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Archive for August 13th, 2014

Jessica Shin: Mood Music (Contest)
Wednesday, August 13th, 2014

Many writers have a particular style of music they like to listen to while they write. Hard rock, classical, pop, country…each genre has its diehard fans that swear they write better, faster and hotter because of what they listen to. For me, it tends to change with each story I write. It’s like I have a theme song for each book that runs through my head the whole time the story is coming together, whether I am actually working on it or just thinking about it.

When I was writing Tell Me Lies, it was Fleetwood Mac’s Sweet Little Lies. For A Rapture of Centuries, it was Michael Buble’s rendition of Fever. My upcoming release, Released By Moonlight, used Come on Closer by Jem for it’s inspiration.

My most recent release, Instruction by Seduction, follows the story of Leah, a young college student floundering in her life until along comes Hale, a mystery man who catapults her into making her dreams a reality with his erotic life lessons. For this story it was America’s You Can Do Magic that inspired me. The song’s description of a woman who can have anything she desires with her “magic” made me cheer for Leah throughout the book. It also reminds me that when each of us “spell-casts” with our thoughts throughout our daily life, we too can make our dreams a reality.

Is there a particular song that inspires you to create? Or a song that has its own music video that plays in your head each time you hear it? Share in the comments! I’ll pick a random commenter to win a digital copy of their choice of Tell Me Lies or Instruction by Seduction. The winner will be selected from comments posted by noon EST on August 19th.


You do not open the box. The box opens you.

When Leah picks up an ornate box at a flea market she knows it’s special. But she has no idea how her life as a sexually disappointed college student and grocery store cashier will be transformed.

Through forces unknown, the box summons Hale—a man who knows Leah inside and out. He uses their no-strings-attached sexual escapades—which include a hot threesome and light bondage—as lascivious lessons to teach Leah what she needs to succeed in her job, education and relationships.

With each sexual encounter growing more and more extreme, Leah comes away challenged and questioning everything. But will Leah listen to her new instincts and embrace the life of her dreams or will she continue to hide in her old and comfortable but self-defeating ways?

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Adrian Ennis has only known the life of organized crime, having been trained to be a mob assassin from age eight. Crime king pin Ezra Drake is more like a father to Adrian than her boss and is one of the few people she feels she can trust. But on the evening of her 29th birthday when Ezra orders her to kill Tony, her friend and lover, Adrian’s perception of who is and is not her friend becomes a blurred line of blood and bullets.

When Adrian makes an unlikely ally in Atlanta PD detective Damon Wyatt she learns the truth about her past, an unsavory web of murder and deceit that includes the destruction of her entire family. With an innocent life hanging in the balance – Tony’s ten-year-old son – Adrian has an opportunity to amend for the wrongs of her past and to bring those who destroyed her life to justice…her way.

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