she repeated softly.

Her pleas caused a pang inside his chest. Her soft, slender body was beginning to move restlessly. A signal his own horny libido found difficult to ignore.

Well, there were ways to distract her from her purpose. Pleasurable ones that would give her release and help her relax. Ways that wouldn’t leave him feeling empty and like he’d failed to keep her safe. He leaned over her and kissed her mouth, groaning because he knew he’d be in blue-ball hell for what he was about to do.

When he pulled away, he saw her breaths were shorter; her eyes were darkened with passion. Her mouth was swollen—and so lushly tempting, he wished he could take it the way he was dying to, but fuck, he she was a virgin. Still, his cock jerked at the thought of her plump lips closing around him.

Her gray eyes were like little mirrors reflecting his desire. She stared back, her arm around him, her body pressing on his cock which was getting fidgety beneath her bottom. Something she didn’t miss, because she slowly rubbed against him.

He placed a hand on her thigh and gave it a squeeze, a warning to stop, but she only smiled. The temptation was there, her willingness shining in her eyes. Slowly, he moved his hand down her leg and then swept upward, smoothing up a petal of her flame-colored dress.

Kara’s fingers bit into his shoulder and she parted her thighs, giving him permission to continue. Her inner thigh was soft and smooth. Her pussy was hot as he cupped it, his fingers spreading, two on either side of her satin-cloaked lips, one dipping in between to finger her opening. Saved from intruding by the fabric of her underwear, he applied pressure, waiting as the narrow seam grew wet, soaking his fingertip.

Her lips parted, a ragged moan seeping from between her pursed lips. She inched her thighs wider and leaned against his arm, her breasts rising and dipping faster with each shallow breath.

He poked at the fabric, rimming her entrance, circling around and around, and then moved upward to find her clit. The tight nub was rigid to the touch and her breath hissed when he tapped it. When he paused, preparing to withdraw, she reached between her legs and pressed against his hand. “Touch me. Please.”

Damning himself for being weak, he slid his fingers under the band of her underwear and touched her sex directly. Moist, fragrant heat surrounded his fingertips as he slid between her folds, tracing them up and down.

Again, her lips pursed and she ground down on his cock, her bottom squirming so deliciously he gritted his teeth against the sensations rocketing through him. He’d love nothing more than to ease open his pants and slide her onto his cock, but he was in control here—the one tasked with keeping her safe. However, her shallow pants and gently rocking hips were doing a number on his good intentions.

Sergei continued to fondle her while he wrestled with his conscience. He tugged her lips, rimmed her opening, but never penetrated, mindful of her inexperience. But he was loathe to leave her without providing a hint of the pleasure he could give. Wetting a finger in the well of her wet pussy, he transferred the moisture to her clit and gently rubbed it. He knew his finger was slightly callused, and by her sharp breathy gusts, she was sensitive, so he returned again and again for more lubricant, careful to keep her tiny bud wet while he swirled.

Her eyelids dropped to half-mast, a thin sheen of sweat sprouted on her forehead and upper lip. Her teeth bit into her lower lip, and she sucked it inside as her body grew more and more tense. One thigh pressed hard against his torso while the other widened.

Her skirt inched higher and higher, until it swathed her hips and he was looking down at her sex, his fingers disappearing beneath a scrap of red satin. She was soaked, so was his hand, but he couldn’t stop, not until he’d given her what he could, without betraying his unspoken vow.

When he heard a tight moan seep from between her lips, he leaned to whisper in her ear, “Let go, now, baby. Come for me. I’ve got you.”

Her head dropped back, and she arched.

He held her against him, while he circled faster, pressed a little harder against the hard nub. At last, she came, her eyes rolling up, her mouth opening, her thighs tensing, then at last, relaxing while she hung inside his embrace, limp and replete.

Sergei had never seen anything so beautiful. Her abandonment sent a wash of possessive heat throughout his body. His cock was unbearably tight, his balls hard as stones. But he gathered her up against his chest and held her close until she began to stir.

Her eyes blinked open, and she stared upward, a frown drawing together her brows as her focus narrowed.

“You’re welcome,” he drawled.

Her eyebrows lowered. “You think you did me a favor?”

“No, I gave you a gift.”

“It’s not what I wanted.”

“And yet you’ve drenched my legs.”

“Huh.” She pushed against his chest, then slid her legs to the side, standing. She wobbled for a second, but batted away the hand he extended to steady her. “That wasn’t what I wanted at all.”

Maybe it was because he was hard as a post, but hearing her, irritation flooded him. “You’re a virg—”

Kara pressed a hand over his mouth and bent toward his face. “Don’t repeat that. I know very well you have no interest in fucking a virgin. That you just did this poor little virgin a huge freaking favor.”

Sergei grabbed her wrist and pulled her hand from his mouth. “I’m protecting you,” he gritted out.

She bent closer until her face was level with his. “I don’t need your damn protection.” Her chest was billowing around her angry breaths, but her face suddenly fell. “Don’t you want me?”

That dejected look was more than he could take. He cursed under his breath, and reached for her, bringing her body between his open thighs while his arms encircled her. Again, she perched on a thigh, and he kissed her, hard, while he dragged her hand and cupped it against his straining cock. “Does this feel like I don’t want you?”