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Archive for February 17th, 2015

Joey Hill: Soul Rest (Contest)
Tuesday, February 17th, 2015

Hello, my name is Joey W. Hill. I write BDSM erotic romance (paranormal and contemporary) and I’m a workaholic. I’m sure I’d hear a chorus of ‘hi Joey’s’ from the audience, except all the other workaholics are…working. They have no time to spare for a support group. So I’m sharing this with you all because writing a post for a blog is, well, part of the job of being a writer (and it gives me a work-related excuse to socialize with wonderful people like yourself).  If you want to damage my calm, all you have to do is tell me to relax, do nothing or sit around. I desperately need advice on how to wean myself away from being a structured schedule junkie. Can you help me?  I really have tried. Here are some of my recent efforts:

1) I took a trip to Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Technically, it was a research trip for my latest book, Soul Rest, where I visited the district with the highest crime rate so I could interview a police captain there. I also drove around the side streets to see if I could find someone in the middle of a drug deal. No such luck. Can you believe that? You’d think drug dealers would be considerate enough to be a little more public about their transactions so curious romance authors could ask them questions, but apparently not.


I also made my husband take endless pictures of the carousel at The Mall in Louisiana. It’s the second largest carousel in the world. Since carousels as a rule aren’t that big, that’s not saying a lot, but it was quite beautiful. One of the key scenes in the book happens there. Part of that scene takes place on the beautiful roan/blood bay mix horse you see next to the rabbit in this photo. One picture can’t do the carousel justice. The colors and detail of the whole thing were gorgeous and it all appeared to be hand painted. There also were so many different animals on it. The one on the other side of the horse is a cat with a fish in his mouth. But I digress…

2) I attended a funeral with my husband. There was live singing at the service and a potluck dinner at the church afterward, so it counts as dinner and a show. Right?

3) I do try to read for pleasure. They’re usually the same books I’ve read before, old keeper shelf favorites, because I can’t read any new books without going into editor mode and trying to “work” while I read. The good news is the books are awesome re-reads: the In Death series by J.D. Robb, Once in a Blue Moon by Penelope Williamson, The Black Lyon by Jude Devereaux and some of my favorite 80s/90s Nora Roberts titles (Dream and Chesapeake Bay series, Midnight Bayou, Hidden Riches).

4) The one good thing about workaholism is an exercise regimen can become your structured “break time”. So I walk dogs, treadmill and do strength training while watching favorite movies and TV series. Again, I’m watching ones I’ve seen before, but I firmly believe if I was on a deserted island (that somehow had electricity so I could plug in a DVD player), I’d never need anything to watch other than the Firefly series (Firefly fans probably caught my “Jayne-ism” up there, ‘damage my calm’).  Or the Life series with Damian Lewis. Best written TV stories ever. Oh, and Armageddon or Serenity for the fave movies.

So I can see from the way you’re looking at one another, you think I’m in real trouble. Have any good ideas about how to unhitch yourself from a demanding job and endless schedule structure to smell the roses? I’m all ears. Okay, well… I’m all ears while I’m multi-tasking – answering emails, outlining the next book and brushing my Golden Retriever – but I’m listening, I promise… (cough, cough – hairball – Goldens have LOTS of fur).

GIVEAWAY – for the suggestion I like best, I’m giving away an e-book from my current titles and a $15 gift certificate to Amazon, B&N or ARe – reader’s choice on both of those! Post your ideas below, or any comments or questions you have for me.

Now, even if you don’t win, I have a FREE EXCERPT to share with you. As noted above, my next release is Soul Rest, which is about a Baton Rouge police sergeant and a news blog reporter. It’s the seventh book in my Knights of the Board Room series, but all these books can standalone, because each focuses on a different couple. Here’s a little snippet from when Leland finds Celeste hovering around his officers at a crime scene (with a link to a full Chapter One excerpt below it!):


He kept his scowl in place. “From here forward, you don’t talk to my officers, and you don’t bring them coffee.”

“There’s no law against a reporter attempting to talk to your officers or giving them coffee. They do a tough job. I’m showing appreciation as a Baton Rouge citizen.”

He pursed his lips, nodded. Then he bent so he spoke into her ear. He bet that little tender spot beneath it, so close to his lips, would taste nice. “I see you doing it again, I will put you over my knee and blister your ass.”

He drew back enough to meet her startled gaze. Shock was followed by indignation, a trace of anger, but it was the little ripple of arousal, the quick indrawn breath, that made him want to do exactly as he’d threatened.

“Are we clear, Celeste?” He kept his eyes on hers, his tone steady.

She pressed her lips together, said nothing. He wondered what he would do if she said “Yes sir.” Probably nurse a hard-on for the rest of the morning.

He forced himself to straighten, to ease back on a couple different levels. “You should have taken my sweatshirt to stay warm this morning. I bet that car of yours doesn’t heat worth shit.”

She blinked in surprise again. He hadn’t intended to say something stupidly intimate like that, but it was out before he could call it back. Her flush deepened. “It does well enough,” she said. “Having my underwear would have helped, but they were stolen. I expect I should report that to local law enforcement.”

“Items like that are rarely recovered. The perp has usually taken them for personal reasons, not to fence.”

Her brow lifted, then her gaze swept his lower torso. “So he might be wearing them?”

She was not going to make him laugh, though it was a near thing. He’d called out one of his uniforms for merely taking her coffee. Now he was flirting with her. Really fine damn example he was.


FREE chapter one excerpt and a blurb about the book – Release date March 15 – keep your eye out for pre-order links soon!

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