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Archive for June 20th, 2014

A. Catherine Noon: Trending, Trendy, Trenderizer…?
Friday, June 20th, 2014

So. What is this thing called “trending”?  There’s now news articles all about… what’s trending – which is, essentially, news about what’s news.  A giant echo chamber of people all talking to themselves about what they’re talking about… to themselves.

You know, people who talk to themselves are, in general, considered, well, crazy.

So I embarked on a little mission to find out more about this crazy thing called trending.  “Google,” I said, “what’s trending mean?”

According to the Urban Dictionary, which has a slightly irritated definition, “’Trending’ is a mutilation of the English language that means ‘currently popular.’ It derives from a sad misunderstanding of the verb ‘to trend’ as meaning “to become a trend.”

A “sad misunderstanding,” huh?  Take that, Justin Bieber. has a more defensive meaning, as though they know that trending is silly but want to justify the, ahem, trend: “A trending topic does not just signify popularity. It is also translates to a win for whoever is the subject of the trend.”

Trending, therefore, is desirable?  Does that mean this Bieber guy is on to something?

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