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Tara Neale: What it means to be a Master and a Man
Sunday, September 25th, 2016

Almost five years ago, I met this amazing couple. I am sure they are tired of hearing the story, but it had such an impact upon me that I have to keep telling it anyway. They had been married more than twenty-five years…and He was her Master, she his slave.

He taught me in a single moment what it meant to be a Master and a Man. And never again will I ever settle for anything else.

All night He looked at her with such love and adoration. What my older daughter calls, the Mister Darcy look after the final scene in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice when he professes his love. All I could think was how much I wished a man would look at me like that.

But he had only begun to teach me about love and Domination. You see when she started to feel unwell He knelt before her. A Master on His knees. Was He submitting to her? Hell, no, He was caring for, protecting, cherishing and loving what was His.

He spoke softly to her, gently caressing her. But when He turned to face us, there was nothing soft or gentle in this bear of a man’s eyes. It was the look of a predator, ready to defend to the death that which was His. To lay down His life if necessary to protect His sub and wife. And like that bear, He roared that she was ill and would be leaving us.

That night changed me forever as an erotic writer, a woman and a submissive. This man became the measuring stick against which I compared all others. And try as I feebly might, my paltry words have never been able to capture the power of that very REAL moment.

Was He a millionaire Dom about which best sellers are written? No, He was very much a working bloke who did His best to provide for His family. While He had once served Her Majesty with honor, His body was no longer the corded muscles that grace covers about Navy SEALs and Marines. His dark hair was liberally sprinkled with more silver than dark peppery hues. The six-pack that may have once graced His middle was hidden beneath more than enough cushion for the pushin’. In short, this man was nothing like the heroes that fill pages of romance fantasy.

Nonetheless, He was everything that women desire most…devoted, loving, protective and through it all very much a Dom.

So here are just a few of my thoughts on what it takes to be a true Master and Man like He was…

A dom thinks ‘kneel bitch’ are powerful words…a Man knows that ‘I am sorry’ are the most powerful ones He will ever need…and is not ashamed to use them.

A dom gives pain…a Man feels pain when you are hurting.

A dom commands obedience…a Man earns your respect.

A dom takes what is his…a Man gives of Himself without reservation.

A dom owns…a Man loves.

Luckily for us subbie girls, sometimes on very rare occasions you can find two-for-one sales and get the Dom/Master along with the man. But hold out for that sale, girlfriends…because one ain’t worth a damn without the other.

And, yes, after a rather convoluted path with lessons and pain galore, I too found that special two-for-one sale. Right now, my writing is taking a bit of hiatus as we settle into our new lives, move homes and deal with the realities of raising an autistic child.

Because the hard truth is that the REAL story begins where most of our books end. The words ‘I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you’ is not ‘The End.’ It is only the beginning.

And trust me, even life with the millionaire Dom/Man of your dreams is not without hiccups. The difference is that while life may still suck…love makes it so worthwhile. It is the only thing that will.

And while book boyfriends maybe nice…the REAL thing even if He is not book cover material is sooooo much better.


**If slightly ageing millionaire Doms who are devoted to their families even after the ink is long dried on the divorce papers appeal to you, then look for Rings of Fire, Book 2 in Tara Neale’s Apocalypse series. Coming in the New Year (2017).

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