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Archive for June 7th, 2016

Guilty Pleasures: The Stash on My Dash
Tuesday, June 7th, 2016

I almost forgot to post something today! I woke up early this AM with no Internet access. Gah! I live in the boonies, and sometimes, my HughesNet satellite hiccups. So, I got dressed and headed to my dd’s because I had to babysit while she had to run errands. Afterwards, it was back to my place to work on my connectivity issues, which joyfully had resolved themselves. I rarely know WHY—unless there’s dense cloud cover, but not so today. A condition which led to my next distraction—pool time! Hey, it’s 91 degrees outside. How could I resist?

Before I headed back inside, the UPS guy pulls up. He has packages! I check the mail box. I have more! Now, you see why my desktop looks like it does right now.

So, I have a confession to make. I’m addicted to subscriptions and freebies. Not the pirated kinds. The kinds where companies want to give you stuff in return for for you writing honest reviews. Kind of like authors do with their street teams when they are looking to get some reviews out on a new book.

What you see on my desk is a brown box which holds my Graze subscription box—comes with nuts and other snacky foods once a month (or more often, if you want). The black box is my Target Beauty Box—just $7 for several full-sized products, tons of samples, and a coupon. I scored this month! ELF lipstick, Olay Regenerist cream, a Pixi by Petra eyeshadow duo and more! One of the white mailer pouches is a free tool. You know when you need to change the battery in your watch and you have to take it to Walmart for them to pry off the back for you, and they never fail to scratch the shit out of it? Well, I got a free tool to do it myself. Yeah, so I have no one to blame if I scratch the shit out of it. You can’t see under the stack, but I have sample perfumes, a mascara, etc. Oh! And Poise (the adult diaper company) sent me a pretty little pouch to hold my panti-liners. TMI?

The thing I was hoping for most didn’t arrive today—my monthly Ipsy glam bag subscription. I always FB it when it comes, because hey, I can’t contain my excitement, and wow, if someone else follows my link, I get points for guess what? More free shit!

See the Influenster button in the left column of this blog (yeah, I’m so mixing guilty pleasure with biz)? That’s another guilty secret. I get freebies¬†from them because I don’t mind posting reviews. I have a full-sized bag of Rachel Ray’s gourmet cat chow I have to review. Wait! My dd messaged me that she posted a video about the cat food ¬†for me (you have to YouTube the opening of their boxes!) Check it out! It’s short, and she does such a good job–she should be a hand model!! My kitty Pumpkin’s gonna eat good this month. Dd’s You Tube

Don’t worry. My guilty pleasure doesn’t take away from my writing time. It’s something my dd and I do last thing in the evening while we’re watching TV. She’ll see something wonderful, then I’ll have to go find it, too. We write our reviews together, because hey, we share our stuff. It’s fun.

Kind of like couponing for the 21st century. And if you love seeing a stack of crap in your mail box every day, you might want to try it, too.

So, now you know my guilty pleasure. What’s yours?