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Toni J Strawn: How to date a supermodel…
Sunday, July 16th, 2017

Most people have their super crush. The waiflike model, the handsome and alluring actor or the cutest member of the boy band who makes you squeal every time he picks up his guitar. They are the stuff dreams are made of…the accidental meeting where they fall instantly, irrevocably in love, whisk us off to their mansion to live happily ever after.

I’m game! Let me just check with my husband first.

There is a lot of good advice on the internet about how to date a supermodel. To bag a female, you need to be yourself. Don’t be scared to ask. Don’t assume she’d stupid. In other words, be bold and natural and the astute beauty will give you a chance. Said husband will be pleased he’s in with a shot.

Unfortunately the news is not so flattering when it comes to pursuing my dream man. The most prevalent advice given is ‘DON’T’. Apparently, dating a man prettier than you are should be avoided at all costs. The reasons? You won’t be able to wear their shirt the morning after…because it won’t fit you. You will get jealous of seeing your super-stud cozying up to other beautiful people for photoshoots or movie scenes, people you will never be able to complete with. And get this. They will go to lots of parties, which they may or may not invite you too—but if you go, be aware you are likely to be the ugly duckling.

Whaaaa? Talk about double standards. Do females—the same ones who understand how a female supermodel will give anyone a chance if they are true to themselves—in the next breath say females won’t cope with a little healthy competition.

I, for one, don’t believe it. And I will not give up on Max Riemelt, just because I can’t fit into his morning after shirt! Cole Langford got his beauty in The Rebound and he wasn’t nearly as nice about it as I would be. So, leave a comment and share the details of your super crush. What would you be willing to give up to get them?


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Madison St James’s life was a glittering fairy tale, until her Prince Charming turns out to be Prince Cheating. With the help of a sexy stranger, Madison lets loose her inhibitions for one night of no-holds-barred sex.

It’s hot. It’s sensual. And so real that Madison doesn’t know if she can return to her superficial life, except her mother isn’t going to make her escape easy.

Cole Langford has one of the most powerful names in Maryland, but none of the money and prestige that goes with it. But he knows first-hand about getting knocked down by power-wielding megalomaniacs.

Lately, Cole’s libido’s is MIA, until he finds the very trouble he’s been trying to stay away from in Madison St James. But Madison is like decadent candy, and Cole can’t resist one more bite.

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About the Author

Toni J Strawn is the author of the super-spicy contemporary One Night Stand novels, which include His Rules, The Rebound and Her Release, with His redemption coming soon. These can be read on their own, or as a trilogy.

Toni loves everything romance. Hot, bad, crazy, out-of-control romance. In the One Night Stand series the characters are set up for ultimate one night stand, before turning it into happily ever after—no matter how much they have been through. Because everyone deserves to find love. Right?

While not locked away in her Romansion—a tiny writing shed at the bottom of the garden—Toni can be found with super-hubby Chris and the kids, or feeding her addiction to reading…you guessed it…romance ©