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Archive for February 13th, 2017

Autumn Jordon: Your First Kiss
Monday, February 13th, 2017

Is there any romantic memory more special than your first kiss?  I think not.  Even Ally McBeal recalled her and Billy’s first, soft smooch over and over and over.  And did Kevin Arnold ever forget Winnie’s kiss? No. Never.

Each time I recall mine, a smile blooms on my lips.

My first kiss happened in my family’s barn. The barn had been in my family for five generations.  It was old and leaned slightly. Closing my eyes, I feel the cool air against my warm skin- the barn is built into the hillside. I can see the wood planks, turned gray from time and wear, just a few feet above my head. Bridles and lead ropes hang from pegs hammered into road milled posts nicked over years. Large rocks make up the foundation walls. My sorrel gelding is in his stall watching me, and dust mites float in the sunlight pouring in the door behind the boy who had chased me inside.

     I can still smell a mixture of summer sun, feed and manure. I hear the munching of hay as the cattle fed and the sound of my horse’s neigh and snort. There is a dip from the nozzle near the shaft to the silo. I also hear the whispered alto voice of the boy with the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen, as he declared his affection for me. His gorgeous cobalt eyes were magnified behind glasses: dark framed like Clark Kent’s. Eric was my hero and always would be. I’d love him until the end of time.

    My heart thumped against my breast, knowing Eric really liked me while my toes wiggled in my boots as if telling to run because if my dad found out about the kiss that was about to happen he would kill the boy and ground me for a month.  My spine stiffened and my step was defiant as I cut the distance between Eric and myself, committed to take my chances.  Looking up at me, because he was about two inches shorter, Eric’s eyes widened before closing as his lips met mine. For a brief few seconds, we entered an unknown world, a world we knew we’d entered again, in due time.

“Will you go to the movies with me on Saturday night? I can meet you there,” he said in a rush.

I simply nodded, afraid my voice would crack.

Are you smiling, remembering your first taste of love?

Bringing back those emotional filled memories to my readers, is what I love to do.  Carrie and Luke are my heroine and hero in my Valentine’s Day romance, PERFECT HEARTS. They were two teenagers who shared a first kiss and then had a wedge and life driven between. Years later, they find themselves together again. However, this time there are more than one kiss, the kisses are more passionate, and their convictions to each other are strong enough to last forever.

In the comment section below, tell me about your first kiss, or is there a fictional kiss scene you remember?

I hope you will take a peek at PERFECT HEARTS available exclusively on Amazon at the moment, follow me there please, and that you’ll consider joining my newsletter at where I have monthly contests and offer free short reads from time to time.

I wish you the most romantic of Valentine’s Day adventures.  WINK


 About the Author

Autumn Jordon is an award-winning author of contemporary romance and romantic suspense/thrillers recognized by Romance Writers of America as a Golden Heart Finalist and Golden Leaf Winner. And as Kindle Book Reviewers ‘Best Indie Romance Author’ finalist.  Writing sweet and humorous for her Perfect Love Series and writing steamy and chilling for her U.S. Marshal Undercover suspense novels comes naturally to Autumn. Her characters are unique and realistic. Her stories filled with trouble and love. And yon can keep abreast of the trouble she and her characters create by joining her newsletter at