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Archive for April 30th, 2017

A Glance Back at April and A Look Toward May!
Sunday, April 30th, 2017

Dear Readers and Friends,

April was an up-and-down kind of month. I had plenty of work to keep me busy, but in my down-time, I did a lot of thinking, too—about what I like to write versus what I should be writing. When you make your living writing books, your only consideration can’t be what you love. I can learn to love a frog, if I know that when I kiss him, he’ll turn into a prince!

So, no big decisions made, but lots of ideas to mull over. April was busy enough with editing jobs, my own stories to refurb for re-release, and the completion of Bad to the Bone! Never mind all the time I was pulled away to help with family matters. As crazy as it all was, with me trying to fit The Writing Biz in between everything else, I really do love my life. I just wish there were more hours in every day!

May’s going to be just as insane. I have a story to write that’s due out in Sable Hunter’s Hell Yeah! Kindle World. Let’s see if I make it… And I have two stories to refurb and re-release. Take your time looking at the new covers I’m sharing below. I’m totally loving the new look!

A Quick Recap of April!

RawSilk 600

Raw Silk

A wicked, no-strings one-night stand turns unexpectedly complicated when lonely hearts collide…

Camille sacrificed romance for success long ago. Now that the lingerie company she and her best friend built is hugely successful, she has a few regrets. Wanting to let down her hair and explore the possibilities, she agrees to meet a man at a bar for drinks only to wind up needing help when she rebuffs his sexual overtures.

Jake and Daniel are two firefighters hitting the bar for a quick drink after a long shift when they see a classy beauty fending off an overzealous boyfriend. With a flex of biceps, they chase him off then settle in to seduce the lovely woman whose eyes reflect a hunger they understand all too well.

What starts as a simple, pleasurable one-night stand, quickly burns up the sheets. While Jake falls deeper into love with Camille, Daniel still thinks he can walk—until he gets a whiff of Camille’s best friend Lacey. Suddenly, three isn’t enough.

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Who’s Your Daddy?

Rachel Taylor is an advertising executive who wants a baby without the complications of a husband. Jesse Jordan is just the cowboy to complicate Rachel’s neatly laid plans.

Feeling her biological alarm clock ticking, Rachel single-mindedly embarks on a search for a suitable sperm donor. She begins her search by engaging the services of Date-Your-Mate dating service. Yet, even with the less exacting scrutiny of her best friend, Genie, she doesn’t find that certain man to spark her interest enough to be willing to procreate with him. Her next move is to place an ad in a singles column, arranging to meet each of the candidates in the neutral zone of a bar. But after a discouraging round of interviews with her hopefuls, and consuming a few too many drinks, she declares that the next man who walks through the door will be the father of her child.

In walks Jesse, the golden-haired cowboy, whose charm and good looks automatically inspire fairy tale dreams. Rachel’s only objection is that he is one of her clients at her advertising agency and she refuses to mix business with her personal life. He’s also one of Texas’s most eligible bachelors, who has a reputation for playing fast and loose with his women. The fastidious Rachel refuses to consider him as a possible donor.

Jesse isn’t nearly the bad boy the tabloids paint him to be. One look into Rachel’s soft brown eyes, and he finds a powerful attraction to the starchy ad executive. Her apparent disinterest only increases the challenge of the chase.

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BadtotheBone 600

Bad to the Bone
Book 10, Night Fall series

One night of pleasure…

His name is Viper—a dark mysterious enigma who rules the seedy, dangerous vampiric underworld. For one night, he will escape his murky prison and tempt an innocent.

…can last a lifetime…

Beautiful Mariah haunts him. Lures him from his den with a glimpse of his past. One she doesn’t remember. This night, he’ll be her dream lover. He’ll seduce her, make her fall in love with him–then leave her. Again.

One night of pleasure is all they must know.

But Viper leaves her a clue. One he hopes deep down will lead her back to him although he dreads the consequences, because he’s not the same man he was. He’s not a man at all…

Get your copy at Amazon!

Coming in May!

Unbridled 600
Unforgiven 600

Yes, those two covers are completely yummy—and there are six more just like them, waiting to be shared! If you haven’t read my Lone Star Lovers series, May’s the time to get started!

Anita Philmar: A Little History of Cattle Drives
Sunday, April 30th, 2017

During the late 1800’s, cowboys drove millions of cattle to the railroad towns of Abilene, Dodge City, Wichita, and Newton. A long trip, men were out on the trail for twelve to sixteen weeks, covering over a thousand miles to get the herd to market. In Texas, this process usually started in February with the ranchers branding all their cattle. Then they would decide on which ones to sell. With over a thousand heads, a team of maybe fifteen men handled the herd on the trail.

These men faced all types of hardships: sickness, Indians, bad weather, and hours on end in the saddle. The trail boss took the lead and scouted ahead for water, grass, and places to bed down for the night. The cattle strung out in a long line. Two men would ride at the front of the line, keeping the lead cows pointed in the direction they wanted them to go. Several other cowboys would ride intermittently along the long trail. These flank riders kept the cattle moving. At the end of the line were the rear riders, making sure no animal strayed from the herd. These men ate the dust of the group.

After a long cattle drive to Abilene, Trent McCall just wants to unwind. But in his absence, his father’s been making wedding plans…for Trent. The last thing he needs is a spoiled and pampered socialite for a wife. What he needs is a hard drink and a willing woman. An uncomplicated woman who understands a man’s need for release after a hard ride. Good thing he’s got one waiting for him.

Four years back East haven’t changed Catherine Turnberry’s mind. Her heart is set on neighboring rancher, Trent McCall. When an end-of-the-trail party threatens to put him in the arms of another woman, Catherine grabs the bull by the horns. Taking the place of the whore hired to pleasure Trent, she intends to give him a welcome he’ll never forget and show him what Texas passion is all about.

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Exclusive Excerpt…

“It’s too hot for a fire,” Catherine groaned at the wooden walls and ignored the book on her lap. A light breeze from the cracks in the window’s shutters caressed her neck and blew under the collar of her cotton robe. Her gaze darted to the bed in the corner. A worn quilt she’d allowed to air out all day covered the sagging mattress. Clean sheets lay underneath the spread.

Should she turn down the covers to make the bed look more appealing? Or would he care more about what she had on?

She ran her hand along her ribcage and pictured the black corset under her robe. The tight fit hugged her waist and lifted her breasts. She shifted in the rocker, and the soft fabric of her favorite pink bloomers caressed her legs. Butterflies danced in her stomach. Could she really go through with this?

And what was taking Ray so long?

Did Tom forget to tell him?

The sound of hoof hitting the hard ground outside awoke her nerves.

Could that be Ray or someone else?

The thud of boots hitting the porch pulled the breath from her lungs. The latch clicked and the door opened. A large man filled the doorway.

Four years hadn’t changed Ray’s tall muscular frame. Wide shoulders, beefy arms, narrow hips, and a flat stomach, he stood like a Viking ready to do battle. Heat, with a touch of fear, filled her body at the thought of him lying over her. She drew in a hurried breath and closed her book before standing.

“Well, now, did you think I’d ever arrive?” He shut the door and tossed his hat onto the table by the door. Dark curly hair circled his head and his dark brown eyes met hers.

About the Author

Anita Philmar likes to create stories that push the limit. A writer by day and a dreamer by night she wants her readers to see the world in a new way. Influenced by sci-fi programs, she likes to develop places where anything can happen and where erotic moments come to life in a great read.

Naughty or Nice? Read her books and decide.

Visit her at and save 20% on her books.

Rose’s Online Plotting Bootcamp — June 5 – 30, 2017
Sunday, April 30th, 2017
Permission granted to forward
This message is for any authors or aspiring authors who might be interested in some intensive help developing their next stories. Don’t let that word “intensive” scare you away; I’ve led newbies, as well as multi-published authors, through our plotting process numerous times. Everyone comes away with new knowledge and insight, or at the very least, some terrific brainstorming support! While lessons and exercises will be posted throughout the month of June, this is truly a self-paced class. We all have busy lives, and the workshop is designed to accommodate any schedule. Enjoy the pitch below!

Back by popular demand!


Dates: June 5 – 30, 2017
Last date to register: June 5, 2017
Cost: $50.00—cheap, considering everything you get!
Your DI (Drill Instructor): Delilah Devlin
Offered through:

What you can expect:

LOGLINE (Lunges)
PREMISE (Pushups)
CHARACTER (Strengthening exercises)
Breaking through the STORY STRUCTURE stronghold
Battling the PLOT LINES

We do more in one month than some people do all year! Get tough! Get motivated! Get plotting!
Join your Drill Instructor, Delilah Devlin, to learn a methodical approach to harness your creativity in order to produce an in-depth plot for your next novel.

Sound scary? It is!!!! Especially when you’re staring at an empty page without a compass and a map to guide you through the novelistic jungle. Your DI will lead you through four weeks of tactics, exercises, and training that will help strengthen your abilities. Delilah will accomplish this with weekly lessons, bi-weekly chats, and daily online communication. Join her for bivouac in June!

Join this elite force now!

For those who don’t know, my sister and I co-founded the website for writers called
Rose’s Colored Glasses in 2004. From that site, we run a critique group and provide workshops—some free and some for pay. In June, I will be leading a month-long plotting bootcamp. It’s a great time to join—something you can do for yourself to kick off a fun summer of writing! Join me if you can! ~DD

How’s our workshop different from every other one out there? I’ll provide feedback and brainstorming every step of the way!

Interested? Follow this link to sign up:

And feel free to pass this along to anyone else you think might be interested with my thanks!

Delilah Devlin

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author & Freelance Editor
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